How to Get Crave Free Trial in 2022? [Complete Guide]

Canadians love to use Crave TV during the tough competition among OTT platforms. You get Crave free trial with every first subscription from your account. There are live TV and global sporting events broadcasted on the streaming service. However, it is only available to Canadian viewers. To access Crave Canada Free trial outside the region, you’ll need a VPN like ExpressVPN to unblock viewership. You can read more about it here.

But in this article, we’re taking you through how you can get Crave Free Trial 2022. Also, we’ll share with you the complete guide on how much crave costs after the free trial. You’ll be streaming some favorite on-demand Crave movies and shows in no time.

Does Crave Offer 7-Days Free Trial?

Yes! There is a Crave 7-Days Free Trial. Binge-watch your favorite Crave movies and TV shows for 1 complete week.


Enjoy free access for 7-days

Crave free trial is applicable only for new users, which means you can get a free trial with a single account only once. However, you can use another account for another free trial. As long as you cancel Crave within the 7-days, your paid subscription will not begin.

Yet you can collect free trials from different platforms with a single account, for example, Stan, ESPN Plus, beIN SPORTS, Paramount Plus, and Peacock TV.

You can sign up for Crave TV in 2 ways: either you can directly sign up from their website or ask your cable provider. During these 7-days, you have untethered access to all of Crave TV content.

How Do I get Crave TV Free Trial? (Easy Steps)

Here’s how you get the Crave Free Trial with the best VPN for Crave:

  • Visit the Crave TV website and click on the blue button “Start Watching Now.”


    You can either sign up directly from Crave or through your cable provider.

  • Enter your account credentials for registration.


    Make sure to enter an active email address and click continue.

  • Create a strong password


    Create a strong password and click continue

  • Choose a plan.


    Read feature of each plan and choose wisely

  • Complete the payment through a credit/debit card or any other mode.


    Enter valid credit card information and process further.

  • Click on “Subscribe,” and your free trial will begin.

How Much Does Crave Cost After The Free Trial?

After the Crave Free trial period ends, your subscription will begin. There are two subscription plans available: Crave Mobile which is worth CAD 9.99/month (US$7.70/month) and Crave Total, which costs CAD 19.99/month (US$15.41/month). There is also a STARZ Add-on which is mentioned in the table below:

Crave Subscription Packages Subscription Price
Crave Mobile Monthly: CA$ 9.99+tax (7.70 US$)
Yearly: CA$ 99.90+tax (76.99 US$)
Crave Total Monthly: CA$ 19.99+tax (15.41 US$)
Yearly: CA$ 199.90+ tax (154.06 US$)
STARZ Add-On Monthly: CA$ 5.99+ tax (4.62 US$)
Yearly: CA$ 59.90+ tax (46.16 US$)

Crave Free Trial – FAQs

Yes! You will need a credit card before Crave sign up for a free trial. Credit card information is required so that after the end of your free trial, Crave will automatically renew your paid subscription.

Yes! The free trial includes access to packages such as HBO, STARZ, Amazon, etc. You can get this for CA$ 9.99+tax (7.70 US$) per month. Make sure to connect ExpressVPN Canada server if you live outside Canada.


Crave TV is a great on-demand service with the best HBO, STARZ, and Amazon add-ons. To access Crave Free Trial 2022 outside Canada, if your VPN and not working Crave. You’ll need to subscribe to a premium VPN like ExpressVPN to bypass geo-restrictions. After doing so, you can easily enjoy Crave Free Trial and all its newly released movies and TV Shows.