How to Cancel DStv subscription? Comprehensive Guide-2022

You can cancel DStv online by filling out the DStv cancellation form on its website.

Yet, despite their tremendous achievement, not everybody is content with their subscription. So, if you want to know how to cancel DStv, follow the instructions underneath.

A main internet streaming provider in Africa, DStv, began in 1995 and has overgrown. Providing members with a wide range of sports, movies, and other activities. The best movies on DStv include Die another day, Eliminator, and Shall we dance.

If you want to Cancel DStv from Canada, then you must connect to ExpressVPN to access their website.


How to Cancel DSTv on Different Devices In Canada – 2022

You have to know that uninstalling your DStv application on its own won’t suffice to terminate a DStv membership. You must cancel DStv from the App or official website. Following are the devices where you can unsubscribe to DStv.

How To Cancel DStv Subscription on iPhone and iPad?

  • Connect to the US server of ExpressVPN.
  • Firstly, click for the username.
  • Click the “Memberships” option next. Pick Apple & iTunes stores.
  • Touch the iOS Device again for the next.
  • Read down to the “Memberships” option after seeing the iPhone, signing in, then logging off.
  • Select the DStv (license) you choose to evaluate after that.
  • Then click Stop, and now you are unsubscribed from DStv shows.

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How to Cancel DStv Subscription on Android?

You have to know that uninstalling your DStv application on its own won’t suffice to terminate a DStv membership on Android. These stages are as follows: Visit the Play Store on Google first. Make sure you’re signed into the appropriate Gmail account if there are multiple.

  • Connect to any US server of a premium VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN.
  • Choose “Subscription services” from the menu by clicking on it.
  • Tap the “Stop Membership” button after choosing the DStv membership I would like to end. Continue as directed.
  • Any further subscription to DStv would be revoked and didn’t sign once their profile has already been removed from Play Store.

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How to Cancel DStv Subscription on Paypal?

Here’s what to do to cancel a DStv subscription via PayPal:

  • Signup for a Paypal account.
  • Beside the checkout button, select the options tab.
  • In the menu bar, select “Payment,” and in the panel for direct deposits, choose “Adjust Direct Debits.”
  • Any selection from the retailer agreements you already had dealt with will be displayed.
  • To unsubscribe, click “DStv” or “Multichoice Support Services (Pty) Ltd”. A verification page will appear for customers.
  • To verify that you want to quit paying DStv, select the “Stop Regular Payment” option.
  • To finalize your subscription, select “Finish” just on the confirmation page.

How to Cancel DStv via email?

  • Launching the computer Select the required application on a smartphone, then tap on its icon.
  • Enter the DStv address into the search field of your browser. Log in: Identify yourself by your email.
  • Select Add or Change. You can view it via the email account.
  • Press it to proceed to the following phase. current bouquet:
  • Your existing plan and a list of all the packs the company offers that you can downgrade or upgrade to will be visible on the page to which you are routed after the redirect. A list of extras also is provided. Initiate the banning procedure.
  • To complete the entire process, adhere to the on-screen directions. Make sure to select the correct button if requested to confirm the activity.

How to Cancel DStv Subscription Directly on DStv Website?

  • In the event, one can start your subscription right on a company’s site without using an extra security measure like PayPal or iTunes.
  • One may have to log onto DStv’s site or contact their payment processor directly to cancel your subscription.
  • Obtaining the company’s details, then getting in touch with them directly.
  • You can try contacting Multichoice Support Services (Pty) Ltd, the app creator, for assistance through the app’s information if the business has an app they created listed in the Appstore.

What More Time Does It Take DStv To Disconnect?

It takes a maximum of 7 days to disconnect the DStv subscription. DStv also tracks whether you have received DStv as a credit in your provided accounts if you ask them to do so.

Similarly, you can also follow our simple guide to canceling Eurosport player once you’re done binge-watching all your favorite sports matches.


Yes, you can certainly. If you terminate a DStv subscription, the program doesn’t end immediately; it waits until the expiration date. Because it is prepaid and you cannot get a return, this implies that termination of the subscription takes place after the existing one expires.

Yes, you can get a refund. Please note that handling a reimbursement could take somewhere between 7 and 40 days of work and that DStv needs one hard copy of the Username, evidence of financial services, and evidence of payment for us to do so.

Africa charges R50 for DStv reconnection. Your regular monthly subscription fee also needs to be paid. Your home or place of business will regain connection after you have paid those sums.

In your top right corner, select the personal login icon.

  • You’ll be seeing a fall menu.
  • Change Symbol Information could be chosen or clicked.
  • A new section will load at this point.
  • To unlink or delete your Dstv decoder equipment from your Dstv Now account, first select the Dstv Product unit.


And although DStv in Africa has several paid subscribers, many individuals already must cancel DStv contracts for various reasons. If that matches you, perhaps the suggestions above have made it easy for you to cancel right now. You can also similarly cancel your Epix subscription if you wish.