How to Get Stan Free Trial in Canada (30-days Free)

Are you on a free trial hunt? Then don’t miss Stan free trial in Canada, exclusively available for 30 days.

Watch unlimited movies and TV shows free of cost. Yes, you heard right. You can access Stan for one month without paying for it. Your free trial period starts after signing up for your First Stan subscription.

You can also watch the best movies and shows like Godfather Of Harlem Season 3, Your Honor Season 2, Transfusion 2023, Poker Face, Animaniacs Season 3, Show Me The Money II, Bel Air Season 2, etc, on stan with a free trial.

Stan SPORTS is an Australian streaming platform. It is legally available in the Australian region only. If you want to avail Stan free trial in Canada or anywhere else outside Australia, then you need a trustworthy VPN for Stan.

A VPN will mask your Canadian IP address, and you will enter the Stan website as an Australian netizen. We endorse ExpressVPN to unblock streaming websites and take you on a movie ride without facing issues. ExpressVPN is your simple solution to get Stan’s Free Trial in Canada in simple steps.

Learn how to get Stan in Canada with the best Canada VPNs.


Does Stan have a 30-day Free Trial?

Yes, Stan is offering a 30-day free trial to every new subscriber. You are all required to have a good internet connection and a compatible streaming device to binge-watch stan shows and movies on Stan.

The free trial does not offer limited content; you can access the entire stan library for one month, watch the new titles uploaded as they premiere the same day as the US, and enjoy unlimited hours of TV series.


Get premium access to entire content for one month

You should try the free trials of ESPN Plus, Hulu, HBO MAX, and Netflix. This way, you can try every platform and then choose any one of them to continue with payment.

How Can I Get Stan Free Trial in Canada? (Easy Steps)

Get Stan free trial in Canada using simple steps: you should have a secure VPN and an email address.

  • Buy ExpressVPN for high-speed connectivity.
  • Connect to the Australian server.
  • Visit Stan official website.
  • Enter your email credentials.


    Click on “Start your 30 day free trial.”

  • Select a free trial plan.


    Select “premium plan to get all stan premium features ad-free.

  • Provide your credit card info.


    Click on “Agree” on the agreement terms and conditions.

  • Start your free trial in Canada.

How Much is Stan Cost After the Free Trial?

If you have selected a Premium plan, you will be charged $19 per month (CAD 24.37) by the end of a 30-day free trial. The basic plan costs $10 (CAD 12.83), and the standard plan costs $14 (CAD 17.96) per month. 4k and HD streaming is unavailable for those on a basic plan.


Select a suitable Stan Subscription Plan

How to Cancel Stan 30-day Free Trial?

Cancel your Stan subscription before your 30-day free trial ends to avoid getting charged monthly. Follow the steps below to cancel Stan.

  • Install ExpressVPN on your device.
  • Connect to any available Australia server.
  • Head over to Stan and log in to your account.
  • Click on your account name.
  • ChooseManage Account
  • SelectSubscription Information” and click on “Cancel subscription.”
  • Now Press “continuethencancel my Account “to confirm cancellation.
  • Finally, selectOK” to end the process.

After this process, you will receive a confirmation email at the email address you provided at the start of signing up for your free trial. You can go to your account> Manage Account to check your subscription status. It should say “Subscription Cancelled.”

What do you get in Stan Free Trial?

If you choose Stan free trial on the Premium plan, then you will get every premium feature it allows to their monthly subscribers.

  • Enjoy free movies and TV shows for 30 days free of cost.
  • You will get 4 screens on the premium plan.
  • Download unlimited Stan content on your phone and tablet.
  • Get 4K Ultra HD streaming.
  • Unlimited access to the entire library.
  • Cancel your subscription at any time.

FAQs – Stan Free Trial in Canada

Yes, you can cancel Stan after a free trial anytime. Stan does not include a lock-in contract, so you are free to cancel your subscription before the end of a free trial. This way, you will get to watch one month of free movies/series.

No, your free trial does not include Stan SPORTS, but you can add it to your Stan free trial package with an additional cost of $10 (CAD 12.83). Stan SPORTS broadcasts ad-free live and on-demand matches in HD.

Stan free trial lasts 30 days. By the end of 30 days, you are supposed to pay for the subscription to continue the service. You must install ExpressVPN before signing up for Stan free trial in Canada, as the service is available only in Australia.


We have covered how to get Stan free trial in Canada. You need to enter the correct email address a valid credit card information, and voila, you have 30 days of free access to unlimited movies and TV shows in HD.

You can cancel your subscription anytime during the trial or continue using Stan after the free trial with the monthly payment of $19 (CAD 24.37) for the premium plan.

After your Stan free trial ends, you can get Paramount Plus, Peacock TV, Sling TV, and Youtube TV  free trials and continue binge-watching.

Use ExpressVPN before starting your Stan free trial in Canada, as the service is only accessible to Australian users. With ExpressVPN, you can connect to the Australia server and become an Australian real quick under the disguised IP address.