How to Get NBC Free Trial in Canada in 2022?

Does NBC have a free trial? This is a common query of viewers interested in watching NBC in Canada. We’re here to provide information regarding the NBC Free sign-up trial in Canada.

After a long, exhausting day, there are nothing better than watching your favorite NBC movies  TV shows, and programs. Regarding broadcast television, few networks are as diverse as NBC.

Do you want to watch NBC movies, shows, and Sports like WWE Elimination Chamber 2023,  That’s My Jam Season 2, The Voice Season 23, Grand Crew Season 2, and previews online to get a feel for old and new NBC shows? One of the several television free NBC trials is available to you in Canada.

Unfortunately, NBC is not available in Canada and requires a VPN. NBC is geo-restricted and only accessible in the United States, a VPN service like ExpressVPN will be required if you desire to enjoy NBC in Canada.

Let’s go right into the NBC subscription and NBC trial guide for Canada!

What streaming service has NBC Free Trial in Canada? (Complete Guide)

Do you want to know how to enjoy NBC in Canada for nothing? The NBC free trial through the NBC app free is not available directly in Canada, but you can access it through other streaming providers. NBC free sign-up offers are available on these streaming platforms.

Though you will obtain a free trial, it is crucial to remember that different companies are giving diverse NBC networks free trials. By installing the NBC app on a variety of platforms, including Android, iOS, and Smart TVs, you may stream live and on-demand NBC.

Here is the list of streaming services offering NBC Free Trial in Canada;

  • NBC 7-day free trial via fuboTV
  • NBC 7-day free trial via Hulu Live
  • NBC 7-day free trial via AT&T TV
  • NBC 21-day free trial via YouTube TV base plan

How to Get NBC Free Trial on fuboTV

The majority of fuboTV’s focus is on sports networks. Due to this, it gives a greater selection of NBC networks as compared to the most cord-cutting services. To benefit from the NBC trial offered by fuboTV for seven-days, complete the following actions:

  • Select a VPN service like ExpressVPN and connect to an American server.
  • Visit the fuboTV webpage to register.
  • Enter your ZIP code, email, and personal information.
  • Pick your preferred strategy plan.
  • Type in your credit card details.
  • To view over NBC, click “Start Your Free Trial.”
  • You may watch NBC as well as other networks for free for seven days after creating a fubo account.
  • Register for a free trial.
  • Enjoy NBC Free Trial.

Get NBC Free Trial with ExpressVPNRisk-free 30 days money-back guarantee

How to Get NBC Free Trial on YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is another fantastic platform for watching NBC live to stream. Live NBC is available on YouTube TV’s streaming platform in all US territories. Android, Chromecast, Fire TV, iOS, Apple TV, and other devices are compatible with YouTube TV. Following a settlement between the two companies, the YouTube TV app has also been made available again on Roku devices.

  • YouTube TV Offers.
  • The cloud storage for DVR is infinite.
  • NBC and almost 70 additional networks provide a one-week free trial (Spanish Plan) while simultaneously streaming on three devices.
  • YouTube TV on demand is incorporated.
  • Join YouTube TV and select the bundle. Start NBC free by clicking on “Start Your Free Trial”.


NBC Free Trial via YouTube TV

Because YouTube TV is geo-restricted, you must use a high-end VPN to access it from countries other than the USA. ExpressVPN will help you to enjoy the NBC Free Trial without any interruption.

Get NBC Free Trial with ExpressVPNRisk-free 30 days money-back guarantee

How to Get NBC Free Trial on Hulu Live TV?

In addition to on-demand video, Hulu also streams live events. They offer NBC in addition to other regional cable TV and network options. Our analysis indicates that live NBC is available across the country.

You won’t get NBC with the edition of Live TV; instead, you’ll get the affordable VOD alternative, which also comes with a free trial.

  • Select ExpressVPN and connect to its US server.
  • Now visit on your browser.
  • Simply click “Start Your Free Trial.”


