Kape Technologies buys ExpressVPN as part of a $936 million deal

ExpressVPN, one of the industry’s leading Virtual Private Networks in CA, has been sold to Kape Technologies for a whopping $936 million deal announced on Tuesday.

Kape Technologies, a British-Israeli digital security provider company, said that the takeover expands its customer base to over 6 billion – almost double its existing customer base of 3 million customers. The purchase of ExpressVPN is Kape’s latest maneuver to clean up its past reputation as a former adware distributor Crossrider.

However, ExpressVPN announced that it would remain an independent product from Kape’s other services and continue to sustain its policy of not logging user online traffic. In addition, the company also promised to maintain and improve its services such as “award-winning speed and reliability, premium global server network and bandwidth, 24/7 chat support, BVI jurisdiction, a policy of not recording or collecting consumer’s online data.”

“The ExpressVPN team is delighted to be joining the Kape Technologies family. It was essential to us that anyone we teamed up with shared our strong fundamental commitment to user privacy, and Kape has demonstrated that in spades through its family of brands,” said Dan Pomerantz, co-founder of ExpressVPN.

While commenting on the acquisition, CEO of Kape Technologies Ido Erilchman said, “Controlling one’s digital presence is at the forefront of every tech consumer’s mind now, and Kape is more committed than ever to innovating and delivering the tools internet users need to protect their data and rights.”

ExpressVPN has recorded a compound annual growth rate of 35.1% over the last four years amid rising demand for online privacy and security-providing products. People turn to premium VPN services such as ExpressVPN to hide their online identity and access geo-restricted websites. To learn more about the use of ExpressVPN, click this article.