Best ESPN Plus Shows to Watch Right Now in 2023

There is so much on to watch, but this doesn’t mean everything inside is worth watching; you need a guide to get the best. We understand the hectic of browsing through a collection of documentaries, sporting, original shows, and other content. Unfortunately ESPN+ is unavaialable in many regions. So, you’ll need to use a Premium VPN service like ExpressVPN to watch ESPN+ in Canada.

To help you get something worthwhile, we have set a list of the best ESPN plus shows streaming now. We also have factored in that you may be interested in ESPN plus programming for streaming.

Here we go!


Best ESPN Plus Shows to Watch in 2022

Let’s take a look at the best Sports shows on ESPN+ that you can enjoy by connecting to a VPN in Canada;

1. NBA Rooks


You get to see the NBA rookies as they get their foot on the first season in the league. NBA Rooks is one of the best shows on ESPN plus that give viewers a chance to see some of the most enthralling young players as they initiate on and off the league.

You can watch the first four episodes on ESPN+ and see the rookies as they prepare for the NBA Draft and NBA Summer League, as they meet teammates, and coaches and enjoy the photoshoots.

And this leaves one with a quest to trend in the same footprints and understand what it feels like to make a move from a beginner’s viewpoint, such as from Orlando’s Summer League to becoming a pro.

2. Miles to Go


There is nothing good as getting a showcase of the team behind a project. This is what the Miles to Go documentary has for you.

You get the first three episodes; as they search for a new coach and assistant coaches and finally, the conversation on the recruitment process.

Miles to Go is an ESPN behind-the-scenes view of the transition process in Kansas football, David Beaty’s dismissal, and Les Miles’ welcome in his first season.

There are so many stories that make the show interesting such as learning why Les was hired and plenty of coaches’ personal experiences.

3. Detail


Meet Kobe Bryant, who teams up with Peyton Manning and becomes an NBA icon, to help learn how basketball is played and won.

It’s all about expanding the show to other sports and getting attention to detail, a perfect foundation that Kobe has laid on ESPN+ and basketball fans.

Fans also get to meet Daniel Cormier in the team of great minds keen to get plays before they start. Also, the show includes athletes who break down the game and help people capture new things.

4. O.J.: Made in America


O.J.: Made in America is one of the ESPN plus documentaries that tell the rise and fall of O.J. Simpson in the most compelling way, one that’s an eye-opener about America.

It shows us how Simpson started as a footballer at the University of Southern California and how he ended up being convicted and imprisoned due to robbery. It helps fans see what is in store for the country.

There is everything to learn from; race, class, violence, celebrity culture, and much more. The documentary won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. It also features as one of the longest films in 30 for 30 sports documentaries.

5. Peyton’s Places


Here is another addition to the best ESPN plus shows that feature interviews with former NFL players, and their coaches. It also includes anyone else who contributed to the NFL concerning football and its impact on culture.

Peyton Manning gives considerable time to the origin of football. He also manages to visit individuals who’ve brought championships to their countries. You can enjoy the talk show on ESPN+.

6. Hillsborough


Hillsborough is one the best ESPN shows that features disasters recorded in British sports history.

The show details the events and aftermaths of what left British sports in a fix. It covers the 1989 fatal human incident during a football match that left 97 people dead, others were severely injured.

Shortly after the kick-off, the police commander ordered gate C to be opened to ease overcrowding, but the supporters matched in the pens causing havoc.
The show has some of those who were present on a fateful day, giving details of what transpired.

7. Man in the Arena


The documentary features Tom Brady as he tells about his life, the bold steps he took in his legendary NFL career, and how he decided to retire.

You can watch all the episodes on ESPN+, especially the final one that revolves around the decision he made. One that touched his fans and other football fans who can’t stop talking about Brandy’s decision; you can too become a part of it by watching the final episode.

8. Elway to Marino


Though the NFL was hit below the belt in the spring of 1983, change was on its way, come April of the same year. A new generation of six quarterbacks was stepping in for the first rounds, which would change the NFL Draft history.

From the show, you get an inside story of Dan Marino, John Elway, and the future Hall of Farmers, all who made a change in NFL history and all the guys who recreated the NFL draft room and brought 1983 to the sports limelight.

9. Once Brothers


Once Brothers is a great film; it’s among the best shows on ESPN+ that give information and engaging sports stories. From Michael Tolajian, we learn about the relationship between two basketball players from Croatia and Serbia, Drazen Petrović and Vlade Divac, respectively.

The players were close to each other but were emotionally set aside by the Yugoslavia men’s national basketball team. Also, the show focuses on Divac’s regrets, that they never reconciled with Petrović before he died in 1993.

10. No Crossover: The Trial of Allen Iverson


The Trial of Allen Iverson is on ESPN plus shows a list of best 30 for 30 episodes featuring a 1993 fight that involved Allen Iverson. He was a high school basketball player who was finally convicted.

The NBA star and others are believed to have attacked adults with chairs, an incident that had its roots in racial epithets.

This resulted in the division of Hampton Virginia, his high school town. However, the incident videotape was not clear, raising questions about their conviction of Allen.

