How much does Disney plus Hotstar Price in Canada 2023?

Are you interested to know,How much does Hotstar price cost?” We’re here to provide complete information about Disney + Hotstar price, deals, and features.

Disney Plus Hotstar is one of the most widely used streaming services. Its extensive library, includes Disney films like Pixar and Marvel’s Eternal, as well as a variety of other films and television shows like Super Junior: The Last Man Standing, and The Last of Us.

Disney+ Hotstar does not only limit itself to shows and movies but there are a variety of other live games, including F1, the Premier League, and the most anticipated series between 2 neighbors India vs Sri Lanka Series 2023, which have exclusive digital rights that are only available on Disney Plus Hotstar.

Hotstar is unavailable outside India in many countries, and you need a VPN to overcome geo-restriction, but you can enjoy Disney + Hotstar in Canada without a VPN as it is available in Canada.

A frequently asked question is about Disney plus Hotstar price in Canada. Read on to learn everything you need to know about Disney Plus Hotstar price if you’re considering signing up for one.


How Much Does Disney + Hotstar Price in Canada?

Here is an overview of the Hotstar plans and their prices. You can select the plan according to your convenience and affordability after reviewing the Hotstar price.

Plans Price
Disney+ Hotstar Super  CA$14.56/year or US$11.33
Disney+ Hotstar Premium (Monthly) CA$4.86 or US$3.77
Disney+ Hotstar Premium (Annual) CA$24.33/year US$18.89

What are the different Disney+ Hotstar Subscription Deals & Features?

Different Disney+ Hotstar Subscription Deals & Features include Premium Monthly plan, Super Plan, and Premium Yearly plan. A brief overview of these deals and features is as follows;

What is Disney+ Hotstar super plan?

The cost of Disney+ Hotstar Super subscription deal is US$11.33 or CA$14.56/year. The features of this deal are as follow

  • You can watch all content, including Disney + Hotstar TV shows, movies, specials, and live sports.
  • You can enjoy Ad-supported content on 2 devices with a single subscription
  • It provides Full HD 1080p resolution
  • Every gadget, including computers, smart TVs, and smartphones, is compatible with Hotstar subscription.
  • The plan’s content library and resolution are maintained.

What is Disney+ Hotstar Premium Monthly plan?

You must subscribe to a Premium membership if you want a top-tier plan with access to more devices and 4K resolution. Disney+ Hotstar Premium Monthly costs you US$3.77 or CA$4.86. The features of this deal are as follows;

  • You can enjoy an extensive list of Premium movies and TV series
  • Along with the whole collection of Premium Hotstar movies and TV series, this package offers ad-free content.
  • All smartphones, computers, and smart TVs are compatible with this subscription plan.
  • You can stream on 4 devices simultaneously with this plan
  • Users can stream 4K (2160p) resolution material.

What is Disney+ Hotstar Premium yearly plan?

Disney+ Hotstar price for the Premium yearly plan is only US$18.89 or CA$24.33/year. The best features of this deal are as follows;

  • It is the most cost-effective deal of is Disney+ Hotstar membership plan
  • You can access the whole library of Premium movies and TV series
  • Users can enjoy ad-free content
  • It is compatible with all devices, including smartphones, computers, and smart TVs
  • Like the premium monthly plan, you can stream 4K (2160p) resolution content.

Disney+ Hotstar price in Canada varies according to the deal you select.

How Much Is the Disney plus Hotstar bundle in Canada?

The packages available through Disney+ Hotstar in Canada are listed below:

Hotstar Price with Disney Bundle

The Hotstar Price in Canada with the Disney package varies depending on the plan you have selected. Both the Disney Bundle with Hulu Ad-Supported and the Disney Bundle with Hulu Ads-Free have monthly rates of CA$18.01 (US$13.99) and CA$25.74 (US$19.99), respectively. Additionally, a Disney Plus annual subscription is available for CA$103 (US$79.99).

Disney+ Hotstar Bundle With ESPN

You can pay for and use ESPN Plus in two different ways. You may sign up and watch ESPN+ in Canada every month for CA$9 (US$6.99) or annually for CA$90.12 (US$69.99), with a 15% discount on the overall price. Another option is to get the Disney Plus package, which offers Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ for a reduced monthly cost of CA$18.01 (US$13.99).

Disney+ Hotstar Bundle With Hulu

Hulu is available for CA$18.02 (US$13.99)/mo (With Ads), CA$25.74 (US$19.99)/mo (No-Ads), and CA$94 (US$72.99)/mo to get (Entire Hulu Plan), which also includes access to Live TV, Disney+ Hotstar, and ESPN+.

Before subscribing to the service, you can subscribe to the Hotstar free trial. This only applies, of course, if you’re a new subscriber.

Is Hotstar premium worth in Canada?

Yes, if you enjoy serials, it is excellent because VIP members can view the upcoming evening serial in the morning. A Premium subscription is a wise choice if you like reading English-language content. Disney plus Hotstar Subscription cost regarding the content is perfect.

The content on Disney Plus Hotstar is generally excellent, and Hotstar price is comparatively lower than many others.

Faq’s -Disney plus Hotstar Price

You can watch Disney Plus Hotstar on two devices at once when you have a membership account. Your device limit is probably reached if you get the error message “You are attempting to get videos from more than two devices.

Yes, you can pay the difference to upgrade from Hotstar VIP to Hotstar Premium Annual. On versions of the supported app, you can do this from My Account.

Whether You have used the Subscription or the Add-on, the Subscription Fees and/or the Add-on Fees charged are non-refundable. So before making a choice, you must be clear that Disney+ Hotstar subscription cost is non-refundable.


For streaming Indian material, Hotstar is a great option. The Hotstar price in Canada, how to combine it with Disney+, and how to use a VPN to acquire it for a significantly lower price have all been thoroughly covered in this post.

You may geo-locate to India with the aid of a VPN at no additional cost, and it also secures your internet connection. You may also watch Hotstar on Roku, Kodi, Samsung TV, Firestick, Chromecast and many other devices.

To acquire the greatest Hotstar Canada pricing and take advantage of the amazing savings, simply follow these instructions. For a seamless experience, make sure your internet connection is dependable and quick. Happy streaming!