How to get a SonyLIV Free Trial in Canada? [2022 Guide]

Does SonyLIV have a free trial? Yes, you can get a SonyLIV free trial. To get started, everything you need is a high-quality VPN. So you won’t have to stress over skipping any of your preferred SonyLIV movies and TV shows.

Once you have quick access to SonyLIV free trial with a VPN like ExpressVPN, you watch SonyLIV from Canada or anywhere around the globe.

Perhaps one of India’s most downloaded streaming platforms, along with the Streaming service Zee5 and Voot, the service has amassed over 1 Lac installs on the Play Store.

Now you must be wondering how to get a free trial of SonyLIV in Canada. Worry not! It is quite simple. firstly you just need a good VPN and stream the latest titles like Shark Tank India Season 2, Crunchyroll Anime Awards 2023, MasterChef India Season 7, Badminton Asia Mixed Team Championships 2023, etc.

If you got your free subscription through, which provides a 3-month free trial, the trial period would last for a month.


How do I get SonyLIV Free Trial in Canada?

As TV Service was introduced, SonyLIV is part of the international programming rollout, and watching SonyLIV in Canada has gotten simpler. By adding the channel subscription to their Sling account, Sling TV subscribers can watch the SonyLIV shows and movies and also get SonyLIV free trial.

Sling TV provides SonyLIV in two distinct ways.

  • Connect to ExpressVPN’s Indian server.
  • You may purchase the station individually or the Desi Binge bundle of four in-demand Indian channels.
  • When the free trial demands your card details, just go DoNotPay for a free bogus credit card number.
  • Although it will be recognized as valid, this single-use card is not linked to a bank account that can be utilized for withdrawals.
  • This ensures that the rollover trap is avoidable blindness as customers check out truly free trials.
  • Users may also use coupon codes from Airtel, Jio, Flipkart Super coins, Paytm First, Times Prime, and Vi to receive a free trial of SonyLIV.
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How long is SonyLIV Free Trial in Canada?

If you obtained your free membership via, which provides a three-month free trial; the free trial will last for a month.

You would be charged; as you’re aware, on the day that the trial period ends, you have the choice to end the trial at any moment during the trial period if you’re dissatisfied with the service.

An increasing percentage of individuals are trying to access well-known streaming websites from locations outside India, such as SonyLIV, due to the significant number of Indians who have migrated to Canada and other nations around the world.

It provides a wide range of content, some of which is produced by Sony, a portion of which is from other national production companies, and a portion of which is from the film and television industries of many other nations. As a result, it offers a product that will appeal to everyone!

SonyLIV subscription price in Canada
The SonyLIV subscription price is CAD13.23/ $9.99 for mobile users.

Premium Plan:
Three subscription options are available, starting with the SonyLIV premium plan: monthly, semi-annual, and annual. Similar perks and a selection of content are included with these memberships, featuring live sports, TV channels, SonyLIV original TV programs, and Films. The SonyLIV Premium monthly membership only allows one display at a time, compared to the yearly and 6 memberships that support two screens simultaneously.

The package contains no ads, up to five accounts, and offline downloading (except for live streams). The monthly charge of the SonyLIV Premium account fee is 4.907 Canadian dollars, while the annual and six-month membership fees are 11.471 and 16.394 Canadian dollars, accordingly.

FAQs – SonyLIV Free Trial

Yes, the estimated net worth of SonyLIV is 134.812 CAD$ ($101.140) million. Although it is unknown how much SonyLIV really costs.

Hotstar is essentially a prerequisite. Football and wrestling are both on SonyLIV. Despite lacking a large content library, they also have a few widely respected shows.

Wrap Up!

We believe that we have provided you with some valuable information on the topic and that signing up for a SonyLIV free trial will be simple. You may obtain a trial version of SonyLIV in Canada using the offers from Airtel, Jio, Flipkart Super coins, Paytm First, Times Prime & Vi.

You will be charged on the day your trial period expires. You can cancel the SonyLIV free trial at any moment throughout the trial period if you are unhappy with the service.

We sincerely hope that you enjoyed our blog. Happy Streaming!