11. The U


The U is another addition to the best ESPN plus shows with a well-constructed story about the Southern Methodist University football scandal in 1980.

This was the year when riots took place throughout Miami. It was a period when Coach Howard Schnellenberger, through the tensions, managed to get some of the black players into his team.

Billy Corben gives the story of what evolved and how football in the city changed forever, leading to the transformation of the serene campus to ‘The U’.

12. Venus Vs.


In almost everything, you have to struggle to attain the best; this is no different in sports.

Venus Vs. helps us change our mentality in sporting, giving a chance to women who want to excel in the games. Ava DuVenay gives up a clear picture of Venus William’s action and fights for women’s liberation in terms of remunerations for their sports professionals, a great eye-opener to the women in sports.

13. Winning Time: Reggie Miller vs. the New York Knicks


The documentary helps viewers connect with Reggie Miller of the Indiana Pacers and the rivalry between him and New York in the mid-90. And not only that, it showcases the players’ minds at that time. With the Indiana Pacers, they know it’s Reggie Miller or winning time.

And if he is your hero, the show must set you at the edge of your seat. The film is fun to watch as you see the rivalry between players, the speech between Reggie Miller and the Knicks players.

14. Why We Fight


Why we Fight is one of the best ESPN plus shows for those who feel at home after fighting. There is nothing amiss here; every day, one has to fight to excel, and this is what the show is all about.

It follows world-class athletes and how they embark on their journeys in the world of combat arts. Starting from Wohlman’s journey as he trained and how he struggled against drugs and his heritage, and finally, to the boxing tale.

15. Catching Hell


The show gives an account of what transpired with the Chicago Cubs’ determination to get into the World Series for the first time in 2003.

Unfortunately, Steve Bartman was said to have interfered with a foul ball and deflected it to the crowds, after which the fans made him a show, and he became their scapegoat.

It’s a scenario that turned the Chicagoan into one of the most hated guys in Chicago even though he made a public apology.

You can join Director Alec Gibney as he explores the minds of the angry Cub fans and how they tried to come to terms with their collective nightmare. He also explores the upsetting phenomenon of accusations between fans in sports in a unique way.

16. Let Them Wear Towels


Let Them Wear Towels is among the best ESPN plus shows concerning the fight for women in sports journalists who stood up for their beliefs.

The women who changed American sports forever underwent tough battles of having women in major sports teams. Getting women into locker rooms was said to violate the player’s privacy.

One reporter Betty Cuniberti once said that locker rooms are smelly, sweaty, and unsexy, a place no one would miss to go. However, they are the ultimate world for every player.

Here, she was referring to the locker rooms only granted to male sportswriters. Let Them Wear Towels is a great show that motivates sports journalism.

17. The Best That Never Was


Here are another 30 for 30 best ESPN+ shows. The film gives us a chance to look at Marcus Dupree and understand the difference between good and wrong when it comes to sports in America.

The show details how Marcus, a former American football player, started playing in high school and became a sought-after football recruit. How he later got to Oklahoma, but all ended up in chaos, injuries, and conflicts.

18. Pony Excess


Pony Excess is among the best shows on ESPN plus worth your time.

The exciting documentary series features SMU from 1981 to 1984, a period when emotions run high in the Pony Express backfield. The only thing that evolved in the player’s minds was to win.

They struggled to make ends meet amidst the real estate moguls and the frequent NCAA violations that were the order of the day, not forgetting the city’s oil tycoons. And finally what led to the team’s recovery after its long periods of dry spells.

19. The Two Escobars


The Two Escobars is one of the best ESPN plus shows worth a rewatch. The documentary features the period when the drug cartels roamed everywhere and the murder rate was at its peak in the world.

But the Colombian national soccer team rolled up their sleeves to bring a difference, a team that later became one of the best teams worldwide.

The success lies behind Escobar: Andrés and Pablo, a powerful drug kingpin who pioneered the Narco-soccer. But eventually, all came crumbling down after their complicated murder fates, which give us an understanding of the shaping of Colombian society.

20. Without Bias


There is more to ponder on when we think of the former University of Maryland basketball superstar Len Bias.

The documentary tells the story of how Bias’s death happened two days after the 1968 NBA Draft. He was well known for his cocaine overdose, a factor that altered the perception of drug use, not only in sports generations but in others too.

The show features interviews conducted with Bias, his friends, family, and closest teammates. It gives us a glimpse of what could have transpired shortly before his death after a heart attack. The documentary is full of lessons on how one can rise to fame, but have everything ruined by bad resolutions.

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I agree that the streaming world is full of epic choices of Sports streaming networks like Sky Sports in Canada, Kayo Sports Canada, and many more – you can resist the charm of ESPN+!

If you have been yearning for some live sports, original programming, the best ESPN 30 for 30 lists of documentaries, and much more, I know you have found the solid bet, and that’s ESPN+. However, ESPN+ is not available in Canada, you need to use a reliable VPN to unblock them. VPNs like ExpressVPNSurfshark, and NordVPN are reliable choices to access ESPN Plus.

With our list of the best ESPN Plus shows, you can enjoy decent sports streaming for hours without frustration.