Why is ESPN+ not working with VPN in 2023 – (Easy Hacks)

Are you wondering will ESPN+ work with a VPN? Yes, if you are using a reliable VPN, you may not face issues.

ESPN+ is specifically designed for sports enthusiasts covering all sports through different media types. Not only does the platform features sports played at a higher level, but it also offers college sports and fantasy sports too. It might be very frustrating for sports fans if ESPN+ not working with a VPN in geo-restricted countries.

ESPN+ is one of its kind OTT subscription media streaming platform based in America. The service comes under the joint ownership of The Walt Disney Company and Hearst Communications.

ESPN+ can be accessed with a free trial. It has an extensive library ranging from different shows, movies, documentaries, and much more. Peyton’s Places, NFL Primetime, and A Train to Qatar are among the top shows featured on ESPN+. ESPN+ is exclusively available in the United States; therefore, if you wish to access ESPN+ in Canada, you will need a VPN, such as ExpressVPN.

Our team has used several VPNs to stream ESPN+ in Canada but found no luck in actually watching my favorite sports using the VPN. When we probe the matter of why is ESPN+ not working with a VPN, we found that there is a high possibility that ESPN blacklists the VPN you’re using. This can be interpreted as you won’t be allowed to watch live sports outside the bounds of America.

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How to Fix If ESPN+ not working with VPN? [6-Tips]

If you’re located in Canada and want to watch your favorite sports, unfortunately, you can’t watch it on ESPN+ as it is restricted outside of America. Therefore, you must connect to a reliable VPN to penetrate the system and watch ESPN+ in Canada. People often raise the issue that ESPN+ is not working with VPN. This can be due to various reasons; however, follow the quick tips below to get started.

Change and Connect to a different US server.

It is essential to understand that the VPN provides different IP addresses for different servers you choose and the systems in ESPN+ block the IP address, not the VPN itself.

Therefore, when you connect to a different server, the VPN will assign you a different IP address allowing you to enter the site. Moreover, its servers will not get caught and blacklisted if your VPN is high-quality.

Upgrade your VPN (Premium)

It is quite possible that ESPN+ has successfully restricted all the IP addresses your VPN offers. In such a situation, you have no choice but to upgrade your VPN to a premium, high-end VPN. We highly recommend you switch to ExpressVPN due to its unrivaled unblocking skills.

Check your Internet Connection.

At times, it’s not your VPN that is causing trouble, but your internet connection can be at fault too. One must check if the internet is connected and has data to support the stream. There are instances where the internet is connected, but the data is finished. In such circumstances, the stream is unable to play.

Therefore, check and fix your internet issues by reaching out to your internet provider.

Reinstall the ESPN+ App

ESPN+ is not a super-function App, and it’s similar to any other app available on the app store. Streaming too long or not streaming for quite some time can often make the app not respond. Hence, you’re unable to stream on the platform. To fix this, you can delete and reinstall the app from the app store.

Restart the device

Continuous usage often leads to lagging and unresponsiveness on devices. This can ultimately lead to disruption in VPN functioning. Try restarting your device and connecting again to your VPN.

Delete Cookies

Before we proceed to tell you how to fix the issue, we must educate you about the cookies. Cookies are tiny bits of information containing your website visits and website activity. They are not malicious, but they have the capability to store information about your location. Therefore, these cookies can inform ESPN+ about your whereabouts.

You must delete your cookies and restart ESPN+ while connected to a VPN.

FAQs – ESPN+ not working with VPN

You can spoof your location with the help of a credible VPN like ExpressVPN, which just not provides you with a new IP address based on your US location but also encrypts your internet activity with its great AES-256-bit encryption.

Yes, ESPN+ is location restricted. It is only available in the US region. This is due to the licensing laws and copyright regulations limiting the scope of broadcasting channels in different countries. This limitation can easily be penetrated through the use of a VPN connection.

You could receive a notification informing you that you are blocked owing to regional limitations if a game is blacked out. According to our tests, if you attempt to access a blacked-out live game or replay, ESPN may instead notify you that the material is unavailable or may even lock you out of your account. This can be simply bypassed using a high-grade VPN connection like ExpressVPN and choosing a US-based server.

Wrapping up!

ESPN+ is an amazing platform for people who love sports more than anything. It is a one-stop shop for all sports-related news and provides a complete range of sports media. However, it is disheartening to know that the services are limited to US-based people, which limits access to people in Canada or the rest of the world. You have to get an ESPN+ subscription for unlimited fun, and you may also cancel your ESPN+ subscription anytime you want to.

In such hard times, a VPN becomes your source of happiness, allowing you to access ESPN+ without any hassle. Through ExpressVPN, you can unblock ESPN+ everywhere, irrespective of your location.