Top 16 Best Epix TV Shows to Watch in 2022

Being over a decade old platform Epix has produced some really great Epix TV shows and Epix original series in all kinds of genres like comedy, documentary, drama, and spy thrillers. Some of the best Epix original series have topped the charts so along with already available Epix TV shows to watch, hopes are high for Epix new series 2022.

Epix is a Subsidiary of MGM that offers its streaming as a premium channel on the Epix App (Epix now) and also other streaming services like amazon prime, 2017 Epix started investing in production and started making original shows for the platform, now Epix offers content ranging from TV series to Epix original series and movies.

Is Epix free? To watch Epix TV Shows or Epix Movies, you will have to get an Epix subscription and with that, you will get an Epix free trial. Unfortunately, Epix is not available in Canada so to watch Epix Canada you will have to use a VPN service like ExpressVPN.


What are the Best Epix TV Shows to Watch in Canada in 2022?

Epix TV shows library is massive which makes it hard to choose the best Epix original series to watch but sit back because we have done the hard work for you, we have gone through the massive library of Epix tv shows and handpicked some of the best Epix original series in form of a list which contains Epix classics, on-air shows and Epix new series 2022.

Let’s have a look at our top-picked Epix TV Shows for you,

1. Bridge and Tunnel


Genre: 2021 – 2022
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Director: Edward Burns
Cast/Star: Caitlin Stasey, Sam Vartholomeos
IMDB rating: 6.2/10
Runtime: 28 Mins

The series is about a group of adults living in the 80s who have just graduated from college and are ready to extend their limits and follow their dreams in the big city of Manhattan, the series contains a reality touch to it that gives it home-like energy.

2. Billy The Kid


Genre: 2022
Genre: Biography, Drama
Director: Michael Hirst
Cast/Star: Tom Blyth, Daniel Webber
IMDB rating: 7.1/10
Runtime: 29 Min

A famous outlaw in the wild west Billy the Kid, aka William H. Bonney, the show is about him and how he lived his life staying true to his Irish roots while dominating the American wild countryside and playing his role in the Lincoln county war.

3. From


Genre: 2022
Genre: Drama Horror
Director: John Griffin
Cast/Star: Scott McCord, Harold Perrineau
IMDB rating: 7.6/10
Runtime: 52 Min

A mystery town that will not let you go, From is about a dark town that traps any or all who dare to enter it, the trapped people must fight whatever creatures, threats, and challenges that the dark town throws upon them and must find their way out before they are all killed by the pitiless town.

4. Britannia


Genre: 2017
Genre: Action, Fantasy
Director: Jez Butterworth
Cast/Star: David Morrissey, Eleanor Worthington-Cox
IMDB rating: 6.8/10
Runtime: 1 Hr

The Roman invasion of Britain in 43 AD is the subject of the show Britannia. The Romans are headed toward victory under the command of General Aulus Plautius. Aulus, however, is hiding something that might damage the integrity of his mission. In the meantime, to stop the invasion and repel the Roman army, Kerra, the daughter of the King of Cantii, is compelled to work with her rival Queen Antedia.

5. Godfather of Harlem


Genre: 2019
Genre: Crime, Drama
Director: Chris Brancato
Cast/Star: Forest Whitaker, Nigel Thatch
IMDB rating: 8/10
Runtime: 55 Min

Back in the 60s, Bumpy Johnson returns to his neighborhood after 10 years of prison to find that there is a new Italian gangster in the town. Bumpy now partners with ministers and other crime bosses to get rid of this gangster Italian family and fix the poor condition of Harlem.

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6. Chapelwaite


Genre: 2021
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Director: Jason Filardi
Cast/Star: Adrien Brody, Emily Hampshire
IMDB rating: 7.2/10
Runtime: 8 Hr 36 Min

Set in the 1850s, Captain Charles Boone, along with his children, has moved to a small town back to his ancestral house after the loss of his wife to sea, thinking this will make things a little better, but things take a different turn, dark secrets that have been following his family for decades are revels to Boone, he must confront and act for the sake of his family safety now.

