Fox TV Price: Complete Guide about Fox TV Subscription Plans

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  • Last updated: September 16, 2023
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Are you curious about How much Fox TV in Canada and what does Fox Nation subscription include? We are here to help!

On Fox TV, which is now available as a separate subscription, you may watch all the positive (and negative) aspects of your favorite television programs. This article will provide you with all the details about the Fox TV price of monthly or yearly plans for your Android, PC, and iOS devices in Canada.

The Fox Corporation owns the American streaming television service Fox TV. Numerous platforms, including web browsers, Android, Roku, iOS, and others, support Fox TV live.  The Masked Singer Season 9, Daytona 500, SnowFall Season 6, Duncanville, Hell’s Kitchen, The Masked Singer, and Housebroken are some of the top Fox TV shows. Additionally, you can view 9-1-1: Lone Star.

However, it would help if you used ExpressVPN to subscribe to Fox TV in Canada, as it follows geo-restriction policies and is currently unavailable outside of the US. This article is for you if you want to learn how much Fox TV costs in Canada and what Fox now subscriptions include.


How Much is Fox TV Price in Canada?

If you upgrade to the Fox channel fee for a better experience, you can have Fox tv free trial on its basic plan. However, the Fox now subscription offers additional plans for which you must sign up to access more features and content.

Other streaming services like Hulu or Sling tv price, Tubi, YouTube TV, and Amazon Prime Video, also let you watch Fox TV without paying the Fox TV price. These platforms all have different free trials and cost options.

Three membership choices are available for the premium Fox Nation plan: monthly, yearly, or through another streaming provider that includes Fox TV. If you want to use another platform, the cost will change according to the different subscriptions or bundles offered.


1. Fox Nation Monthly Plan

You will have to pay CAD$7.93 and US$5.99 per month for a package if you choose the Fox now subscription. With the monthly plan’s 7-day free trial, you may try before you buy. Just cancel the Fox TV subscription after your free trial to avoid being added to a systematic method.

2. Fox Nation Annual Plan

Fox TV does try to give you a taste to hook you. In return for your data and a payment method, you can use it for free for seven days. The annual cost of a Fox TV subscription is CAD$86.00 and USD$ 64.99. The same content is also included in the one-year plan, but you will save one month on the standard price. Additionally, the two-year Silver Patriotic plan enables offline downloading and offers no advertisements.

3. Fox Nation 2-year Plan

The Fox Nation, “Silver Patriotic Plan” for two years enables subscribers to access offline downloads and ad-free viewing at the cost of CAD$131.01 and USD$ 99.

You may also watch the best Fox TV movies or related content on other streaming services without paying the FOX TV price, such as YouTube TV, Sling TV, Tubi, Hulu+Live TV, and Amazon Prime Video. These platforms all have different free trials and cost options.

TV Provider Subscription Cost/mo No. of Channels Free Trial
Hulu+ Live TV CAD$82.16 and USD$64.99 75 channels 7-day
Sling TV CAD$44 and US$35 48 Channels 3-days
Amazon Prime Video CAD$20.56 and US$14.99 30-days
YouTube TV CAD$89.78 and US$64.99 85+ channels 14 days

And if you’re wondering, where can I watch Fox TV for free? Tubi TV in Canada is the alternative that lets you watch Fox channel without any additional cost

What Can I Watch on FOX TV in 2023 with a VPN?

    1. Accused
    2. Daytona 500
    3. Hell’s Kitchen Season 21
    4. Name That Tune Season 3
    5. Snowfall Season 6
    6. The Masked Singer Season 9
    7. Call Me Kat Season 3
    8. Next Level Chef Season 2
    9. Resident Midseason Season 6
    10. Animal Control
    11. Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test

FAQs – Fox TV Price

FOX Nation offers a Monthly plan for US$5.99 and CAD$7.93.

Yes, the FOX app, which you may download for free on your preferred device, and the FOX News live stream, are now offered without charge by FOX.

Yes, the FOX Nation app provides access to FOX tv live content if you have a paid TV provider, and FOX News is included in your TV subscription plan.

Wrap Up!

The guide, as mentioned earlier, goes into detail about the Fox tv price and available subscription plans. As you can see, Fox Now is a free service; you only need to pay to access certain content on the app.

Fox Nation has a US$5.99/CAD$7.93 monthly and US$64.99/CAD$86.00 yearly subscription price. Another choice is the two-year plan, which costs US$99 and CAD$131.01. But you’ll need a premium VPN subscription, like ExpressVPN, to watch FOX TV outside the US!

Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, YouTube TV, and Amazon Prime Video provide Fox TV shows and movies. However, it would be best if you were currently subscribed to these services.