Discover the 17 Best BBC iPlayer Films to Watch in 2024

If you’re out there wondering where to get the best BBC iPlayer films, stay still. There are great films to be watched, whether it’s an old or new title, BBC iPlayer is the best option. But, the service is only available to UK residents.

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What are The Best BBC iPlayer Films to Watch in 2024?

Lets have a look at our top picked the best BBC iPlayer FIlms for you that you can easily stream with the help of reliable VPNs for BBC iPlayer;

1. When We Were Kings


A great boxing documentary featuring Muhamad Ali in Kinshasa for a heavyweight championship and his opponent, George Foreman, a frightening guy compared to Ali. Like any other boxing, you expect disaster or mockery; the film is no different.

The film has footage of the two. You can get a taste of the Rumble in the Jungle, the fight, and the live festival performances by Leo Gast.

When We Were Kings is among the best boxing documentaries. It received strongly positive reviews, having Foreman and Ali afterward going to filmmakers to make them know of their reconciliation with one another. Remarkably, Foreman later gave a hand to Ali up the stairs.

2. Let the Right One In


A world of dreadful secrets, and if you lean too close, you may get a gush off your throat.

The film, based on the vampire novel of the same name by John Ajvide Lindqvist, gives the story of Oskar, a 12 years old boy who befriends his neighbor, a strange child (Eli) in the early 1980s.

Oskar is constantly bullied by his classmates, making him spend time thinking of revenge and getting his eyes on every article that can teach him about murder.

Eli and Oskar bond over time and can exchange code messages over the walls, unaware that she is a murderer. When Eli learns of the bully on Oskar, he encourages him to make a stand which he does by enrolling in weight–training classes, and finally, bullying turns to love.

The film is all about exploring the dark side of humanity.

3. Flint


Flint is among the best BBC movies to watch. The social-political thriller is based on the water crisis that happened in Flint and how it affected families.

One woman (Cher) has to roll up her sleeves and face the water scandal, which has affected her and her family. Ideally, it’s a cry for the women, who exposed the toughest scandal of the generation, that if no one does something on their behalf, they will have to take on the task on their hands.

The water in Flint became contaminated, which led to huge medical burdens for the families whose quests for justice seemed unheard of.

4. Together (2021)


A couple reevaluates their life during the lockdown, giving us a chance to relate to the real-life issues. We have all lived through the challenging situation together. Still, the movie provides us with heart-wrenching scenery that’s funny, a gorgeous snapshot of the struggles everyone faced during the lockdowns.

Together has a good message compared to some of the best BBC iPlayer films for the pandemic atmosphere. It’s a pleasure to watch.

5. Small Axe’ (2020)


Small Axe is one of 2020’s best movies on BBC iPlayer. It is based on real-life experiences of West Indian immigrants in London from the 1960s to the 1980s which are spread over five films. It features Mangrove; a restaurant started up by Frank Crichlow, a place that became a haven for the immigrants in London.

It’s a place where Bob Marley used to land whenever he was in town; no wonder his song about the big tree and the small axe which is an influential arraignment of instructional prejudice.

6. One Man and His Shoes


Here is another addition to the best BBC iPlayer films telling about the complicated relationship between the African-American community and Air Jordans.

Here lies the secret that led the Nikes Company to have Jordan in when he was still playing sports in college. You can also enjoy and learn what Jordans did for the shoes and what happened to him. And what finally led Nike being on top of the most valuable shoes worn during sports creating a multimillion-dollar business.

7. Stan & Ollie (2018)


The biographical comedy-drama features the lives of Hardy and Laurel in their twilight years as they take a step toward reigniting their film careers. From their contracts, they both agree that the compensation is unfair, and this can be solved if they set up their own production company. However, Hardy seems reluctant, and even when they agree to meet and sign for Fox Studios, he doesn’t show up.

The greatest comedy duo faces uncertainty, but their reconnection seems bright when they tour the lavish halls in Britain. Later, the closeness is shaken off by their past tense feelings and Hardy’s health which starts to fail.

8. Horrible Histories: The Movie (2019)

Horrible-Histories-The Movie-Best-BBC-iPlayer-movies

Horrible Histories: The Movie is among the best BBC movies to watch with family. It is filled with fun and learning for both kids and adults. The British film is based on the book series bearing the same name by author Terry Deary.

It features an Atti who has brains but no muscles. He has many schemes, one of which upsets Emperor Nero, who gives him punishment. Atti is sent to cold and wet Britain, where Orla eventually captures him despite his attempts to prove himself a fighter.

Quite an interesting story! Also if you are into some history and war then do watch other war movies on BBC iPlayer.

