15 Best Funimation Shows to Watch Outside Canada in 2022?

Wondering what are the best Funimation shows are available to watch Outside of Canada?

You may find the popular Funimation anime television programs to watch in 2022 on Funimation.

Funimation is a geo-restricted video-on-demand streaming channel that you can subscribe to by choosing one of Funimation’s pricing plans. Thus, if you try to watch it from a different country, it won’t let you access it because it is only available in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. However, you can use a VPN, such as ExpressVPN.

This way, you can watch Funimation outside Canada and unblock Funimation free trial to stream free shows on Funimation.


What Are The Best Funimation Shows to Watch Outside Canada in 2022?

The following are the best shows on Funimation. Let’s have a look.

1. Overlord


Release year: 2015
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Director: Naoyuki Ito
Star Cast: Joseph Quinn, Wyatt Russell, Pilou Abaek, Bokeem Woodbine, John Mogaro.
IMDb Rating: 7.7/10

Number of seasons: 4

Description: When a dystopian office worker checks onto a video game for the final time, he discovers that his guild and he have been transferred to a different reality. One of the best action anime on Funimation.

2. One Piece


Release year: 2013
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Action Manga
Director: Megumi Ishitani, Marc Jobst, Goro Taniguchi
Star Cast: Emily Rudd, Peter Gadiot, Inaki Godoy, Taz Skyler, Mackenyu.
IMDb Rating: 8.9/10

Number of episodes: 1039

Description: Monkey D. Luffy, a young man made of rubber who is the main character in the series, sets out from the East Blue Sea in search of the legendary treasure known as the One Piece to establish himself as the King of the Pirates. He is motivated by his childhood hero, the ruthless pirate Red-Haired Shanks.

3. The Devil is A Part-Timer!


Release year: 2017
Genre: Fantasy Comedy, Adventure
Director: Naoto Hosoda
Star Cast: Terri Doty, Ryota Osaka, Nao Toyama, Aaron Dismuke, Alex Moore.
IMDb Rating: 7.6/10

Number of seasons: 2

Description: The devil, who was just a few steps away from taking over the world, is stopped by a hero and ends up in contemporary Tokyo. The devil must flip burgers at a fast food restaurant to make ends meet because he has no practical abilities!

4. Classroom of The Elite


Release year: 2017
Genre: Suspense, Psychological thriller
Director: Seiji Kishi and Hiroyuki Hashimoto
Star Cast: Rina Hidaka, Akari Kito, Yurika Kubo, Shoya Chiba, Nao Toyama.
IMDb Rating: 7.7/10

Number of seasons: 2

Description: Nearly all of the Koudo Ikusei Senior High School students continue their education at a university or find a job, making it a highly regarded institution with cutting-edge facilities. There, kids can wear whichever haircut they choose and bring whatever personal items they like.

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5. Shadows House


Release year: 2021
Genre: Mystery, Gothic fiction
Director: Kazuki Ōhashi
Star Cast: Akari Kito, Yu Sasahara, Kodai Sakai, Mai Nakahara, Saori Onishi.
IMDb Rating: 7.4/10

Number of seasons: 2

Description: A young, cheery living doll joins her shadow mistress in a gorgeous mansion, but as they become closer, she learns that not everything is as it seems.

6. Love Tyrant


Release year: 2017
Genre: Romantic comedy, Harem
Director: Atsushi Nigorikawa
Star Cast: Kensho Ono, Eri Kitamura, Sonny Strait, Kyle Phillips, Sayaka Ohara.
IMDb Rating: 6.3/10

Number of episodes: 12

Description: The show centers on Seiji Aino; a high school student stuck in a polyamorous relationship with four women: the obnoxious angel cupid Guri, the violently obsessive Akane Hiyama, the quiet but fiercely protective Yuzu Kichougasaki, and the sadistic psychopath Shikimi Shiramine.

7. My Senpai is Annoying


Release year: 2021
Genre: Romantic comedy
Director: Ryota Itoh
Star Cast: Risa Mei, Yui Horie, Aoi Koga, Reina Aoyama, Akio Otsuka.
IMDb Rating: 7.4/10

Number of episodes: 12

Description: Igarashi is a diligent young office employee. She is regularly annoyed by Takeda, the senpai above her at work, although she notices a growing attraction between them. As Igarashi juggles work, life, and love, every day is full of comedic mistakes and swoon-worthy moments.

