How Much Does Funimation Cost Outside Canada In 2022

Wondering How much Funimation cost? Funimation offers different plans which start from costs 8.27 CA$ (US$5.99) per month.

In the past years, anime has grown tremendously across the globe with some of the most famous fiction content like Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Death Note, Attack on Titan, One Piece, and more. If you consider yourself a die-hard anime fan you must be already familiar with Funimation.

Funimation is a United States-based entertainment company that is well known for streaming over 15000 episodes of anime content. In addition to it, Funimation also delivers amazing fan experiences through TV, Manga, Movies, Collectibles, Games, and now the Funimation App too.

Funimation is a region-restricted site in many parts of the world. To unblock Funimation outside Canada you will just need a good VPN like ExpressVPN that helps you unblock your restricted content.


How Much Does Funimation Cost in 2022?

Funimation cost offers you three premium Funimation subscription plans which are,

  • Basic premium
  • Premium Plus
  • Premium Plus Ultra

The platform offers a vast library of anime that you can view without being interrupted by ads with its Funimation plans. The Premium Plan, which has a two-week Funimation free trial period before it costs 8.27 CA$ (US$5.99) per month or 82.87 CA$ (US$59.99) per year, is the most affordable tier.

The Premium Plan offers two simultaneous streams, streamed directly from Japan, new episodes dubbed within two weeks of the Japan broadcast, and ad-free access to the Funimation archive.

If you want to upgrade your Funimation subscription plan, choose the 11.04 CA$ (US$7.99) per month 110.50 CA$ (US$79.99) per year Premium Plus plan, which includes everything in the lower tier but also allows for five simultaneous streams to watch Funimation shows and movies, the downloading of titles to watch them offline on iOS and Android devices, entirely separate member-only events, quick access to Funimation sales, free shipping on purchases over CAD 27.53 or $20, and members-only features.

There is also a 138.13 CA$ (US$99.99) annual Premium Plus Ultra Plan that offers everything offered by the Premium and Premium Plus plans as well as two free rentals annually, free delivery on all purchases, and a yearly anniversary gift. A 14-day Funimation free trial is offered for each package.

You can access all of the Funimation premium packages in Canada easily on the Funimation mobile application.

How Does The Funimation Cost Compare to Crunchyroll?

Compared to comparable Funimation price plans, Crunchyroll subscriptions have higher price points. The 11.4CA$/month entry-level Fan plan offers only a single stream and no download capabilities. The leading Ultimate Fan option, however, costs 0.71 CA$ and offers 6 fantastic streams in addition to 34.3CA$ off each 138.14CA$ you spend in the Crunchyroll shop every quarter.

Yes, a Crunchyroll membership will cost you more than Funimation Cost Canada. However, you also receive better value for your money. The “world’s largest anime library,” according to Crunchyroll, has over 1100 titles compared to about 700. For devoted anime lovers, it also has a selection of digital manga as well as some live-action dramas (or “dorama”).

How Does The Funimation Cost Compare to other Streaming Services?

SVOD services like Funimation are a great place for die-hard anime lovers to spend their money. However, those that have a less serious interest might wish to check out the following platforms. Each offers a good selection of anime, but also a wider selection of TV shows and motion pictures.

Let’s compare Funimation Cost Compare to Other Streaming Services


You may access Netflix in Canada with a collection of more than 6000 TV series and feature films for 12.42 CA$ each month. More than 200 of them are anime films, including the famous Neon Genesis Evangelion as well as the Netflix Originals Castlevania and Knights of Sidonia, Death Note, Attack on Titan, and Demon Slayer. Additionally, if you reside in the UK, you will get access to the renowned films produced by Studio Ghibli.


The choosy anime lover may find Hulu platform in Canada to be the ideal partner. Its 9.66 CA$ ad-supported subscription offers an enormous library of more than 4000 movies and TV series, with a remarkably high number of selections drawn from its anime center. All four seasons of Attack on Titan, Tokyo Ghoul, Dragon Ball Z Assassination Classroom, Sailor Moon, My Hero Academia, and the recently released Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba are among the titles you’ll recognize from the Funimation site. If you want some variety, you may also watch Hulu Exclusive such as Love Victor and Only Murders in the Building.


Studio Ghibli and Crunchyroll are two of the ten content centers offered by HBO Max in Canada, all of which are available with 13.81CA$ “With Ads” and 20.2 CA$ “Ad-Free” subscriptions. Every Studio Ghibli film is only available for streaming on the WarnerMedia Direct network. Numerous titles on the Crunchyroll platform have also been removed, including well-known shows like Death Note, Tokyo, Erased, Revengers, and Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress. Therefore, although having a smaller selection of anime than Funimation (less than 50 titles), it nevertheless offers shows of very top quality.

Amazon Prime

There is also a sizable selection of anime included here, including the complete Evangelion film series and Evangelion: 3.0+1.01 Thrice Upon a Time, as well as classics such as Cowboy Bebop, Akira, and Blade of the Immortal; an Amazon Original series. The cost of an Amazon Prime membership, which grants users extra benefits like free shipping and Prime Music, is 17.95 CA$. If you only want to access its vast entertainment catalog, you may pay 12.42 CA$ instead. Be warned, though, that a sizable portion of its anime selection seems to only be available as a one-time rental and not as a section of a paid Prime subscription.


Yes, you can. Funimation lets you enjoy a limited amount of anime content on 1080p for free of cost, but it comes along with ads. To unlock the no-ads feature you must be subscribed to premium Funimation subscription plans.

Yes, it is. Funimation is one of the on-demand streaming platforms that streams over 15000 hours of quality anime content. It has a vast range of anime and shows to select from and also specializes in dubbed content.

Yes, Funimation is free with Hulu. You can start watching free trials of Funimation on Hulu. Hulu presses no hidden extra cost for a Funimation subscription and if you do not like the service you can choose to cancel the Funimation subscription.


Funimation is an excellent streaming service for broadcasting anime TV shows, Movies, Manga, Games, and more all on one platform. Funimation also provides a good Funimation cost for the premium packages.

It is the hub for all anime content that goes globally and is an amazing experience for anime devotees. We hope our article on How much Funimation costs in Canada, proves helpful to you in figuring out the subscription finances.