How to Cancel ITV Hub Subscription In Canada? [2023 Guide]

ITV Hub is home to some of the best VOD shows like Love Island, Honour, Professor T, Vanity Fair, etc. It constantly updates its content library with the latest ITV movies and has no commercial breaks. But despite all that, if you’re planning to cancel ITV Hub, we’ll show you how. If you’re canceling ITV Hub in Canada, you might be using a VPN; just ensure it is safe and secure.


How to Cancel ITV Hub Subscription from ITV Hub Website?

To cancel the ITV Hub subscription on the website, you first need to ensure access, in case you’re accessing from abroad. For that, you’ll need the Best VPN to access ITV Hub. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Connect to the UK server of any premium VPN.
  2. Go to ITV Hub login and enter your account details.
  3. Click on your name from the header and select “Manage Account. It may ask you for email conformation before accessing it.
  4. Select“I want to remove my account
  5. Enter your ITV Hub account password and click “remove account”
    enter-password-and- click-remove-account
  6. Hence your ITV Hub account will be deleted

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How to Delete ITV Hub Subscription on iPhone?

If you’re using an iOS device, your account will most probably be linked to Apple ID. In that case, here’s how you cancel ITV Hub+ free trial on your iOS device:

  1. Connect the UK server of any premium VPN.
  2. Open “Settings” and click your name which you’ll find at top corner of your screen.
  3. Click on “Subscriptions” and find ITV Hub from the menu.
  4. Hit “Cancel Subscription” and follow the prompted instruction to confirm.

How to Remove ITV Hub Subscription on Android?

If you’re using an Android device, like a smartphone, tablet, or Smart TV. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Connect to the UK server of any premium VPN.
  2. Go to Google Play Store and tap on your name.
  3. Select “Payment and Subscriptions” from the menu.
  4. Look for ITV Hub+ and click “Manage”
  5. Click “Cancel Subscription” and select “Yes” when the pop-up options appear.

How to Delete ITV Hub Subscription on Amazon Fire TV Stick?

In case you’re wondering is ITV Hub free with Amazon Prime, it is not. But either way, here’s how you cancel ITV Hub subscription through an Amazon Account:

  1. Connect to the UK server of any premium VPN.
  2. Log in your Amazon account and go to “Memberships and Subscriptions”.
  3. Locate ITV Hub in the list and select “Cancel.” If you’re on the Amazon website, you’ll need to search “Subscriptions” to locate ITV Hub.
  4. Follow the prompted instructions to complete the cancellation process.

How To Turn Off Auto-Renewal On ITV Hub?

If your 7-day free trial ends, the monthly or annual plan will automatically renew, with the ITV hub subscription price of CAD 6.02 ($4.58)/month or CAD 60.35 ($45.90)/year. There’s no need to reach out to ITV Hub Help for that, since you can follow these steps to enable manual renewal:

    1. Move to ITV Hub sign-up portal and log in.
    2. Go to“Billing” section and select “Subscription”.
    3. Select the three vertical dots next to “Change Plan” and click “off” to turn off auto-renewal.


To cancel ITV Hub Free trial,

  • Go to the website, log in,
  • Navigate to Manage Account.
  • Click Cancel Subscription
  • Then select “yes” to confirm cancelation.

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on your Profile.
  • After that, navigate to My Subscriptions > ITV Hub Plus.
  • Tab Cancel Subscription.


You might want to try more than ITV shows, and for that, whether you have an iOS device, Android, or Amazon Fire Stick, you can easily cancel ITV Hub. ITV Hub also has an auto-renewal option enabled, so unless you want to extend the subscription, you’ll need to manually turn it off.

After deleting your ITV Hub account, you might want to try US Vudu within Canada. As a new user, you might want to try Vudu free trial to explore the service and get satisfaction.