How Much is Paramount Plus Price? (Updated 2023)

How much is Paramount Plus subscription fees as compared to other mainstream streaming services?

I don’t want to be disrespectful to cable companies, but cutting the cable would be the best thing you’ve ever done, as you will enjoy entertainment like never before. You will break free from cable and watch what you want at any time.

One of the streaming platforms many have opted for is Paramount Plus. It’s among the most affordable streaming platforms available. It is available in Canada; however, access to the US content library is restricted in specific international regions. To overcome these limitations and gain entry to US Paramount Plus in Canada, the use of a premium VPN, such as ExpressVPN, is imperative.

Now users may have a query: “How much is Paramount Plus?” Because many who decide to cut the cable say the reason behind it is because it’s expensive? To answer that question, let’s first know how much Paramount Plus is in one of the countries where Paramount Plus is available, Canada.


How much is Paramount Plus in Canada?

Are you looking to cut the cable and opt for Paramount Plus, but you hesitate because you don’t know how much is Paramount Plus Canada? Then don’t worry, for we will share the price of Paramount Plus in Canada with you.

There are two Paramount Plus plans available, namely Essential and Premium.

Paramount+ Essential Plan

You will have access to thousands of movies and episodes on the Paramount Plus library with the essential plan. If you happen to be a fan of the NFL, then don’t miss its season for NFL games will be available on CBS live. You will also watch Champions League football live when you subscribe to the essential plan of 4.99 USD/month (6.38 CAD/month).

An annual subscription is 49.99 USD/year (64.11 CAD/year), which is 4.17 USD/month (5.34 CAD/month).

Paramount+ Premium Plan

The Premium Plan consists of everything available on the “Essential Plan” but now with a large content library. Here you will also be spoilt for choice as you will have a lot of shows and movies to choose from in the vast library. In addition, you will have access to more live sports events like PSG vs Bayern Munich, Barcelona vs Manchester United and 24/7 live news with CBS live.

With the premium plan, you have the option to download your favorite shows and movies to watch later when you are offline.

The premium plan is available for 9.99 USD/month (12.79 CAD/month).

A one-year subscription is 99.99 USD/year (128.24 CAD/year ) which is 8.33 USD/month (10.65 CAD/month).

Note that the two plans, Essential, and Premium, consist of a one-week trial available for new subscribers.

Price and Discounts for Paramount Plus

With the annual plan, you can save a lot for the annual price is 49.99 USD (64.11 CAD) for Essential and 99.99 USD (128.24 CAD) for the Premium plan.

There is also an ad-free plan but only available for the Premium plan for Essential consists of limited ads. So, if you don’t want to be interrupted by ads, you should opt for the premium plan. Both plans come with a Paramount Plus free trial of 7-days, allowing you to test it before subscribing.

You can change or cancel your plans anytime. You can also save by bundling Paramount Plus and Showtime, which would save you almost 6 USD (7.69 CAD) for the Essential package and 10 USD (12.82 CAD) for the Premium package.

Paramount Plus Pricing Comparison to Other Streaming Services

As we mentioned earlier, the number one reason there are many cord-cutters is that cable TV isn’t cheap. And if you happen to be on a budget, that will mean cutting the cable and looking for other cable alternatives.

So, if you are in Canada and want a Paramount plus Canada subscription, you should compare the prices first to see which streaming platform is pocket-friendly.

Below is a comparison of Paramount Plus price and other major streaming platforms.

The Prices Paramount Plus Compared to Amazon Prime Video

The competition for the best streaming platforms is heating up, and as a result, they have become popular worldwide. Providing you with options when it comes to choosing your preferred streaming platform.

The first thing cord-cutters look at is the price offered by the streaming platform and compare it with another to see which one has a good deal. So how are Amazon Prime Video prices Compared with Paramount plus price?

You can get an Amazon Prime subscription for 12.99 USD/month (16.62 CAD/month), and 6.61 USD/month (8.46 CAD/month) Paramount plus Canada price. And also offers 6.49 USD for Amazon Prime subscription for students, which is 8.30 CAD.

Paramount Plus consists of 3 plans available, and you can subscribe to Paramount plus for 4.99 USD/month (6.38 CAD). However, you will be charged after the Paramount Plus trial period of 7-days ends.

Students can enjoy watching CBS sports like the AFC Championship Game and NFL, among others, at a 25% off for an Essential plan.

