How To Cancel CBC Gem Subscription In 2022? [Updated Guide]

Does CBC Gem Price seem too expensive? Or are you facing CBC Gem login problems? It’s time to take a vacation and cancel CBC Gem subscription to give it a try to other options. Let us guide you on how to cancel CBC Gem subscription in 2022.

CBC is a Canadian streaming digital video service that streams the best TV series like Heartland Season 16, Murdoch Mysteries, The Case Against Cosby, Scotties Tournament of Hearts 2023, Plan B, Canada’s Ultimate Challenge, films, news, documentaries, and more for free. CBC Gem free trial is also available for new users. CBC Gem premium provides you with ad-free services. However, CBC Gem on Roku is unavailable, and you may be looking for some alternatives.

If you reside outside of Canada, you might be utilizing a VPN to access CBC Gem from your country of residence.

CBC Gem cost is CA$ 6.43 or $4.99/month, and the Gem website cannot be used to cancel subscriptions that were purchased through the Gem application. Given that Google and Apple directly control the subscriptions and that only the application can be used to cancel them.

By going to account and choosing “Cancel subscription,” you can discontinue your subscription anytime. The premium features and content will be accessible to you until the conclusion of your current subscription cycle.

Depending on the device you selected when billing for the subscription, there are different procedures for canceling your CBC Gem membership. So, without further ado, let’s get started!


How To Cancel CBC Gem Subscription? [Quick Guide]

The following procedures will enable you to successfully cancel CBC Gem subscription:

  • While using the CBC Gem application, open the menu.
  • Click My Account once you’ve logged in.
  • Choose Manage Subscription after that.
  • This will launch the Subscriptions page on your device. On this page, look for and choose CBC Gem.
  • The Subscription Management page will appear. Simply click Cancel Subscription.
  • To finalize your cancellation, simply tap Cancel Subscription once more.

Note: After you have confirmed cancellation, the regular monthly subscription will be terminated. Up until the conclusion of your membership time, you will still have access to the top CBC Gem Movies.

How To Cancel CBC Gem on the Web?

By visiting the website of CBC Gem and following the instructions below, you can cancel your Premium subscription if you paid for it using a VISA or Mastercard.

  1. Visit the website of CBC Gem and click the “Sign In” link in the top right corner.
  2. Type your login information.
  3. Next, just click on the Login button of CBC Gem.
  4. After logging in, tap on your name in the website’s right corner.
  5. You will get some further text when you bang on the name. From the pull-down selection, choose My Account.
  6. Press the Premium Cancel button that is located at the bottom of the webpage. You’ll get a prompt right away asking you to confirm your withdrawal.

Note: After you have confirmed your account termination, you will still have access to premium data till the end of your current cycle of payments.

How To Cancel CBC Gem on Android?

Simply cancel the membership via the CBC Gem app on your Android device if you bought your Premium plan utilizing Google Play by the use of CBC Gem Android applications. Follow the steps to Cancel CBC Gem;

  1. Access the application menu of CBC Gem.
  2. If you are logged in, click My Account.
  3. Click Manage Subscription after that. You will be taken to the screen for your Mobile Subscriptions as a consequence.
  4. This will launch the Subscriptions page on your Android phone. Locate CBC Gem and hit on it.
  5. This will take visitors to the webpage for managing subscriptions. Select Cancel Subscription from this menu.
  6. To finish your withdrawal, click Cancel Subscription.

Note: When you’ve confirmed cancellation, the scheduled basis registration will be terminated. The platform will be accessible to you until the conclusion of your subscription time.

How To Cancel CBC Gem on iOS?

If you downloaded the iOS or tvOS apps for CBC Gem and bought your Subscription plan using iTunes. When you download the CBC Gem app for your iPhone or iPad, you can discontinue your membership.

  1. Go to the Menu of the app of CBC Gem.
  2. If you are logged in, click My Account.
  3. From there, select Manage Membership. You will be directed to the webpage Apple Subscriptions by clicking this.
  4. From this website, click on the logo of the CBC Gem app.
  5. If you intend to close your account, click Cancel Subscription now.
  6. You may confirm your deletion at this point.

Note: Once you have acknowledged that your membership has been canceled, the monthly subscription will be discontinued. The service will be offered to you until the completion of your subscription period.

How To Cancel CBC Gem on Apple TV?

The people who are worried about how to cancel CBC Gem on TV. It is easy to cancel CBC Gem on Apple TV; stop your connection by visiting the Apple TV settings if you bought your Premium membership offer via iTunes and installed tvOS or iOS programs.

  1. From the cascading option, pick Settings.
  2. From the option of Settings, select Accounts.
  3. In the menu under Accounts, select Manage Subscriptions.
  4. Click on CBC Gem to see CBC Gem settings.
  5. Immediately click Cancel Subscription.
  6. To complete, just confirm cancellation.

This is the simplest guide to cancel CBC Gem on Apple TV. You can similarly cancel Redbox subscription by following our easy guide.


You can, indeed. To achieve this, kindly submit your request by completing the request form. You must reply to the reply from that form using the email address you used to register your account in order to prove that you are the account holder.

Yes, you can share your CBC Gem subscription. Fortunately, the best thing about the CBC Gem subscription is that you can enjoy the CBC Gem streaming on up to five different devices simultaneously.

A subscription to CBC Gem is $4.99/month. Viewers frequently ask, is CBC Gem free? It is not so as you’ve to pay the subscription cost for CBC Gem login. CBC Gem app provides the opportunity to enjoy some free content.


Conclusively, this article explains the easy guide to cancel CBC Gem subscription. If someone enjoys viewing the most recent movies and television shows in Canada, CBC Gem is among the best streaming options. Watching CBC outside Canada can be made easily accessible By using the top streaming VPN, such as ExpressVPN, as CBC is geo-blocked outside Canadian regions.

However, you can erase it if you grow tired of its movies or shows and pick to stop using CBC Gem. Once you’ve made the decision to delete your CBC Gem account, we trust that our post about how to do so will give you all the information you require.