How Much Does BT Sport Cost in Canada 2022?

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If you’re interested in watching BT sport and want to know BT Sport cost, then read our guide to enjoy BT Sport Deals.

BT Sport was introduced in 2013 by BT in Ireland and the UK to strive with other Sports channels. BT Sport aired some of the largest and best sporting events on TV in the UK and abroad, from the Champions League and Premier League of football to rugby league, boxing, cricket, the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and more. So, you need to Sign up to get an idea of the BT Sport packages.

Unfortunately, BT Sport is unavailable in Canada, and you need a VPN to watch BT sport in Canada. We recommend you subscribe to ExpressVPN because of its high speed and good features. You can select one of the BT Sport Offers according to your pricing and content needs. BT-Sport-cost

How Much Does BT Sport Cost? Pricing and Plans


A frequently asked question by the subscribers is, “What does BT Sport Cost?” To give you an idea of BT Sport Costs, the below table presents different plans and pricing.

Deals BT Sport Cost/month Channels to enjoy
BT Monthly Pass £25 CAD 32.47 BT Sport
Sport Package £16 CAD 20.78 BT Sport, AMC
Big Sport Package £41 CAD 53.25 BT Sport, Eurosport, Sky Sport

BT sport offers reasonable subscription packages, you may compare them with Kayo subscription cost, Voot cost, or Vudu cost to get better knowledge regarding VOD’s monthly amount and package.

BT Sport Plan – What Does it Include?

This is a complete sports package that includes BoxNation and all BT channels. Although this BT Sport association is £16 per month, you must make a contract of 24 months, which requires paying £30 upfront.

The Sports bundle provides the entire BT Sport lineup and a TV recorder box. boxNation, and instant access to the BT Sport app. Depending on your demands, you can modify this membership on a monthly basis.

Big Sport Plan – What Does it Include?

All of the BT Channels, BoxNation, and Sky Sports are included in the BT Big Sports bundle, which is an all-inclusive sports package. The cost of BT Sport is £41/month, with a 2-year commitment and a £30 deposit.

Everything you require from the BT Sport bundle is included in the Big Sport Package. The Premier League, major golf events, and more are aired on Sky Sports channels through the NOW Sports Membership available. Sky Sports is immediately available via the NOW app.

Additionally, you can watch Eurosport Channels 1 and 2 in Canada.

Monthly Pass Plan – What Does it Include?

Short-term Sports broadcasts are provided by the recently released BT monthly Pass subscription. It is without a contract charge; this contract is 25 GBP monthly. Only available through an app, it provides 30 days of unlimited access to all BT Sport channels.

In less than 15 minutes, you can get the channels. No requirement for BT broadband, and simple cancel BT sport is some other benefit.

What is the Cheapest Way to Get BT Sport in Canada?

BT Sport is unavailable in Canada, and you’ll need ExpressVPN to access BT Sport. After overcoming the problem of geo-restriction, another question that arises in mind is, “What is the cheapest way to get BT Sport in Canada?

If you currently have BT broadband and BT TV service, you have the cheapest option for accessing BT Sport. Subscribe to BT Sport’s channels, including BoxNation, the boxing channel. The 24-month agreement includes (CAD 22.84) £15 per month for this bundle.

The Big Sport package is another option. It is a complete bundle that comprises the whole thing from the BT TV packages and BT broadband in addition to all Sky Sports channels with a bundled Now Sports payment. This bundle has a monthly cost of (CAD 60.92) £40.

If you haven’t subscribed to the BT Broadband, you can still watch the BT Sport channels. If you’ve been taking advantage of Sky TV discounts, you can obtain a BT Sport subscription in Standard Definition and Box Nation for (CAD 45.67) £29.99 per month. Before accessing BT sport shows in HD content, you must pay (CAD 9.90) £6.50 for a three-month BT probationary membership.

In addition, BT Sport Ultimate offers free access to BT Sport in 4K UHD. Are you a Bigger Bundle or the aforementioned TV bundle subscriber to Virgin Media TV? Don’t worry; your membership includes access to BT Sport.

If you’re a normal customer of Virgin Media, you must pay an additional payment of (CAD 45.67) £29.99/month for adding BT Sport Pack.

Additionally, BT Sport Monthly Pass provides sporadic Sports programming. We’ll provide an update once the service is launched while it is still in trial.

Which BT Sport Plan is Best for Me?

However, deciding which BT Sport cost to choose and which one is ideal for you might be perplexing. View the various packages using our guide, then choose the one that best meets your needs and your budget. Depending on the viewing option you have selected, the rates typically vary.

You can get the monthly pass for (CAD 32.47) £25 a month if you want to access all of the BT Sport channels without entering into a contract. No contract charge is associated with this long-term contract, but it is only accessible through the application.

The Big Sport plan, which also includes 11 channels on Sky Sports, is the most inclusive and offers all BT Sport channels. The monthly payment for BT Sport is (CAD 53.25) £41, but you must get a 2 years agreement that costs (CAD 45.69) £30 upfront. All of the BT Sport channels, as well as BoxNation, are included in the (CAD 20.78) £16/ month Sport bundle.

To determine which is ideal for you, get BT sport free trial, and evaluate your requirements plus spending capacity. You can also explore Eurosport free trial to watch more sports-related content in Canada.

FAQs -BT Sport Cost

Yes,  You can easily take BT Sport from Sky +/Sky Q for free if you have a viewing card and Sky box, regardless of whether you possess a Sky subscription. You don’t have to be a BT client, though our broadband costs £5 per month.

Yes, With Extra Box, you can achieve BT Television access in another room. You now have access to a second non-recording TV box, so you can simultaneously enjoy BT TV in another room. You may access catch-up content and on-demand content that are available on your primary box.

This can be done in MyBT. Log in, then select “Restart my subscription” from the BT Sport Monthly Pass menu. Please keep in mind that it can take up to 15 minutes for you to be able to resume watching BT Sport.’


Conclusively, a BT Sport subscription provides you access to different sports. However, it is unavailable in Canada, and you’ll need a premium VPN to access BT Sport.

BT Sport Cost differs according to the package you pick. Our guide has given you a piece of comprehensive information about BT Sport Costs according to your pricing and content needs. Enjoy uninterrupted streaming!