What is the Cost of Paramount + Compared with Apple TV Plus?

Watch the entire season of entertaining shows like 66th Annual Grammy Awards 2024, Teen Wolf The Movie, Wolf Pack series, Lingo Season 1, Roar, for all Mankind, and Truth be Told, among others, on Apple TV Plus for just 4.99 USD/month (6.38 CAD/month). If you are in Canada and want to subscribe to Apple TV Plus, you will have to pay the monthly price of 4.99 USD, which is 6.38 CAD. The price is the same as for Paramount +

You will get an Apple TV Plus free trial of 7 days and 3 months free if you buy an eligible Apple device.

Apple TV is completely ad-free except for the promotion of content. So you will enjoy watching shows like Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 without any commercial interruptions.

Paramount Plus premium Package is available for 9.99 USD/month (12.79 CAD/month), and the plan is ad-free and requires a CBS connection. It consists of titles available for 4K streaming.

What is the Price of Paramount Plus Compared to Netflix?

Netflix is considered the best streaming platform available due to its availability and a vast library. It is available in many countries around the world and consists of a good content library.

It consists of three plans with different prices to meet your needs. The basic plan is available for 9.99 USD/ month (12.79 CAD/month), 15. 49 USD/month (19.82 CAD/month) for the standard plan and 19.99 USD/month (25.58 CAD/month) for the premium plan.

Netflix’s basic plan is the price of the Paramount Plus Premium plan. With 9.99 USD/month (12.79 CAD/month), you can get the Paramount Plus Premium plan in Canada. Or opt for the Paramount Essential plan, which is available for 6.38 CAD.

What are the Deals of Paramount Plus Compared to HBO Max?

HBO Max in Canada Network is among the best streaming platforms in the world, consisting of a large content library filled with entertaining HBO originals such as Deadwood, Moonshot, and the Peacemaker.

HBO Max costs 14.99 USD/month (19.18 CAD/month) and doesn’t offer free trials. But they announced deals of coupons and promo codes, and purchasing any of these deals means you can have 4-months of unlimited HBO content free of charge.

Paramount Plus has combined with American Showtime to have a good deal for their subscribers as Paramount Plus subscribers can now access showtime within the Paramount plus app. This summer, the all-in-one bundle will be available for just a 12 USD/month (15.36 CAD/month) subscription consisting of ads and 15 USD (19.19 CAD) without ads.

What is the Cost of Paramount Plus Compared to Disney?

Disney Plus Canada is one of the best streaming platforms available. With Disney, you will get new releases of shows and movies, Classics, Disney Originals, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, and Nat Geo.

Disney Plus is available for 7.99 USD/month (10.22 CAD/month) in the USA. The Annual subscription for Disney Plus is 79.99 USD (102.36 CAD), saving you 20%.

For Paramount Plus Essential plan is 4.99 USD/month (6.38 CAD/month), but the Premium plan is 9.99 USD/month (12.79 CAD/month).

FAQs: How much is Paramount Plus

With Paramount Plus, you can stream more than 30,000 episodes and movies from CBS, Comedy Central, live sports, MTV, Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon, BET, and breaking news.

Paramount Plus monthly subscription is 4.99 USD/month (6.38 CAD/month) for the Essential plan and 9.99 USD/month (12.79 CAD/month) for the premium plan.

Paramount Premium is a subscription plan that is ad-free and allows you to stream local live CBS. Paramount premium is 9.99 USD/month (12.79 CAD/month). The annual subscription is 99.99 USD/year (128.24 CAD/year), which is $8.33/month (10.65 CAD/month).

Paramount Plus on Amazon Prime is 4.99 USD/month (6.39 CAD/month) for the Essential plan and 9.99 USD/month (12.79 CAD/month) for the premium plan.

Is Paramount Plus worth it? Yes, you won’t be interrupted by commercials when streaming your favorite show on Paramount Plus. In addition, plus has the option to download movies and shows that you can when you are offline.


If you were wondering how much is Paramount plus, now you know. Not only are you aware of how much Paramount plus costs but also about its price when compared with other major OTT streaming services.

Paramount Plus is a good streaming service consisting of excellent shows and channels that will bring live sports events, news, and much more. Unfortunately, Paramount Plus is not available in most parts of the world, so if you happen to be in a region where Paramount Plus isn’t available, feel free to use a VPN service like ExpressVPN.