How to Install & Watch Hotstar on Roku in Canada [Updated Guide]

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  • Last updated: September 11, 2023
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Is Hotstar available on Roku? Yes! Simply visit Roku Channel Store and get Hotstar on Roku.

For a Bollywood fan, Hotstar is a must-have streaming service as it has a lot more than one would expect. With top Bollywood movies offered, users often prefer Hotstar on Roku so that everyone can enjoy a good show like Super Junior: The Last Man Standing and The Last of Us on the best screen. Not just that, all the thrilling sports matches like India vs Pakistan ICC Women’s T20 WC 2023 match are also telecasted on Hotstar.

You can watch Hotstar on Roku, but the only problem is that you cannot access the complete Indian library in Canada since the service is region restricted. To watch Disney+ Hotstar in Canada you must have a premium VPN like ExpressVPN that unblocks Hotstar for you in Canada.


How to Install Hotstar on Roku? [Easy Steps]

To install and watch Hotstar on Roku you can simply get the Hotstar app from the Roku channel store in a few steps as followed.

  • Connect to one of the reliable VPNs such as ExpressVPN
  • Go to Ruko’s home page
  • Locate the “Streaming Channels” option in the left panel and select it
  • Select “Search Channels
  • Search for Hotstar using the on-screen keyboard.
  • Select the Hotstar App from the list
  • Enjoy the Hotstar App on Roku

NOTE: Before you move to installation, remember that Hotstar is a premium service. It means that you must either have a Hotstar free trial or be willing to pay a Hotstar subscription cost to stream Hotstar on Roku and have access to the complete Hotstar library.

How to Activate Hotstar on Roku?

To stream all the best movies on Hotstar you need to activate and connect the Hotstar App to your Roku TV. After the installation is complete follow these steps.

  • Go to the Hotstar channel after the installation
  • Go to “My Account” and you will see an activation code
  • Note the activation code
  • Go to Hotstar account activation URL on another device
  • Log into your Hotstar account using your account credentials
  • Enter the activation code
  • This will verify your account and activate Hotstar on Roku

If Hotstar is not Working on Roku how to fix it?

Users complain about the issue that Hotstar is not working on Roku, there are multiple reasons that cause this problem. The most common reason for this problem is Hotstar might not be working with your VPN. When Canadian users use poor VPN to access Hotstar libraries they face this kind of issue.

Other reasons that cause this problem are, App crashing due to cache overload, network errors, and also app update errors. You can fix this problem easily using one of the given methods.

  • Upgrade your VPN to a Premium VPN like ExpressVPN
  • Clear Cache
  • Check your internet connection
  • Upgrade the app to the latest version
  • Reinstall Hotstar on Roku
  • Restart Device

Tip: If no method works for you try connecting with the Hotstar support team and explain your issue to them, this could be an error from their end.

Which Other Devices are Compatible with Hotstar?

Hotstar is owned by Disney, which is one of the most giant studios in the industry with users of multiple different devices. That is why they have made a compatible app for a number of devices to enhance their user’s compatibility and give them what they want.

You can watch the Hotstar shows on the following devices;

  1. Chromecast
  2. Linux
  3. IOS
  4. Android
  5. Firestick
  6. iPad
  7. Windows
  8. Apple TV
  9. Kodi

FAQs – Hotstar on Roku

Disney plus Hotstar is easily available on the Roku channel store, the process is the same as adding any other channel on Roku. Go to the channel store on your Roku device and search for Disney plus Hotstar, once you locate the channel simply add it through the “Add Channel” button next to it.

Roku has got a number of Indian channels other than Hotstar that have Bollywood Movies, Indian shoes, Indian reality TV, and even Indian live events. Some of the most famous channel after Hotstar is, “Bollywood Free Movies”. On Bollywood Free Movies you can find a good variety of old and new Bollywood movies including famous titles too.

To watch Hotstar on Roku you have an alternative method of screen mirroring Hotstar from your android device onto your Roku device. Make sure both of the devices are connected on the same Wifi or internet connection when using this method to watch Hotstar on Roku.

  • Connect to the VPN on your Android device
  • Download and Install the Hotstar app on your Android
  • Launch the app and log into your Hotstar account
  • Go to the notification bar and tap on the “Cast” option
  • Select the Roku device from the devices list
  • Enjoy Hotstar on Roku

Wrap Up!

Everyone likes to enjoy the highly extended library of Hotstar on a big screen which leads to getting Hotstar on Roku.

The process of getting Hotstar on Roku is simple and the same as getting any other channel on Roku, that is through Roku’s channel store.

Do remember that Hotstar is not available in Canada and to unblock Hotstar on Roku from Canada you must have a reliable VPN for Hotstar like ExpressVPN. Following this guide, you can easily get Hotstar on Roku and enjoy all your favorite content.