Best Movies on Disney Plus Hotstar to Watch in 2023

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  • Last updated: September 11, 2023
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Just as the name suggests, Disney Plus Hotstar is hot! It’s a streaming service worth it

It has some of the latest movies in different languages, and more options going to its originals. And since it’s an Indian brand of Hotstar subscription, you expect a massive library of Indian content, including Telugu, Hindi, and Tamil, some of which you will never get anywhere.

However Hotstar in Canada varies lacks in content as compared to Indian Disney Plus Hotstar. Thus it is advised to always connect to a VPN to get full access of Hotstar in Canada and watch any of your favourite content of Hotstar on Kodi, Firestick, Roku, Samsung TV, Chromecast or any other device.

Without dwelling much on it, let’s see what the service has for you. Here are some of the best movies on Disney Plus Hotstar you can binge on right now.

Best Movies on Disney Plus Hotstar to Watch in 2023

Have a look at our recommended list of the best movies on Disney Plus Hotstar that you can binge-watch in Canada using a reliable VPN service to connect to an Indian VPN server.

1. The Art of Racing in the Rain


The movie features Enzo (a dog named after Enzo Ferrari) and Denny Swift (owner). Denny divides up his time to care for and teach Enzo how to auto race as he pursues a career as a Formula One race driver.

Besides this, he marries Eve, with whom they have a daughter together. His career takes much of his time, leaving less time to spend with his family. But with time, Denny learns that whatever techniques are used on the racetrack can also apply in day-to-day life.

If you’re a dog lover, you can do yourself a favour. Don’t miss this heart-wrenching offer on Disney Plus Hotstar.

2. Murder on the Orient Express


This is one of the best movies on Disney Plus Hotstar you will come across. The 2017 mystery film directed by Kenneth Branagh features detective Hercule Poirot who boards a train with thirteen other passengers.

Among them is an American businessman Edward Ratchett who gets murdered by being stabbed. Due to his experience, Hercule is called upon to investigate the case, a case that is believed to have been planned.

It’s such an interesting movie with quality storytelling techniques, one worth your time.

3. Bad Education


Based on a 2004 New York magazine article, Bad Education features a true story about corruption- the largest public school embezzlement in American history.

The film directed by Cory Finley features Jackman, a school district superintendent, and Janney, his assistant who steals millions of dollars from a public school. Ironically, it’s the same school they want to make the best in the country.

The movie has a detailed message on corruption and especially having been inspired by a true story.

4. The Secret Service


If you love action spy comedies, here is one of the best movies on Hotstar. The movie follows Gary, a youth whose life seems to be headed to live behind bars.

Fortunately, he possesses some genes from his late father, who secretly worked for a spy organization.

This makes dapper agent Colin recognize his potential and thus recruits him to the secret service. At the same time, criminal Jackson plans to solve climate change issues through a killing spree.

5. Coco (2017)

Coco is among the Hotstar movies that speak about family. The story features Miguel, a 12 years old boy who, by mistake, lands in the Land of the Dead.

His only hope is his deceased musician great-great-grandfather, whom he believes will take him back to his loving family and have their music love revived.

In his journey, there is an extraordinary chain of events from Hector, who is to guide Miguel to unveil his family history.

6. Atrangi Re


Atrangi Re is one of Hotstar’s latest movies, an Indian Hindi romantic fantasy that tells the story of Khan in love with a magician (Kumar).

Unfortunately, Khan gets forcefully married to Dhanush, and Dhanush immediately falls in love with her.

However, things take another turn when Sajjad gets into the love triangle. The movie is amazing; it depicts the complexity of human beings when it comes to love and emotions.

7. The Shape of Water


The romantic film is an addition to the best movies on Disney Plus Hotstar that deserves praise. It was among the top ten films in 2017.

Del Toro, the director, makes it easy for anyone to fall in love with this piece. It’s a story of Elisa, a mute woman, who is a cleaner at a high-security government laboratory.

She falls in love with a fish-man. a humanoid amphibian creature that was captured from a South American river for further studies in the laboratory.

The worst is about to unleash and Elisa decides to help the fish man escape death as plans to eradicate him are underway.

8. Eddie the Eagle (2016)


Sports films are well represented here. Eddie the Eagle is among the best movies on Hotstar based on the life of Eddie Edwards, the Olympic Hero.

Eddie has been undergoing medical treatment that has left him with walking problems; despite this, he dreams of becoming an Olympic champion. And while his mother supports him, his father is against the decision.

This leads him to give up on participating in the Summer Games but chooses to join the skiing games, where he finally becomes a pro.

He is the guy who left a legacy as a ski jumper in the 1988 Winter Olympics. Nothing would stop him from his dreams, even though few believed in his efforts.

9. Ready or Not (2019)

Toxic in-laws!

For those who love horror/graphic violence, here is a masterpiece about deadly in-laws. The horror film features Grace, a newly wedded lady who is being haunted by her in-laws to become a part of the wedding night ritual.

The family informs him that there is a deal to perform traditional practices. As Grace frees herself for safety and hides in a mansion, she witnesses Emilie, his lover’s addicted sister, accidentally killing a maid, thinking she is Grace.

His lover reveals to her that their family is cursed, and if a new member happens to draw out a Hide and Seek card, everyone in the family will be killed.

