How Much is DStv Price in Canada?

A Sub-Saharan African direct satellite service owned by Survey junkie with offices in Rand burg, South Africa, is known as “Digital Satellite Television,” or “DStv.” The DStv price and packages are Premium, Compact, Access, and Easyview.

DStv Compact Plus plan is the newest on platform offering to watch EPL, Laliga, and Bundesliga. Since DStv is a south African platform, it is unavailable inside Canada; a VPN such as ExpressVPN is needed if you want to stream DStv from the Canadian region.

We’ll inform you of the scoop if you’re thinking about the best shows on DStv, such as Avengers: Runaways (2017-2019), Run Hide Fight, and Grey’s Anatomy, are a few to name.

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What is DStv Price and Packages?

You might be wondering How many packages are there in DStv? DStv offers a Premium package to its users. Let’s contemplate the DStv price and plans under this section.

For “CA$90.38/month” and “US$69.99/month“, you can purchase the entertainment package. DIRECTV Rates in Canada in 2022 vary from “CA$116.21/month” “Or US 89.99/month” for the Select plan to “CA$135.58/month” “Or US 104.99/month” for the Premier package, which adds over 55 programs.

The Professional plan is the most expensive DIRECTV, which includes over 140 programs and costs “CA$193.69/month” and “US$149.99/month“. Several premium providers, such as HBO, Starz, and Showtime, are part of this bundle. As a result, you won’t ever consider ending your DirecTV Now subscription. Consider ending your DirecTV Now subscription.

The cheapest option is the Entertainment bundle on DIRECTV Stream, which has a monthly cost of “CA$90.38” and “US 69.99” with no obligation. This subscription includes 65 channels covering entertainment, news, sports, and the family. Channels that are available in the 160+ channels in a package. You may watch various programs, including sports stations and family favorites.

DStv price Streaming for 2 months starts at “CA$71.01 (US$54.99)” per month plus tax. Following that, the monthly payment will be “CA$90.38 (US$69.99)” plus tax.

What is Included in the DStv Premium Plan in Canada?

The best bundle offered with DStv offers 135 plus Television networks and 95 plus sound stations. You can expect viewing oldies such as:

  • M-Net
  • luxury tv channels like M-Net Films 1,
  • M-Net Films 2
  • FileNet and an amazing range of sports channels from a Performance car are available on up to five gadgets.

To more than 175 channels. Every one of the 16 SuperSport channels. Most current ticket sales successes. Additional streams to rock films. series with prizes. Show max with no extra charges.

What We will Get With DStv Access Package

The fiber cable package includes the following for just 52.53 CAD:

(25 Gbps / 10 Mb link) Unrestricted free agent FiberSmart Tv DStv Stream (turn your TV into a smart TV) Neither, less cheap than ever, DStv Compact Streaming package!

What We Will Get With DStv Easyview Package

This is a list of each regularly updated DStv EasyView station and the cost of 2022 contract.

2.18 CAD is the monthly price of an EasyView package. 131 stations, including audio & radio channels, are accessible on DStv Easy View. Although neither price nor the channel list has altered in the year, we expect changes before the conclusion of the initial half.

What is The Best Subscription for DStv?

The best DStv subscription is indeed the DStv price deluxe plan since it gives you access to all DStv networks, featuring SD/HD video and audio stations. It contains networks like Sportster 3, Popular DStv Movies, Science Channel, Cartoon, and Travel Channel, as well as all full HD networks, it is the best DStv plan in Canada.


Following are the DStv packages 2022 available

  • The price of the DSTV Paid version per month is 62.31 CAD$, R799.
  • The DSTV Compact Plus plan had a monthly cost of 40.51 CAD$, R519.
  • The cost of DSTV Compact bundle per month was 30.74 CAD$, R409.
  • The DSTV Family plan has a monthly cost of 22.17 CAD$, R299.
  • The DSTV Access bundle has a monthly fee of 8.64 CAD$, R99

If you desire the best, DStv Premier’s price is 62.31 CA$, R791 that allow the best of the world is coming to us. Have the newest global movies, radio shows, and television shows, in addition to the biggest names in journalism and entertainment. It’s an encounter, never just unrivaled amusement.

There are 258 movie channels on premium DStv, DStv (100), Studio Universal (112), and Timeless Dizi (123), are a few to name.

The most affordable bundle is DStv EasyView, which has a monthly cost of about 2.169 CA$. With the purchase of EasyView, you can receive over 95 audio and 36 TV channels.  


You can choose DStv packages to enjoy the entertainment because all of the plans are worth the DStv price in Canada. You can quickly cancel your DStv membership if you decide that you no longer like the service for whatever reason. But don’t forget to join the finest VPN, such as ExpressVPN, to get access from Canada.