8. Gravitation


Release year: 2000
Genre: Comedy
Director: Bob Shirohata
Star Cast: Yasunori, Tomokazu Seki, Ai Orikas, Rie Tanaka, Hiromi Tsuru.
IMDb Rating: 7.2/10

Number of seasons: 2

Description: The plot centers on the careers, love lives, and pasts of two characters: Shuichi Shindou, a 19-year-old vocalist striving to break into the music business, and Eiri Yuki, a young, icy, and chilly romance novelist.

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9. Sound of The Sky


Release year: 2010
Genre: Science fiction, Comedy, Adventure
Director: Mamoru Kanbe
Star Cast: Aoi Yuki, Kana Ueda, Eri Kitamura, Aya Endo, Kentaro Tone.
IMDb Rating: 7/10

Number of episodes: 14

Description: The main character of Sound of the Sky is a young girl named Kanata Sorami, who is motivated to enlist in the military after hearing a mysterious Helvetian Army trumpeter play “Amazing Grace.”

10. Ensemble Stars


Release year: 2022
Genre: Life simulation
Director: Yasufumi Soejima and Masakazu Hishida
Star Cast: Yuki Kaji, Justin Briner, Emily Fajardo, Nazeeh Tarsha, Wataru Komada.
IMDb Rating: 6.9/10

Number of episodes: 24

Description: Ensemble Stars was divided into two games: Music, a brand-new rhythm game, and Basic, which centered on card collection. The Ensemble Stars story is told in both Basic and Music, but at their foundation, both games revolve around a group of gifted but oddball guys competing to become idols.

11. Afro Samurai


Release year: 2007
Genre: sci-fi
Director: Fuminori Kizaki
Star Cast: Lucy Liu, RZA, Jeff Bennett, Phil LaMarr, Kelly Hu.
IMDb Rating: 7.6/10

Number of seasons: 1

Description: In a futuristic, medieval Japan, a Black samurai sets out on a journey to get revenge for his father’s unjust death. In a dystopian feudal Japan, a Black samurai sets out on a journey to exact revenge for his father’s unjust death.

12. BlazeBlue: After Memory


Release year: 2008
Genre: Fighting
Director: Toshimichi Mori
Star Cast: Lauren Landa, Doug Erholtz, Doug Stone, Christina Vee, Steve Kramer.
IMDb Rating: 7.4/10

Number of episodes: 12

Description: After a string of horrific magic battles ends in the year 2199, humanity joyfully awaits the start of the new century. A ragtag band of fighters gets together to stop the most wanted man in the world, Ragna the Bloodedge, better known as the Grim Reaper, from attempting to destroy society.

13. Dragon Goes House-Hunting


Release year: 2021
Genre: Fantasy
Director: Haruki Kasugamori
Star Cast: Jad Saxton, Steven Kelly, Daman Mills, Dawn M. Bennett, Ikumi Hasegawa.
IMDb Rating: 6/10

Number of episodes: 12

Description: A dragon is expelled from his family after he falls short of terrifying expectations. He sets out on a search for a new home but quickly realizes that the road is not the place for a cowardly beast of legend.

14. Puzzle & Dragons X


Release year: 2016
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure
Director: Hajime Kamegaki
Star Cast: Josh Grelle, Alexis Tipton, Apphia Yu, Jad Saxton, Justin Briner.
IMDb Rating: 7.3/10

Number of episodes: 89

Description: The boy Ace is the main character of the show. The young boy’s objective changed after encountering an influential dragon caller; it was now to win the right to defend the defenseless from the world’s dangers.

15. Dragonar Academy


Release year: 2014
Genre: Harem, Fantasy, Romantic comedy
Director: Shunsuke Tada Tomoyuki Kurokawa
Star Cast: Kouji Takahashi, Aaron Dismuke, Mariya Ise, Chris Guerrero, Lara Woodhull.
IMDb Rating: 6.6/10

Number of episodes: 12

Description: Most students at Ansarivan Dragonar Academy find it easy to learn how to ride and tame dragons, but Ash Blake, a first-year student, known by his classmates as the “problem child,” finds it challenging. Despite his exceptionally huge star brand, his dragon has never materialized, which identifies him as a potential dragon master.

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Apart from above listed best Funimation shows, there are a bunch of great shows to binge on because there are so many good anime that we didn’t want to bog down the Funimation anime list with the material you already know you should at least try. Every season, the service Funimation releases new anime in English dubs, episode by episode. Additionally, some other VPNs can cooperate reasonably with Funimation.

You may wish to cancel your Funimation subscription for various reasons. There is no need to worry because there are various ways to do it.

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