It’s such a deadly encounter. Grace will have to overcome all odds, evade the brutal tradition, and survive her wedding.

10. Can You Ever Forgive Me? (2018)


Marielle Heller brings to the limelight the true story of Lee Israel. It’s among the best movies on Disney Plus Hotstar with stunning performances.

When you hear of Melissa McCarthy, your mind goes back to Saturday Night Live amongst other comedy series such as Spy (2015), and The Boss (2016). The movie follows her as she tries to revitalize her dwindling writing career as he attempts to forge letters from deceased authors.

11. The Martian (2015)


The Martian is one exciting piece. It features an astronaut who struggles to live on Mars, as his team left him behind during a mission. He must find a way to signal to the Earth for NASA to rescue and bring him back home.

12. Masaan (2015)


Masaan is an inspiring story that features four different people facing prejudice in their love. One is about a trainer and her student who indulge in indecent behaviors in a hotel room.

The next features a poor boy that falls in love with a high caste Hindu girl. This movie showcases the struggles and risks faced by those who want to depict their characters with utmost ease.

13. A Thursday


A Thursday is one of the Hotstar new movies that hook viewers till the end.

An addition to the best movies on Disney Plus Hotstar with impeccable performances with a good cast It features a playschool teacher who takes 16 students hostage for a deal that shakes the city of Mumbai.

She dares fire shots at police officers to prove she means her business.

14. Tadap


If you love Hindi romance, Tadap is a good love story you will enjoy. Though you may find the start slow spaced, it picks well in the 2nd half. It’s definitely one of the best Hindi movies on Hotstar you won’t dare miss.

It’s a love story between two stars whose romance blows, but unforeseen circumstances hit them, and they must learn how to cope.

15. Black Swan


Here is another addition to the best movies on Disney Plus Hotstar that’s excellently acted. It appeared in The New Yorker’s list as one of the best film performances in the 21st century.

The story features Nina, a dancer selected to play the fragile White Swan. However, she gets stirred up after winning the lead role, and this makes her move away from the reality of things and deep into madness. Not long, her dark side starts to manifest.

16. Hamilton (2020)


Hamilton is among the top movies on Disney Plus Hotstar that received positive acclaim. Statistics reveal that it was among the most-watched films in 2020.

It’s a musical drama with a live stage featuring the Broadway musical of 2015 bearing the same name. The movie is so popular, considering its mixture of hip hops and raps that’s been matchless structured.

The music depicts the life of an orphaned immigrant (Alexander Hamilton) in two stages, starting from his arrival in New York City all the way to marrying Eliza Schuyler.

The second stage features him during post-war work as a secretary in the U.S treasury, his love affair with Maria Reynolds, and finally, his death and that of his son Philip.

Indeed, it’s a masterpiece.

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17. The Fault in Our Stars


This is one of the best movies on Hotstar that will push you to your limits. Make you try your best even when things seem not to work. If you have ever read John Green’s novel bearing the same name, you can attest to this.

The movie features Hazel Grace, a 16 years old girl with thyroid cancer that has spread to her lungs.

Her parents force her to attend a support group; here, he meets Augustus Waters, an amputated osteosarcoma survivor whom she falls in love with. The two cancer patients embark on a life-affirming journey.

18. Mulan


Family love in its purest form!

The movie features Mulan, concerned that his ill father will soon be taken up in the Chinese military. She plans to disguise herself as a male warrior to join the military in an attempt to rescue her father.

Though unqualified to join the military, her efforts bear fruits as she gets accompanied by Mushu, her dragon, who helps her use smarts to eradicate the Hun invasion. And finally falls in love with her dashing captain.

19. The Favourite


The Favourite is set in the early 18th century. It features cousins contending to be Court favourites of Queen Anne, whose health is in jeopardy.

She has been showing little interest in her performances, such as racing. His friend Sarah governs the country as Queen Anne recuperates.

However, things take another turn when Emma steps in; Sarah takes Emma, who eventually fills the Queen’s position and takes full aboard, allowing no one to interfere.

20. Aaranya Kaandam (2010)


Aaranya Kaandam is one of the Hotstar movies based in the Indian Tamil language. In fact, it’s believed to be the first neo-noir film to debut in Tamil cinema.

It follows Singam, an old gangster who doesn’t perform to his lover (Subbu). Though a failure in family matters, Singam is a pretty cool criminal.

The drama unfolds between him and his rival when a bag of cocaine which is believed to fetch a reasonable sum of money, gets stolen by innocent people.

But finally, it’s revealed that Subbu was behind the chain of events as she sends the bag of money to Singam to prove his temper and eventually leaves the city to start a new life.


I agree that the streaming world is full of epic choices for Indian content such as Netflix, Zee5 in Canada, Amazon Prime, Voot, SonyLIV Channel, Disney Plus, and many more – you can resist the charm of Amazing movies on Disney+ Hotstar!

Note that you can freely access the best movies on Disney Plus Hotstar in India or Indonesia. For instance, you can still get access to Hotstar in Canada, but you will not access all its content. You can watch all these best movies on Disney Plus Hotstar just by connecting to an Indian server of a VPN and a world full of entertainment will open on your Hotstar. VPNs like ExpressVPNSurfshark, and NordVPN are reliable choices to access Disney+ Hotstar in Canada.

Thus Disney+ Hotstar is worth the effort and money. With that said, you can start your streaming right now.