How Much Does Eurosport Cost in Canada? [2022 Guide]

If you are wondering, “how much does Eurosport cost in Canada?” then read on.

The membership service you select will determine the cost of your Eurosport subscription in Canada. Several sporting events are available on Eurosport, including the Grand Slams, Snooker, the Grand Tours, Winter Sports, and numerous football and rugby matches.

If you’re a true sports lover, you should sign up for an account and purchase a subscription to Eurosport. The membership service you select will determine the cost of your Eurosport subscription. Depending on your subscription, you can access a range of live-streaming choices, replays, and highlights. Furthermore, the 30-day free trial of Eurosport includes access to all Eurosport channels and sports on demand. However, you are always free to end your subscription to Eurosport if you decide you no longer desire this network.

Sadly, you can only use Eurosport Player from European countries owing to geo-restrictions which means that utilizing a VPN is the only way Canadians can access Eurosport Player. In addition to France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, and Poland, Eurosport is accessible in all of Europe.

A reliable VPN like ExpressVPN is needed to unblock and stream Eurosport in Canada through an American VPN server. Let’s start by responding to the following query: How much does Eurosport cost?


How Much Does Eurosport Cost in Canada?

Depending on the plan you choose, Eurosport subscription costs vary in Canada. To answer your query of how much does Eurosport cost, we have listed all Eurosport pricing plans here;

The five price tiers offered by Eurosport are:

Sports fans typically buy monthly and annual passes, but the day, event, and season passes are increasingly frequent because they give access to more content. Any of the first three passes can be purchased if you only want to watch a specific season or event.

Note: Remember that not all passes are typically accessible. Some are only accessible on certain occasions.

How Much Does Eurosport Cost With a Day Pass?

You can watch your live and on-demand sporting events on the platform for a full day with the Eurosport Day Pass. It does not automatically renew. Additionally, the number of Eurosport shows you can watch with a one-day pass has no maximum.

How Much Does Eurosport Cost With an Event Pass?

A Eurosport event pass can be used to enter a single athletic event, such as a motor racing exhibition. Eurosport is an excellent alternative if you watch specific sporting events.

Similar to Day Pass, it does not automatically renew. It allows you to watch the programs for the time specified when you purchase.

How Much Does Eurosport Cost With a Season Pass?

You can watch one or more sports or tournaments throughout the specific season if you purchase a Eurosport Pass. The Eurosport pass includes access to both live and on-demand broadcasts of a particular league.

It implies that using a season pass will allow you to avoid buying daily passes, and you could instead purchase a season pass.

How Much Does Eurosport Cost With a Monthly Pass?

If you love watching various athletic events and consider yourself a sports enthusiast, purchase a monthly pass. You have the choice to watch exciting events anytime and wherever you want, and CAD 10.33 is the monthly fee for a pass. It offers all of Eurosport Player’s live TV and on-demand content.

The minimum period of this pass is one month, and it renews itself automatically. If you don’t want it renewed, you must cancel before the following auto-renewal date.

How Much Does Eurosport Cost With an Annual pass?

A Eurosport annual pass is something you should buy if you enjoy sports. Pay a one-time fee or regular monthly payments to get a yearly pass. You can save money by purchasing a biannual pass instead of a monthly one. In Canada, the yearly pass for Eurosport annual pass price is CAD 59.09, and you can purchase it through Amazon or Eurosport Player.

This pass offers you access to all of Eurosport’s live and on-demand content for an entire year. Also, an annual pass that you purchase automatically renews each year. You can cancel your Eurosport subscription on the website if you want to stop using it.


You can access Eurosport Player from a browser, a smart TV, a mobile device, Airplay, and Chromecast. On the platform, there is only access to the Eurosport streaming services. In contrast, Eurosport provides free access to all of the life and recorded news, article, score, podcast, and event highlights broadcast on its channels.

Yes, Sky Sports offers the ability to watch the Eurosport app. The entry-level bundles come with 1 and 2 channels. You will have to pay an additional £25 per month for Sky Sports on top of your Sky Signature bundle, which starts at £26.

Canada accepts payments for Eurosport through PayPal, Visa, American Express, and Mastercard debit and credit cards. You can also sign into your accounts with the Apple Store or Google Play to manage your payments. Whether you wish to purchase the Eurosport player subscription offer 2022 or other plans, you can do so using these methods.


We sincerely hope this brief guide can provide you with an accurate understanding of how much does Eurosport cost. You can sign up for a Eurosport free trial, enjoy their content and then pay for the subscription price.

If you require assistance or have any inquiries regarding this matter, don’t be reluctant to get in touch with customer service.