How Much Does Kayo Subscription Cost in 2023 (Complete Guide)

If you enjoy watching sports, you know how pricey they can be. So it’s tough to overlook Kayo when watching sports on the big screen. This blog will guide you about Kayo Subscription Cost and much more!

No matter which team you support or whatever league they compete in, Kayo, a relative newcomer to the Australian streaming and entertainment market, has swiftly established itself as one of the top services for local sports lovers.

You can stop stressing about it if you  subscribe to Kayo in Canada. Kayo sports subscription cost in Canada is what you are looking for. With a Kayo subscription, you can watch dozens of high-definition athletic events from across the globe, including Australia vs India Series 2023, NHL, MLB, and more.

Unfortunately, Kayo Sports is only available in Australia. So you can’t use Kayo Sports in Canada unless you use a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN to access its exclusive content, including Kayo Sports broadcasts.

If you’re considering purchasing a Kayo subscription, keep reading to learn everything there is to know about Kayo Sports and kayo Price.


How Much Does Kayo Subscription Cost in Canada?

A commonly asked query is, “how much does kayo cost?” Luckily, you’ve come to the perfect site if you’re interested in learning how much Kayo Sports costs in Canada or what kinds of memberships are available. Kayo Subscription Cost in Canada varies according to the package you select.

Kayo Sports One costs $25/month CAD 22.76/mo, while the Basic plan costs $27.50/mo CAD 25.04/mo. Kayo Sports Premium subscription costs $35/mo CAD 31.87/mo in Canada.

What are the Different Packages of Kayo Subscription?

There are different packages of Kayo Subscription. You can select one of the following Kayo pricing plans as of 2023:

  • Freemium Kayo
  • Kayo Sports One
  • Kayo Basic
  • Kayo Premium
Packages Cost Features
Kayo Sports One $25/month or CAD22.76 per month Watch on 1 device, watch live BBL, Ashes, NBA, No Lock-in Contract
Kayo Basic $27.50/month or CAD25.04 per month Watch on 2 devices, watch live BBL, Ashes, NBA, No Lock-in Contract
Kayo Premium $35/month or CAD31.87 per month Watch on 3 devices, watch live BBL, Ashes, NBA, No Lock-in Contract.

You can compare the packages with Stan cost plans or ESPN subscription plans to find out why and which one is better. Below is a brief description of kayo cost per month according to these packages and what they have to offer;

Kayo Freemium

The free-to-use Freemium tier of the Kayo subscription service has several limitations. First, this is not a free trial. Yet, free access to various live sports, replays, entertainment events, and documentaries is offered by the freemium Kayo membership service, known as Kayo Freebies. There aren’t many options, but you can access all of Kayo’s streaming videos.

Kayo Sports One

The best feature of Kayo Sports One is that, as long as a customer is located in Australia, they can access any sports material at any time.
In Canada, for CAD 22.76 per month, you may get a subscription that offers premium sports material as well as live and on-demand viewing. Only one channel can be streamed once at a time; however, it is available in HD on all compatible devices.

Kayo Sports Basic

The next option is the basic plan, which costs CAD 25.04 per month and lets you watch on two devices simultaneously. On the other hand, paying for your Kayo subscription through Apple TV would run you CAD 25.49 each month.

As long as you are in Canada, this bundle also grants you unrestricted HD access to all sports content on all compatible devices.

Kayo Sports Premium

You can also choose the Kayo Sports Premium subscription, which costs CAD 31.87 a month and offers the same benefits as the first two Kayo subscriptions but allows you to stream content to three devices simultaneously.

The best part is that all of the aforementioned Kayo subscriptions allow you to test the platform out for 14 days without charge, so you can decide whether a monthly or basic subscription works best for you.

The number of simultaneous streams you can access is the only variation between both paying programs. Otherwise, although offering varying amounts of content, allowing access to the same number of sports, and being compatible with the same range of devices, including iOS devices, all the plans stream in the same quality.

How Can I Get Kayo Subscription in Canada At Cheaper Price?

If you’re trying to figure out how much Kayo costs and the Kayo sports pricing in Canada isn’t quite what you’re looking for, you might be asking how to acquire a Kayo monthly subscription or Kayo basic subscription for less money.

Fortunately for you, we are here to assist you in selecting Kayo Subscription! To begin with, use the coupon code “LAUNCH” while checking out on the Kayo website if you don’t want to pay the Kayo sports fee in Canada and would rather take advantage of a free trial.

Visit this website to start streaming if you want to find more thrilling offers and promotions like this one! and don’t forget to know about the top VPN for Kayo Sports!

What Content do We Get After Kayo Subscription?

Kayo is a fan’s dream, with many sports available for fast streaming, including freebies.

Leading sports programmers, such as beIN SPORTS Canada, and Fox Sports are important partners of Kayo, and a lot of the fantastic Kayo shows offered to you come from their TV networks.

On Kayo Sports, you can view sports content in many ways, including through specific tv channels. So, join in and take in various activities from each station.

Is Kayo worth getting in Canada?

If we overview the watching features of Kayo, its device compatibility, and cost versus watch facilities, it is worth getting in Canada. It provides access to a wide range of sports, live events, replays, and documentaries.

So enjoy its worth as a sports lover. Additionally, kayo TV cost is also less than many sports streaming platforms.



Through their Telstra Offers Hub, Telstra is giving customers post-paid Kayo Basic for (CAD 19.60)$15/mo for 12 months. that are new, returning, or current to Kayo.
This means that you can purchase a Kayo subscription for one of the following amounts: a basic 12-month subscription priced at (CAD 19.60) $15 per month.

Yes, Kayo Sports allows you to view the main event. It can be streamed most effectively using a streaming device that offers the Kayo app.

Kayo has 12 channels, including Fox 501, Fox 502, Fox Sports News, Fox Sports 503, Fox 502, ESPN, etc.

The venue for live US sports, including the NFL, NBA, US Open tennis, MLB, and UFC. The additional US and foreign sports include X Games, NHL, AMA Supercross,  ATP World Tour, WSOP, college football, and basketball, among many others. The biggest names in football, tennis, and rugby union all hail from Australia..


You now have all the information you require regarding Kayo subscription Cost in Canada. You can trust us when we state that a Kayo membership keeps the cost of watching sports exceptionally low while requiring no contracts or stress.

What are you waiting for then? Invite your athletic pals over and start streaming right away! Happy Streaming!