How To Get AMC Plus Free Trial in Canada in 2022? 

AMC Plus is a bundle package that contains all the benefits of AMC Premiere and many other features. If you are a die-hard fan of the crazy universe of AMC Premiere shows like The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad, you must be wondering how to get AMC Plus free trial in Canada.

This article will guide you to get an AMC Plus free trial from Canada; in addition, it tells you about AMC plus features, its subscription services, and all you need to know about AMC Plus Free trial.

AMC Plus is a United States-based streaming service that offers video-on-demand content to its customers. AMC Plus is powered by AMC Networks, BBC America, and Sundance TV. You can get access to endless hours of on-demand online video entertainment content with AMC Plus.

The collection of AMC Plus TV shows offers some of the best ready-to-binge seasons, including  Frozen Planet 2, Film Independent Spirit Awards 2023, Portanida, Dark Winds, Moon Heaven, Ragdoll, and its original The North Water, and AMC Plus Better Call Saul.

You must have an AMC Plus account on either the AMC Plus app or website to get all of your favorite series and shows on AMC Plus Canada. An AMC Plus service also allows its users to avail of their quality services and premium shows on a free trial for seven days, for them to test and experience their services before committing to it.


How To Get AMC Plus Free Trial?

If you are really into AMC Plus premium shows and its service but have to think twice before committing to its paid service, well, you are welcome to try its premium services for free with AMC Plus free trial in Canada, all you have to do is follow these easy steps,

  1. Go to your browser and open the AMC Plus free trial page.
  2. Select the yellow Start AMC Plus Free Trial button.
  3. Go on to the Search tool option and find your TV Provider name.
  4. Enter your AMC Plus login to your account on your TV Provider’s website.
  5. It will ask for your payment information, just in case you want to commit to their services.
    NOTE: You can always cancel your AMC Plus free account during the seven-day free trial, and AMC Plus will make no deduction for service.
  6. Confirm your credentials to start your AMC Plus Free Trial immediately.

Note: Your credit card will not be charged for any subscription services when opting for AMC Plus free trial, but it is needed to start your free trial.

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Are you wondering is AMC Plus worth it? Yes, you can get several AMC Plus Movies and TV shows with its many features that let you stream and play without disturbance or hustle. It is one of the best options for availing of premium bundles.

Does AMC Plus Free Trial Automatically Renews?

Yes, until you cancel before the end of your seventh day of the AMC Plus Free Trial, the AMC Plus paid membership will activate after your free trial expires. Continually each month, AMC will charge your card in accordance with the subscription plan you select upon registration. You can cancel your membership at any moment in your profile settings because there is no contract controlling it.

The Terms page of AMC Plus states that membership refunds and credits are not permitted unless allowed by law. Even for partially used subscriptions, this rule is applicable. You can cancel your subscription anytime and still use the AMC Premiere features and content through the end of your membership period.

You can also get AMC Plus free trial of Amazon prime by visiting Amazon’s Prime website and selecting their Free Trial plan to watch your favorite shows on Amazon devices.

You can also similarly get a free trial for Epix in Canada.

How Much Does The Subscription Cost After AMC Plus Free Trial Expires?

After your AMC Plus, Free trial expires you will be charged for the subscription plan that you selected at the time of registration. AMC Plus subscription costs vary depending on how you sign up.

AMC Plus Pricing Plan The Cost
Standard Monthly Plan

Standard Annual Plan

7.68 CA$ ($9.68) to 9.45 CA$ ($12.45) each month

9.61 CA$ ( 6.99 US$) per month

Note: The following subscription charges exclude taxes.

AMC Plus regularly offers discounts for yearly subscriptions, so be sure to check their website if you’re interested in subscribing to their services.

What Features Do I Get With AMC Plus Free Trial?

An AMC Plus Free Trial lets you avail of all of its premium services without charging you for seven days. Some of its premium features are:

  • The AMC Plus service gives its customer the content of three major AMC brands IFC Films, Shudder, and Sundance Now.
  • It gives you early access to the episodes about to premiere on television.
  • AMC Plus also offers an offline downloading option for its Movies and TV Shows.
  • You can also use the AMC Plus app on devices like Roku, Fire TV, Xbox, Android TV, and Apple TV.
  • AMC plus lets you access some exclusive behind-the-TV footage of its shows.
  • Streaming of ongoing season episodes of current TV shows without ads.
  • Huge on-demand library of movies and tv shows.

A list of the trendiest and most watched movies and TV Shows of AMC Plus is given below.

  • Better Call Saul
  • Dark Winds
  • Interview With The Vampire
  • Moonheaven
  • Pantheon
  • Kin
  • The Walking Dead
  • Killing Eve
  • The Dirty Black Bag


You can now avail of AMC Plus services on Amazon prime for as low as 1.36 CA$ (0.99 US$) per month with a limited-time offer that may expire soon. Usually, an AMC Plus service costs 12.35 CA$ (8.99 US$) per month.

Yes, you can access free AMC Plus on Hulu with its seven-day free trial for its customers. However, you must have a Hulu subscription first to have an access to AMC Plus services. Hulu allows live streaming from AMC TV and other cable networks.

You can watch AMC PLus on many streaming services like Direct TV, Sling TV, Xfinity, Youtube TV package o Dish TV by adding an AMC Plus channel. Or you can also avail of AMC Plus services directly from your TV Cable provider.


AMC Plus is an excellent US service for video-on-demand streaming of TV Shows and Movies. It has a huge library of premium shows like The Walking Dead, Portanida, Rectify Orphan Black, and some of its original AMC production shows, which are watched and loved globally.

AMC Plus is a great option for Canadian consumers who like to have AMC live streaming service without a cable connection. The best part about this service is that it gives its customer an AMC Plus free trial for seven days, for its customers to test and experience its premium services before fully committing to them.