How Much Does ESPN Plus Cost In Canada In 2023 [A Complete Guide]

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  • Last updated: September 27, 2023
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Are you a sports person? Then I bet you know it’s quite hard to get any streaming service with unique lives sports than ESPN Plus.

The streaming subscription service is not a platform on its own but a compliment from the former ESPN. Better said, it’s an add-on to the existing ESPN, giving viewers access to on-demand videos, live games, exclusive stories, and more so, access to ESPN Insider gets the best vpn.

For those new to the streaming service, it would pay to know about ESPN Plus Costs. The burning question would be “How much does ESPN+ cost”?

If you’re sports fans and are yet to subscribe to one of the leading sports streaming services, you’re missing a lot. One best thing is that you spend less for more satisfaction of your sports appetite.

In this article, you will learn about ESPN Plus cost, what’s included, and the benefits it has for the viewers.

However, keep in mind that ESPN Plus is a geo-blocked streaming service. This means you can’t access it in Canada. However, with the help of a premium VPN, you can watch ESPN+ in Canada seamlessly on different devices like Amazon firestick, Roku & Chromecast.

With the best VPN in Canada, you can easily bypass ESPN Plus’s geo-barriers and watch your favourite sports content online easily.


How Much Does ESPN Plus Subscription Cost in Canada?

If you’re a fan of ESPN+, you’re probably wondering, “Is ESPN Plus subscription-free”? The answer is, that you need to pay for the subscription to enjoy its content, but they have pretty good deals.

Unfortunately, the streaming service is not available in Canada; you will require a reliable VPN to unblock its content. Below are two ESPN+ subscription plans offered:

  • $6.99 per month, equivalent to approximately (CAD 9.07).
  • $69.99 yearly subscription is equivalent to approximately (CAD 90.86).


If you are not satisfied, you can subscribe to the monthly plan and cancel your ESPN Plus subscription.

Does ESPN+ Come with Disney+?

One question commonly asked by sports lovers is this, “Is ESPN+ part of the Disney bundle? ESPN+ doesn’t come with Disney +. However, Disney offers a bundle that includes Disney Plus, ESPN+, and Hulu.

If looking for a way to save on your subscription, having ESPN Plus bundle is the best option. ESPN Plus has paired with Disney+ to help viewers enjoy more content at a reduced price. The Disney Plus is as follows:

Disney Plus bundle with ads is $14, equivalent to (CAD 18.1). The cheapest price is where you enjoy Disney +, ESPN+, and Hulu with ads.

If you prefer to watch Hulu without ads, then you will dig deeper into your pockets. The Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu with no ads cost $22/month, equivalent to approximately (CAD 28.57).


How Much is the ESPN+ Add-on to Hulu?

You can stream your ESPN content together with your favorite sports from Hulu with ESPN add-on with an ESPN Plus subscription cost of $6.99/month, equivalent to approximately (CAD 12.97).

Also, with ESPN plus on the Hulu app, you can access pay-per-view (PPV) events. You can also get ESPN+ on YouTube TV in Canada.

What is Included in ESPN+?

ESPN+ has live streaming to eponymous sports from the best leagues worldwide. There are games and tournaments which can be enjoyed both day and night. You also get what was previously offered by ESPN Insider.

Subscribers enjoy live games such as MLS, NFL, MLB and NHL come their seasons. In addition, there are original ESPN shows, exclusive stories such as 30 for 30 Bullies of Baltimore, and full replays of the histrionically NFL games, which can be streamed on-demand.

You can enjoy the most exciting games such as UFC’s famous match UFC: Imavov vs Gastelum, KSW 78: Materla vs Grove 2, UFC 283: Teixeira vs Hill, as well as stream ESPN+ with ease.

Can You Watch UFC Fight Night on ESPN+?

ESPN+ has live UFC events every year, such as the UFC Fight Night. The Fight Nights events are a part of your regular ESPN plus subscription at a cost of $6.99/month or (CAD 9.07).

Are all UFC PPV on ESPN+?

ESPN+ has the right to live stream all UFC events in the United States. However, the UFC PPV events can’t be accessed with the regular ESPN+ subscription. And not only so, but subscribers also have the chance to watch the prelims at every event.

And while ESPN+ has exclusive UFC PPV matches, the ESPN Plus cost for the events is $75 or CAD (97.29) for the existing subscribers.

The new ESPN subscribers are not left out; they can get the UFC PPV Package, where they enjoy the UFC PPV event with an annual ESPN subscription at an ESPN Plus cost of $99.98, equivalent to (CAD 129.69).

With the amount of UFC content and other sports stuff available on ESPN+, it would be better to have ESPN+ for a long time. This way you enjoy the value of your money.


Unlike most streaming services, there is no ESPN Plus free trial. However, ESPN plus app has good deals. With the best ESPN Plus price, you get to enjoy live games and original shows. Interestingly, there are premium written articles sold for the lowest price you will ever get from any of the live streaming services.

Yes. ESPN+ has live sports such as UFC, Soccer, Golf, Cricket, Tennis, College Basketball, and much more.

The cheapest way to stream ESPN+ is by using Sling TV. The TV service allows you to choose from two low-priced plans (The Sling Orange at $35/month or The Sling Orange+ Sling Blue Services at $50.00/month.

Yes, you don’t need cable to subscribe to ESPN+. One best way to do this is through YOUTUBE TV. It has some of the best features, such as access to Local Network Channels from its main networks such as ESPN, ESPN 2, and ESPNU. All these are included in its channel package.


Despite subscribers not enjoying a free trial from one of the best live sports streaming services, no one can deny the fact that ESPN Plus Cost is pocket friendly.

To sports lovers, it would be a disfavor to miss one of the largest sports libraries worldwide for only a few bucks a month. The best would be to opt for a yearly subscription and enjoy the variety of content to your fullest.

If you want ESPN+ in Canada, remember to have a premium VPN to allow you access to all ESPN Plus content. We recommend ExpressVPN due to its fast speed and ability to unblock geo-restrictions.