EskyFun Data leak: Over 1 Million Gamers are at Risk of Hacking, Phishing and Fraud!

A team of researchers discovered a massive data breach that belongs to a popular game developer based in China. About a million gamers’ information has reportedly been exposed in this cyberattack.

According to the research conducted by VPNMentor, EskyFun – a famous Android game developer – was using a precarious server to store a huge amount of data collected from its users. However, it has been said that the recorded data was extremely sensitive and irrelevant for the company to be keeping such detailed information on its users.

Since the data was vulnerable, EskyFun has potentially put its users at the risk of hacking, fraud, and other harm from those with evil intent.

Summary of Data Breach

EskyFun Data leak 2021

Source: VPNMentor

In case you don’t know, EskyFun Entertainment Network Limited is an android game developer based in China with numerous famous games under its belt. These games range from fantasy genre to role-playing, which has collectively garnered over 1.5 million downloads worldwide.

The games that have been affected by this data leak include Metamorph M (having over 100,000 downloads), Rainbow Story: Fantasy MMORPG (over 500,000 downloads), and Dynasty Heroes: Legends of Samkok (over 1,000,00 downloads).

The research team discovered the data leak in July 2021 and immediately reported it to the game developer. However, the company initially didn’t pay any heed to this discovery. But responded soon after the team decided to take Hong Kong CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) on board.

Word of advice for Internet users

If your data has been compromised in the EskyFun leak, contact the company directly to learn about the possible measures to safeguard your data. However, for now, we recommend using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) while browsing online, as it hides your identity, and as a result, protecting your data from potential leaks and hacks.

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Data leak incidents are on the rise these days. Just recently, over 70 million AT&T users saw their private data being sold on the dark web in a massive ransomware attack. Therefore, it’s important more than ever to adopt secure, privacy-protected software while browsing online.