7 Best Eurosport TV Shows To Watch in Canada – 2022 Guide!

Eurosport is one of the fastest-growing platforms to provide sports audiences with food for their eyes. This French television sports network shows various Eurosport TV shows, sports competitions, and videos.

Eurosport earned rights to broadcast Olympic Games for most of Europe, the UK, and France. Eurosport TV shows gained audience interest over time, and people now regularly watch Eurosport TV shows.

Wondering what is shown on Eurosport? You can now stream Eurosport 1 programs, and Eurosport live tennis from 54 different countries with its premium membership.

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What are the Best Eurosport TV Shows to Watch in Canada in 2022?

Confused about what are the best shows on Eurosport? No worries. We bring to you some of the best Eurosport TV shows that are mind-pleasing for sports enthusiasts.

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1. Back on Track (2022)


Release year: 2022
Genre: Sport
Star: Emma Hinz, Harrie Lavreysen and Katie Archibald.
Number of episodes: 5


Nowadays, it appears like every sport wants its docuseries, perhaps influenced by F1’s Drive To Survive. Track cycling’s ‘Back On Track’ is the most recent of these.

The series makes a lot of promises and based on the success of the first episode, it generally delivers the goods. Camera crews are allowed access to the riders in the track center and their homes. The first episode was released on 4 April 2022 on Eurosport and GCN+

2. The Ronnie O’Sullivan Show (Since 2014)


Release year: 2014
Genre: Sport – Talk show
Star: Kyren Wilson, Stuart Bingham, Judd Trump, Dennis Taylor, Jimmy White, Barry Hearn, Andy Goldstein, Ronnie O’Sullivan.
IMDb Rating: 8.9
Number of seasons: 2

Ronnie O’Sullivan is a talk show that highlights the skills and tricks O’Sullivan to become the best snooker player. He is the world champion and number one snooker player from England. O’Sullivan is a role model for snooker enthusiasts.

Snooker players from around the world love this program to learn snooker tricks. This is one of the most demanded shows to watch on Eurosport players.

3. Bigger’s Better Boxing (2010 – 2013)


Release year: 2010
Genre: Sport
Star: Stephane Cabrera, Ivica Bacurin, Niko Falin, Nicolas Wamba, Steve Smoger, Mairis Briedis, Don Turner, Klaus Hagemann, and Stephane Cabrera.
Number of seasons: 1

Bigger’s Better Boxing is a one-night heavyweight boxing tournament on Eurosport Live. It is an eight-man heavyweight boxing tournament with athletes from different fighting disciplines.

It is a simple three-round knock-out format where winners move to the next match while the losers are out of the tournament. No weight categories in this tournament can bring a fighter with a minimum weight of 82 kg against a 125 kg weight fighter. The winner of each tournament goes further ahead to become the Bigger Better King.

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4. This Week in WWE (Since 2009)


Release year: February 2009
Genre: Sport
Star: Scott Stanford, Joe Anoa’I, Hulk Hogan, Jose Alberto Rodriguez Chucuan, Stu Bennett, Alyse Zwick, and Scott Stanford.
IMDb Rating: 5
Number of seasons: 10 seasons

We all know how interesting WWE is to so many people worldwide. Alyse Ashton and Scott Stanford bring to you the best and most exciting moments from each week’s WWE.

This show provides WWE fans with the adventures of their famous stars inside and outside the ring. Alyse and Scott also provide breaking news regarding what may happen in WWE. It’s one of the most famous Eurosport TV Shows on the Eurosport 2 program.

5. WWE Vintage (Since 2008)


Release year: 2008
Genre: Sports
Director: Kevin Dunn
Star: Gene Okerlund
IMDb Rating: 6.5
Number of seasons: 1

This show is hosted by Gene Okerlund, who highlights the WWE archives from the seventies, eighties, and nineties. Special events like the royal rumble and many others are depicted, while the hard fights outside the rings are also shown.
The viewers get to see their favorite wrestlers and their special techniques again. The legends like Hulk Hogan, Undertaker, Hitman, and many others can be seen in action again.

6. IMPACT! (Since 2004)


Release year: 2004
Genre: Sport
Director: Max Bervy
Star: Bobby Roode, James Storm, Mike Tenay, Joe Seanoa, Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, and Chris Parks.
IMDb Rating: 6.3
Number of seasons or episodes: 944 episodes

TNA Impact is the new division of WWE. The athletes competing in TNA Impact are new stars. They show their skills to win the game and the people’s hearts.
With the variety of new talent, the audience watches new moves, adventures, and fights. TNA’s impact is the future of wrestling.

7. Football Italia (1992 – 2008)


Release year: 1992
Genre: Sport
Star: Kenneth Wolstenholme, Paul Ince, Gary Bloom, Paul Elliott, James Richardson, and Peter Brackley
IMDb Rating: 8.4
Number of seasons: 1

Football Italia is a weekly magazine show that analyses the performance and stats of football teams in Italian Serie A. Teams like A.C. Milan, Juventus, Inter Milan, and Roma have a very vast fan following who follow this show to stay updated.

The ups and downs of the league are discussed closely from various perspectives. This program is food for thought for football enthusiasts. It surely is one of the best shows on Eurosport.


In short, Eurosport TV shows are the most in demand by sports fans. In Canada, the audience is bounded by geo-limitation. The Canadian audience needs a VPN to access Eurosport, and ExpressVPN is the best choice to enjoy the best Eurosport TV shows.

Eurosport offers a free trial, but you are supposed to pay Eurosport price to watch sports shows after the free trial. We have picked some of the amazing shows above to give you an idea of what is shown on Eurosport.

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