How To Cancel Epix Subscribe in Canada in 2022?

Wondering How do I cancel my Epix 7 day free trial?

Simply go to the Epix now login page on the website to cancel Epix subscription or Epix free trial.

Epix now is a US streaming platform that is not available in Canada. If you are a US subscriber and now want to cancel Epix in Canada after moving here then you must get a VPN.

Let’s begin by discussing how to end your Epix now subscription.


How To Cancel Epix Subscription?

If you are done binge-watching your favorite Epix TV shows, you might want to end your Epix subscription. Go to the Epix now login page to accomplish this.

You can terminate your membership through Epix website, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Prime, and other platforms. You won’t be charged anything if you decide to discontinue your subscription.

How To Cancel Epix Subscription Through Website?

Learn how to cancel Epix free trial on the website by reading on.

  1. Install a reputable VPN.
  2. Connect to the US server. (preferably New York)
  3. Select View Account after entering your password.
  4. Select Manage after scrolling down to Settings.
  5. Select “Cancel Subscription” and enter your confirmation.

Note: Please ensure that you sign in with the relevant Google account. Using a fake account will not allow you to cancel your subscription.

How To Cancel Epix Subscription on Amazon Prime?

You must first visit the official Amazon website to cancel your subscription if you purchased your Epix subscription through an Amazon In-App Purchase.

  1. Get a premium VPN.
  2. Connect to the US server. (preferably New York)
  3. Open Amazon Prime and select the Account & Settings tab as your first step.
  4. Select Channels from the top menu after locating the Account & Settings tab. You can view all of the channels you have subscribed to here.
  5. Choose the Epix subscription from this list.
  6. Select the Cancel Channel button.
  7. Confirm the action, at which point Epix will cancel your subscription.

Note: It’s vital to remember that you have until the indicated date to reverse the cancellation. You can no longer access content from the Epix channel after that date.

How To Cancel Epix Subscription on Apple TV?

Do you use your Apple TV to cancel Epix? If yes, follow the simple instructions below:

  1. Install a VPN, we recommend ExpressVPN.
  2. Connect to the US server. (preferably New York)
  3. Launch Settings, which is conveniently located on Apple TV.
  4. The Users and Accounts tab can be found in Settings.
  5. Select your account after deciding on the Users and Accounts menu.
  6. Click on the Subscriptions tab under your account and then click on the Epix subscription.
  7. This is where you may click Cancel Subscription.

Note: It is important to remember that only Apple TVs from the fourth generation and later allow customers to modify, manage, and terminate subscriptions directly from the Apple TV. You can only manage your subscriptions in Apple TVs from the third generation or earlier via a computer, an iOS device, or an iPad device.

How To Cancel Epix Subscription on Roku?

Additionally, you can cancel your Epix subscription using an external device like a computer or smartphone. The second approach explained below, demonstrates how to carry out that task.

  1. Get a secure VPN.
  2. Connect to the US server. (preferably New York)
  3. In this instance, you must open a browser and navigate to the Roku website.
  4. Carefully log into the account used to purchase the Epix subscription.
  5. Select Manage Subscriptions once you’ve logged in to see Epix.
  6. To open the window, click the Epix subscription.
  7. Click Cancel Subscription to end your Epix subscription. You will then get a confirmation message.

You can also learn how to cancel your Funimation subscription easily.

What are The Alternatives of Epix in Canada?

The top Epix Now substitutes include:

These channels and streaming services might be not accessible in Canada. So you are required to get a reliable VPN for smooth unblocking and streaming. Express VPN is highly recommended. It makes it easier to cancel your AMC subscription or any other you might have subscribed to.


Yes, Epix is easy to cancel and won’t take much of your time. You can always cancel your subscription from your profile.

No, taking a channel off your home screen won’t end your subscription.


You can use the straightforward actions listed above to cancel Epix subscription if you reside in Canada. On websites like Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon, you can cancel your account.

As you can see, the procedures are simple and won’t require much of your time. Ensure you carefully read the instructions, then log in with the information you used to establish your Epix account.

If you require assistance or have any queries regarding this post, don’t wait to get in touch with customer service.