How To Get Epix Free Trial in Canada in 2022? [Quick Guide]

To access the great library of Epix TV shows and movies from Canada, you must get an Epix now subscription or sign up for Epix Free Trial. MGM’s subsidiary Epix delivers its streaming services as a premium channel on the Epix Now app and other streaming platforms like amazon prime.

Is Epix free? Epix offers its services through subscription; however, in an Epix vs. Epix now comparison, with an Epix now subscription, you do not require a TV provider to sign you up for the service and can access the platform on the Epix app through a simple Epix now log in.

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Is there an Epix Free Trial?

Yes, you can get an Epix Free Trial that lasts 7 days on the Epix app. The free trial may vary in duration if you are getting it through a TV provider, depending on your TV provider. During the Epix Free Trial period, you can access all the Epix movies and TV shows present on the platform without any restriction.

If you are signing up for the free trial using the Epix website and Epix now app. You will require some of your credentials and your payment information however, if you are getting the streaming service through your TV cable provider there will be a different process to avail the free trial.

How To Get Epix Free Trial?

If the Epix Free Trial option is the right choice for you, it requires a very easy signup process that barely takes minutes to complete.

To sign up for an Epix Free Trial, follow these simple steps,

  1. Go to the Epix website.
  2. Locate the “Start my Free Trial” button and click on it.
  3. Create an account using your Email and password.
  4. After the account creation, download the Epix now App on your device.
  5. Log into the app using your Epix account credentials.
  6. Enter your Card Details and Payment method.
  7. There it is; you are all good to use your Epix Free Trial.

Does Epix Free Trial Automatically Renew its Subscription after it Expires?

Yes, after the 7 days trial period, the Epix payment system will automatically charge you for the full subscription of the next month unless you cancel the subscription before the free trial deadline.

According to Epix’s terms and conditions, you must cancel your Epix subscription 24 hours prior to the deadline for the free trial.

During the Epix Free Trial period, you will not be charged any money if you are charged for the next month because you accidentally forgot to cancel your subscription 24 hours before the deadline. You can always ask for a refund, but you will have to contact Customer support at Epix and explain the case to them.

How Much Does The Subscription Cost After Epix Free Trial Is Over?

After the end of your Epix Free Trial, if you are willing to get a subscription to the streaming service. You will be charged an amount of CA$ 8.12 ($ 5.99) per month. However, the price varies if you are getting the subscription through a TV provided; in that case, you will be required to pay for your cable service and add Epix to your cable with an additional fee to it.

If you have done with Epix Free Trial and want some change, you can go for Redbox free trial in Canada.


Epix streaming services can be availed on Amazon prime with an additional subscription fee. So if you are wondering how to get Epix free on Firestick or any other Amazon device. You will just have to add Epix to your Amazon channels list, and you will be able to watch all four Epix channels with a monthly subscription fee.

No, Hulu which previously offered Epix and its TV shows for streaming on the platform, had ended the deal with MGM-owned Epix, and now you can not access Epix on Hulu.

If you want to cancel your Epix Free Trial, you can cancel it directly using the Epix now app,

  • Go to your profile.
  • cancel the Epix subscription from the subscription option.

The subscription will be canceled by the end of your trial period. Make sure you cancel your subscription 24 hours before the end of the trial period to avoid getting charged for the service.

If you have subscribed to the Epix Free Trial through a TV provider. You will have to navigate to your subscription list in your TV provider profile. Cancel your subscription by removing the channel from your list of channels. TV providers have different terms and conditions based on the TV provider you are using so act accordingly.


Epix offers a great variety of movies and TV shows that can be enjoyed on its designated app called Epix now or on TV service by adding it to your channel list. Get an Epix Free Trial and enjoy premium content for free.

Now you know how to get an Epix Free Trial. What the Epix offers on the platform, and how much it will charge. You can easily decide how you want to use the Epix service and what you should expect from the MGM-owned Streaming platform.