9. Young Ahmed


Young Ahmed is a conscious story featuring a young Muslim boy (Ahmed) who intends to murder his teacher by attaching evil to religion. He behaves uniquely compared to his sister and friends, as the radical teachings push him.

The dicey beliefs push him to be arrested and put in juvenile detention. What will be his fate? Will the detention reform him? Young Ahmed is one of the best BBC iPlayer films with good performances, an extraordinary piece worth watching.

10. The Most Beautiful Boy in the World


The classic film tells the story of a boy (Andresen) shoved into an international celebrity due to his glamour life and iconic looks, which became obvious when he appeared in Luchino Visconti’s 1971 film Death in Venice.

It’s one of the best BBC iPlayer films that show the effects of sudden fame on young lives. It’s clear how the practice entangles the vulnerable. The film is a perfect watch; you get to see the life of the boy, which turns tragic- when the child gets into stardom.

11. Effie Gray (2014)


Effie Gray is based on a true story of the love triangle between John Ruskin and Euphemia Gray. Married at the age of 19, Gray can’t find any happiness in their marriage; Ruskin’s also refuses to consummate the marriage, making the love gap wider. Gray gets advice on how to file for divorce, and she goes further to undergo a physical examination to prove his virginity.

While her husband is busy with his professional life, Gray looks for ways to leave him forever. Everyone gets shocked to learn of Ruskin’s impotence. Finally, Gray finds love in Millais, a guy who once painted her husband’s portrait; they marry and have eight children.

There are many other hit romantic movies on BBC iPlayer that you can stream in 2024.

12. Bill (2015)


The family adventure has been directed by Richard Bracewell, starring Mathew Baynton; Simon Farnaby, among others, is one of the best BBC iPlayer films that received the most positive appraisal from the viewers.

It features a true story of Bill Shakespeare and how he rises to fame in London and leaves his family on a quest to follow his dreams. Unfortunately, his quest leads him to other adventures that soon get him caught up in the act of murder.

13. Happy New Year, Colin Burstead’ (2018)


This piece has mellowed the hearts of those who got a chance to see it. The film follows Colins, who hires a lavish house for his extended family for their New Year celebrations. He has a position of power.

But things take a weird turn when his brother David who has been excluded from the family for about five years arrives, having received an invitation from Gini, their little sister.

14. Perfect 10 (2019)


Perfect 10 is among the best movies on BBC iPlayer with a remarkable first-time performance. It features Leigh, a 14 years old girl who lives with her father in Brighton outskirts. Her mother died a year ago, leaving her lonely, which makes other girls bully her for not having enough money to cater for her needs.

Despite her lack of confidence, she tries to make it to the top like a gymnast. But there is light at the end of the tunnel when his older half-brother visits her. Her confidence scales high, and she gets the attention she once yearned for. Unfortunately, instead of Leigh following her gymnastics passions, he gets into the world of crime.

Enjoy the lively coming-of-age story with chill music that resonates with teenagehood and family relationships.

15. Game Night


Game Night stars a couple, Rachel McAdams (Annie) and Jason Bateman (Max), who gets involved in the murder mystery.

It all starts up when Max and Annie meet at a bar trivia, where Max proposes a game of charade. Max is reluctant to get kids as he compares himself with his successful brother Brooks. But the worst happens when they invite their friends to a regular game night and what follows leads Brook to get kidnapped by a group of gangsters.

16. A Simple Favor


The film is an adaptation of Darcey Bell’s 2017 novel bearing the same name. A thrilling black comedy featuring a single woman (Stephanie), a Vlogger in a small town who is on her toes trying to understand how her elegant friend (Emily) disappeared. The detectives claim that Emily lied about going to Miami. And that her lifeless body has been discovered in a lake in Michigan. More dark secrets are to unfold, which forces Stephanie to make a life’s turn.

A Simple Favor is one of the best movies on BBC iPlayer that brings out a broad sense of humor; it also has incredible acting.

17. Captain Fantastic


Matt Ross must have had a vision of the upcoming pandemic. The film features a father who is coming to terms with what it means to be a parent. Circumstances force him to reintegrate and leave his paradise where he seemed to be in isolation to join the society.

He tries to make the kids critical thinkers and wants to install survival skills to them, teach them to be physically fit, how to hunt, and other tasks that don’t depend on technology.

Will the kids adapt to such parenting skills?

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If you still cant unblock BBC iPlayer in Canada, check our guide to fix the issue because fun should not be interrupted. Or if you receive BBC iPlayer Error Code 01119 we have a detailed guide of its solution.

Here is your chance to watch some of the great movies available now. We’ve done our best to get the best BBC iPlayer films to include in your 2024 watch list to help you stay tuned.