Data Breach Alert: Hacker is Selling Private Data from 70 Million AT&T Customers

A notorious hacker with a history of cyber-attacks is selling sensitive data of AT&T users on the Dark Web. This data includes the date of birth, social security numbers, email address, physical address, and other private and confidential information.

The group is claiming to be in possession of about 70 million AT&T users’ private data. They are trying to sell it for a whopping amount of $1 million, according to RestorePrivacy, a publisher who first broke the news.

According to the publisher, “We examined the sample, and it appears to be authentic based on available public records.”

Widely known as ShinyHunters, this infamous group of hackers also masterminded cyber-attacks on other companies such as Pixlr, Microsoft, Tokopedia, Minted, and many more.

As of now, AT&T has denied all the claims of a data breach in a statement to the media.

“Based on our investigation today, the information that appeared in an internet chat room does not appear to have come from our systems,” the company’s spokesperson said.

Now, that’s quite interesting. The claim that the leaked data appeared in an “internet chat room” is inconsistent with the publisher’s report. As per the publisher, the data was originally posted on a popular hacking platform (Dark web).

Here’s the screenshot of the hacker’s original post:

AT&T leak 2021

Source: RestorePrivacy

In response to the company’s statement, the hacker said, “they will keep denying until I leak everything.”

They claimed that the database belongs to legitimate AT&T users residing in the US. However, they refused to disclose how the data was obtained.

Below is a screenshot from the sample of compromised data:

AT&T customer leak 2021

Source: RestorePrivacy

Right after the massive data leak incident with T-Mobile earlier this week, AT&T now seems to be in the hot waters. Over 53 million T-Mobile users saw their data being compromised in the recent cyber-attack. The company is now facing two class legal actions by the disappointed customers seeking compensation for the data leak.

In AT&T’s case, though, the hacker is willing to work with the company on an “agreement” if they really want their database off the market. So, they have asked the company to contact them directly via email.

Here’s what they said:

AT&T users data breach- hacker statement

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