How Much Does CBC Gem Cost in Canada? (2022 Updated)

We have covered everything you need to know about CBC Gem cost. The monthly premium membership is CAD 4.99, and with such low pricing, this service is growing at a rapid pace.

The top television series, documentaries, movies, and various other content are accessible for free streaming here.

You may also watch live Television streams or for Premium to enjoy on-demand content without ads, early access to the exclusive content of CBC Gem, and accessibility to CBC News.

If you are thinking, is CBC Gem free in Canada? Then the good thing is that the first 30 days of subscription are free, so if you enjoyed, you may immediately get a CBC Gem subscription and enjoy your favorite CBC Gem shows such as Heartland Season 16, The Case Against Cosby, Plan B, Scotties Tournament of Hearts 2023, Canada’s Ultimate Challenge, movies, and other content.

Due to geographical restrictions, CBC Gem is exclusively available in Canada. However, you may watch CBC outside of Canada by subscribing to a reliable VPN, which will allow you to stream the content collection without interruptions.


How Much Does CBC Gem Cost in Canada? [Quick Guide]

The monthly subscription charges for CBC Gem Cost Premium is CA$ 4.99 (3.85 USD). The subscription may be purchased through the CBC Gem Android app and iOS app or through the CBC official website.

New users can avail of CBC Gem Free Trial for one month, exactly as other streaming sites such as ITV Hub offers a free trial

So, if you’re wondering is CBC Gem free in Canada? Yes, it is, you can use CBC Gem free for 1 complete month. After the CBC Gem free trial, you can continue to watch the best movies on CBC Gem (ad-free) for 4.99 CA$ (3.85 USD).

Plan CBC Gem Price Ad-Free Video Quality Live Stream  Availability
Premium CAD$ 4.99 (USD$ 3.85) Yes 1080p Yes Anywhere within Canada

You can stream a variety of CBC Gem series and movies with a CBC Gem subscription cost. You may also support your favorite actress or actor by watching award shows such as the Golden Globe Awards. Swimming, curling, soccer, golf, tennis, figure skating, sliding, skiing, and speed skating are among the significant sporting activities covered in highlights and video features.

You can set up your own news feeds to ensure up-to-date EPL , CFL, NBA, NFL scores, and MLB Baseball league.

How To Pay For CBC Gem Cost in Canada?

You can utilize the CBC Gem app or website to buy a CBC Gem subscription in Canada. If you opt for a premium subscription using their app for Android, Apple TV, or iOS, your payment and subscription would be handled by Google Play or iTunes. If you paid for the CBC Gem in Canada on the official website, CBC would handle your subscription.

The CBC Gem website accepts the following methods of payment:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Debit Card
  • MasterCard Debit

Note: Please remember that CBC Gem only takes payments from cards with Canadian invoicing addresses.

Gift cards, American Express, Interac Online, pre-paid credit cards, PayPal, and other payment methods are not accepted on the CBC Gem Website.

If you have a debit card, American Express or PayPal is listed as a payment option on your Google Play accounts or App store. In that case, you can purchase a premium subscription via CBC Gem app for Android, Apple TV, and iOS.

What Does CBC Gem Offer to Unauthenticated Users?

There are several methods to get material on Gem. You may view the videos using the web browser on your Android smartphone, but we recommend installing the CBC Gem app for your iOS or Android device.

Unauthenticated users of CBC Gem can access the following without a CBC Gem login.

  • Stream on-demand series (ad-supported)
  • You can enjoy CBC TV Ottawa (a CBC channel) live streaming.
  • Enjoy children’s content. (No-ads)

What is Free on CBC Gem?

You can get the following on CBC Gem for free:

  • On-demand access to old and new seasons of favorite series (ad-supported)
  • Live broadcast on CBC TV, which includes access to 14 local (Canadian) channels throughout the country as well as their newscasts
  • Resuming content streaming on any compatible device
  • Children’s content that is ad-free

What Does CBC Gem Premium Get you?

Canadians can improve their streaming experience for $4.99 per month (with a free trial of 30 days) and enjoy the following premium features:

  • On-demand access to current and previous seasons of favorite series (ad-free)
  • Live 24/7 streaming of the CBC News
  • Access to exclusive CBC Gem programming


Yes, you need an account for CBC Gem because CBC offers limited content to its unauthenticated user. So if you want to access CBC Gem’s entire library, you must log in.

CBC Gem is only available in Canada. Closed Captioning is accessible for all content, and Described Video is provided for the majority of on-demand videos. In addition, CBC members enjoy Live streaming CBC TV, which includes access to 14 local channels throughout the country as well as their newscasts.

Yes, you can share your CBC Gem subscription because CBC Gem does support multiple member profiles on the same account. You can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously. Individual CBC accounts allow members to have their own unique experience while also keeping track of their streaming history.


Hope we have covered everything about CBC Gem cost in Canada and you have got your answer to is CBC gem premium worth it. With a membership to this streaming service, you may access a large collection of content to share with family and friends. Also discover how you can utilize a VPN to watch CBC outside Canada from anywhere in the world catch up on your favorite shows.

To make the most of your weekend nights, you can watch CBC movies and shows. Don’t forget to use the best VPN service for streaming to bypass the geo-restrictions imposed by CBC Gem.