NBC Free Trial via Hulu Live

  • Hulu offers two free trial plans Hulu’s ad-supported plan and Hulu’s no-ads plan.
  • Select any of the one plan and add your information and payment method.
  • That’s it! Start watching NBC with Hulu’s free trial!

Get NBC Free Trial with ExpressVPNRisk-free 30 days money-back guarantee

How to Get NBC Free Trial on AT&T TV?

Excellent cord-cutting service AT&T TV offers premium packages and add-ons. Only the two bottom categories in Canada provide a 7-day NBC free trial. The platform is only available in the USA, so if you live elsewhere, you must sign up for a VPN service like ExpressVPN.

The NBC channels offered by AT&T TV Now free trial are shown below.

  • CNBC
  • NBC*

Follow the steps and get NBC free:

  • Get ExpressVPN and connect to its American server.
  • Go to AT&TV website and click for “Shop Packages“.


NBC Free Trial via AT&TV

  • Select a suitable package and add your billing details.
  • That’s it! Start your NBC free trial successfully via AT&TV in Canada.

Get NBC Free Trial with ExpressVPNRisk-free 30 days money-back guarantee

How Much is NBC Cost After the Free Trial?

The service is an extra perk for American customers of partnering television providers. Without cable, it is impossible to watch NBC live. NBC Login payment is free, and you’ve to pay for the streaming platform from which you can access NBC.

If you want to get an NBC free trial without a credit card, here is the simple solution. Use DoNotPay to sign up for your NBC free trial instead of having to check to see whether your trial has expired or taking the chance of paying for a subscription you won’t use.

When you sign up for the free trial, DoNotPay creates a random credit card number that you use. The credit card information you use is also fake. Hope you are clear about NBC Price.

How to Cancel NBC Free Trial?

Are you worried about the NBC cancel method? Here are the quick methods for canceling the free trial if you subscribe to it through another streaming service, such as Hulu, YouTube TV, Sling TV, or another one:

  • Navigate to the Account Settings page on your website
  • Snap the Cancel button next to the option to cancel your subscription.
  • Select a reason for the account cancelation.
  • Then press Continue.
  • NBC free trial is canceled

Get NBC Free Trial with ExpressVPNRisk-free 30 days money-back guarantee

Thanks to the NBC apps, your favorite NBC shows can be seen on the move. This app in the video & movies category allows you to stay connected with photo galleries, full episodes, and recaps of the most recent episodes.

For a range of platforms, such as web-based/online, Android, Windows, iPhone, and iPad, there are more than 50 NBC substitutes. The most effective free alternatives are given below;

Most NBC substitutes are video streaming apps, although they can also be video hosting services or video-sharing tools. If you want a more focused list of options or are searching for a certain NBC feature, you can filter by these. You can also get Epix free trial in Canada.

NBC Free Trial – FAQs

Several popular live TV streaming providers, including fuboTV, Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, and YouTube TV, include the channel as part of their standard programming. Customers of the partnering television providers who use the program receive additional benefits.

Without cable, it is impossible to watch NBC live. Get in touch with your local TV, cable, or digital TV provider to view complete episodes online.

Yes, you can watch the NBC app for free. Everyone may get NBC News Now for free. All of the on-demand material is also accessible with a pay TV login. But some shows and films are completely free for everyone. You can install the NBC app on your phone, and a suitable device such as Roku can connect it to a TV.

Yes, you can stream NBC Free on Roku. Eight regional NBC stations are now free on the well-liked Roku Channel, thanks to a partnership between Roku and NBCUniversal.


There is no free trial offered by NBC. Trials can be accessed via streaming services like Hulu, Sling TV, FuboTV, etc. The amount will vary from what NBC takes from you if you refresh your membership through these streaming services.

These streaming platforms allow you to view content like news, movies and shows from other subscribers in addition to NBC networks, which are often offered in a package. You can also enjoy NBC Free Trial. We sincerely hope you enjoyed reading about how to get a free trial of NBC in Canada.