How to Watch A Merry Murdoch Christmas Outside Canada

Watch A Merry Murdoch Christmas in Canada

Knock knock; The holiday season is here! Are you excited to stream Christmas shows on CBC outside Canada but don’t know how to watch a Merry Murdoch Christmas outside Canada without geo-restrictions?

A VPN is an easy and quick fix that allows you to watch Murdoch mystery’s Christmas specials order, which will be released on December 26, 2022. It unblocks region-specific content by changing your device location. You can easily unlock CBC outside Canada with the help of a VPN.

Let’s find out quick steps you can follow to unblock CBC anywhere in the world.

Watch A Merry Murdoch Christmas Outside Canada – [Quick Guide]

CBC is not available outside Canada yet, so if you want to watch a Merry Murdoch Christmas outside Canada, follow these simple 4 steps;

  1. Subscribe to an ExpressVPN plan. It is the most recommended VPN provider.
  2. Download the VPN app and input your details to log in.
  3. Connect to the Canada server.
  4. Launch the CBC website from your device and stream A Merry Murdoch Christmas.

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Where Can I Watch A Merry Murdoch Christmas Outside Canada?

A Merry Murdoch 2022 will officially be released on CBC later this year. There is no news of the series broadcasting on other OOT platforms. You can stream a Merry Murdoch Christmas full episodes easily from anywhere with a VPN like ExpressVPN.

Why do You Need a VPN to Watch A Merry Murdoch Christmas Outside Canada?

CBC follows strict geo-restriction policies for location-specific content. Therefore, fans outside Canada cannot watch Murdoch’s thrilling and mysterious unfold due to geo-blocking policies.

Yes, you heard it right! You can trick CBC’s geo-policies and watch a Merry Murdoch Christmas outside Canada using a VPN.

What is the Release Date of A Merry Murdoch Christmas on CBC?

The release date of a Merry Murdoch Christmas on CBC is December 26th, 2022. The Murdoch Mysteries Christmas special 2022 will stick you to the TV with a breathtaking, mysterious case.

If you live outside Canada, you can easily stream A Merry Murdoch Christmas on CBC with a VPN. So, get ready to witness the epic holiday takeover this December.

Is There a Christmas Episode of Murdoch Mysteries?

The festive season edition includes two classic Murdoch Mystery Christmas special episodes. It features Detective Murdoch, Odgen, and their team solving the mysterious death of the philanthropist.

The philanthropist used to distribute Christmas presents to the orphanage in Toronto. One day, he was found dead before the holidays, and all the gifts went missing.

These two classic episodes are a treat to watch for mystery lovers.

What is the Overview of A Merry Murdoch Christmas?

The special holiday episodes of A Merry Murdoch Christmas feature Detective Murdoch and his talented team investigating the mysterious death of a philanthropist, Alistair McGowan.

The wealthy Philphantropist was a source of Christmas presents for many unprivileged people in the Toronto orphanages. So, the team solves the murder mystery and finds lost gifts to make the Christmas holiday memorable for people in the orphanage.

The special series is a captivating and enjoyable family series. So, don’t miss out on the hooking series broadcasting on CBC this holiday!

Who are in the Cast and Crew of A Merry Murdoch Christmas?

A Merry Murdoch Christmas cast includes many actors and actresses. The main cast includes the following actors:

Actors Played Role
Yannik Bisson Detective Willian Murdoch
Helen Joy Dr. Julia Ogden
Thomas Craig Inspector Thomas Brackenreid
Lachlan Murdoch Constable Henry Higgins
Arwen Humphreys Margaret Brackenreid
Jonny Harris Constable George Crabtree
Kristian Brunn Constable Jackson

Micheal McGowan directed the Merry Murdoch series. Also, the series is produced by Christina Jennings, Scott Garvie, and Yannick Bisson. It is also co-produced by Stephen Montgomery and Julie Lacey.

What is the Rating of A Merry Murdoch Christmas Rating at IMDB?

The rating of A Merry Murdoch Christmas on IMBD is 7.9/10. The series released in 2015 and 2017 was a hit. People could witness the suspense-driven case with the detective and team while enjoying the Christmas theme.

According to user reviews, the movie is a must-watch for people who love exploring mysterious cases.

So, if you are one of them, hold on to enjoy your favorite genre streaming only on CBC on 26 December 2022.

Is There a Trailer For A Merry Murdoch Christmas?

Yes, the official trailer of A Merry Murdoch Christmas is available on the official website of CBC and Youtube Channel. The trailer starts with a scenic snowfall featuring a wonderful story.

It depicts the joyful celebration of Jesus’s birth with an appealing mystery case.

If you are a Grinch or Holiday series fan, these special episodes will be one of your favorite Christmas series.

Where is A Merry Murdoch Christmas Filmed?

A Merry Murdoch Christmas filming location is Cattle Point. The location was turned into a local First Nations village to film the mysteries series this year. The Canadian drama series also used Port Hope and Cobourg as filming locations.

Is Murdoch Mysteries Coming Back in 2022?

Yes, the Murdoch Mysteries are coming back in 2022 with the 16th season. Before that, the much-appreciated seasons were Murdoch Mysteries Christmas special 2017 and Murdoch mysteries double life 2015.

Detective Murdoch and Ogden are coming back on your screen with another breathtaking plot this fall.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch A Merry Murdoch Christmas Outside Canada?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN service to watch a Merry Murdoch Christmas outside Canada because it features fast servers, high-speed downloading, and buffer-free streaming. Let’s find out more about ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch A Merry Murdoch Christmas Outside Canada

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What’s New on CBC to Watch in December 2022?

Here’s a breakdown of the content you can watch on CBC in December 2022:

Movies/Shows Release Date
A Show-Stopping Christmas 6th December
A Very Nutty Christmas 8th December
Jamie’s Italian Christmas 28th December
Push 26thDecember
Best in Miniature 26thDecember
A Christmas Fury 27th December
The Queen Unseen 28th December
Royal Variety Show 2022 28th December
The Last Holiday 31st December

A Merry Murdoch Christmas


The production of Murdoch Mysteries is expanding with a new tween spin of the series called Macy Murdoch. The spinoff will be on-air on CBC Gem in 2023.

Nina left George and Toronto for her dream job in Paris. Her relationship with George faced a troubled period in Season 10. Therefore, in season 11, she was seen leaving the city.

Julie marries her colleague Dr. Darcy Garland despite having strong feelings for Murdoch. Later she left her job in City Morgue and started private practice in Toronto.

Wrap Up

Is geo-blocking the only hurdle between you and your favorite shows? We have got an easy solution for you all. A VPN is all you need to surpass regional restriction policies.

Want to watch a Merry Murdoch Christmas outside Canada without location restrictions? Get ExpressVPN now to enjoy your favorite series anywhere in the world. Happy Holidays!