7. Condor


Genre: 2018 – 2020
Genre: Thriller
Director: Todd Katzberg
Cast/Star: Max Irons, Kristen Hager
IMDB rating: 7.7/10
Runtime: 1 Hr

Joe Turner, a low-level CIA Agent has found some information about an attack that can jeopardize the law system and can harm a lot of people, he must catch the clues and find who is behind all of it, the series is based on “Three Days of the Condor”

8. Belgravia


Genre: 2020
Genre: Drama, History
Director: John Alexander
Cast/Star: Philip Glenister, Tamsin Greig
IMDB rating: 7.5/10
Runtime: 1 Hr

A historical drama about the London Established upper class where the Trenchards Family had to confront their past secrets as they are being revealed at the ball on the eve of the battle of waterloo.

9. War of The Worlds


Genre: 2019
Genre: Sci-Fi
Director: Howard Overman
Cast/Star: Gabriel Byrne, Daisy Edgar-Jones
IMDB rating: 6.5/10
Runtime: 49 Min

Astronomers and scientists have received a message from the aliens, but it is not a very friendly way of communication, set in France, this series is about an apocalyptic event where some extraterrestrial body has destroyed half of the world’s population, now, the survivors must team up and sustain the world.

10. Domina


Genre: 2021
Genre: Drama, History
Director: Simon Burke
Cast/Star: Liam Cunningham, Kasia Smuthniak
IMDB rating: 7/10
Runtime: 1 Hr

Based on the ancient Roman Empire, this series is about the extraordinary life of Livia Drusilla, from her early years of naivety to becoming the wife of Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar and having her influence all over the great empire.

11. Pennyworth


Genre: 2019
Genre: Action, Drama
Director: Bruno Heller
Cast/Star: Jack Bannon, Ben Aldridge
IMDB rating: 7.9/10
Runtime: 1 Hr

This series is about the greatest butler fiction has ever seen, Alfred Pennyworth. The series shows the early life of Alfred and how he worked through, from being in the middle of a civil war in Europe to working for the billionaire Wayne family.

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12. Berlin Station


Genre: 2016 – 2019
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Director: Olen Steinhauer
Cast/Star: Leland Orser, Mina Tander
IMDB rating: 7.6/10
Runtime: 1 Hr

After a posting in Berlin, an undercover CIA agent Daniel Miller discovers the grittiness of being on the field where he has to compromise his morals, have the dirt on his hand to stay undercover, and dive deeper into the capital Berlin where he will eventually find dark truths leading back to Washington D.C.

13. Deep State


Genre: 2018 – 2019
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Director: Matthew Parkhill
Cast/Star: Joe Dempsie, Karima McAdams
IMDB rating: 7/10
Runtime: 45 Min

A retired MI6 Max Easton has decided to return for this one last job that will take him to the point of no return and have him lose everything he ever had, the last job that will leave him with nothing to go back to.

14. Get Shorty


Genre: 2017 – 2019
Genre: Comedy
Director: Davey Holmes
Cast/Star: Ray Roman, Chris O’Dowd
IMDB rating: 8.2/10
Runtime: 1 Hr

After meeting a screenwriter to collect a debt, a mobster is reminded of his long-lost dream and decides to pursue it this time. The series is about Miles Daly, a mobster who has decided to become a film producer, he accompanies a worn-out filmmaker and forwards to the journey which requires him to clean up his past acts and enter the industry.

15. Graves


Genre: 2016 – 2017
Genre: Comedy
Director: Joshua Micheal
Cast/Star: Nick Nolte, Skyler Astin
IMDB rating: 6.5/10
Runtime: 30 Min

After twenty years former president Richard Graves realized that the policies during his office time had damaged the country, so he set on the path to fixing his past mistakes, but his wife had a completely different political plan that could be compromised if Graves did what he has intended to do.

16. Perpetual Grace LTD


Genre: 2019
Genre: Comedy, Crime
Director: Bruce Terris
Cast/Star: Ben Kingsley, Jimmi Simpson
IMDB rating: 7.5/10
Runtime: 50 Min

A young Grifter plans to swindle an ordinary-looking person, but his plan fails miserably. The series is about James, a grifter who decided to swindle Byron Brown who turns out to be a dangerous man himself, having his divine plan failed now James and Byron go into a comical feud of taking turns to outplay each other and make things even more complicated than they already are.

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There is a great set of Epix TV show collections including Epix original series strategically produced by Epix for the platform, with our list of best Epix TV shows, now you can easily choose the best Epix original series and enjoy them however you want.

You watch the Epix movies and TV shows on your free trial and can cancel Epix anytime during your trial period.