How to Watch A Timeless Christmas in Canada

Watch A Timeless Christmas in Canada

Looking for a Christmas movie to get you going this coming holiday? Learn how to watch A Timeless Christmas in Canada.

A Timeless Christmas is a new movie that will premiere on 26 Nov 2022. From the trailer, it’s an exciting movie to watch. The movie is available on Dstv, which is geo-blocked outside South Africa.

You’ll need a robust and reliable VPN to access Dstv outside South Africa. A strong VPN will help reroute your IP address to a server in South Africa. This allows you to watch the movie at any location.

A Timeless Christmas looks like a pretty good movie for the festive season. If you’re in Canada, you can still access it with the help of a VPN you access DStv in Canada.

Let’s keep reading below on the steps you can take to watch it in Canada.

Watch A Timeless Christmas in Canada – [Quick Guide]

VPN allows you to access Dstv and watch a Timeless Christmas in Canada quickly. Follow the steps below to watch all the Christmas movies on Dstv.

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  3. Connect to a server South Africa.
  4. Open the DStv website, log in with your credentials, and start watching.

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Where to Watch A Timeless Christmas in Canada?

You can watch a Timeless Christmas in Canada on the Dstv, where the movie premieres on 26th November 2022. But as indicated, you’ll need a strong VPN to break the Dstv geo-blocks and access the movie.

What Happens in A Timeless Christmas?

A Timeless Christmas is a Hallmark Christmas movie that sees industrialist Charles Whitley (Ryan Paevey) traveling back in time. He wakes up one morning and finds he has been transported one century into the future.

It’s a story about love and Christmas, where he meets a young woman Megan Turner (Erin Cahill). Mega tries to help him return to his own time. The future doesn’t look that good for him. His home is now the museum while his factory is torn down.

Megan is the granddaughter of Rose (a maid to Charles). Megan does her college thesis on Charles and ends up believing him. She decides to help him return to his time.

Charles learns a lot with Megan realizing what he had missed during Christmas. He starts to fall in love with Megan. You can only wait and see if he will return to his timeline.

Where Was Hallmark’s A Timeless Christmas Filmed?

A timeless Christmas filming location is in Vancouver. Much of the movie filming took place in Canada. Filming was done in Vermont, Colorado, and Boise, Idaho.

Is Charles Whitley From A Timeless Christmas a Real Person?

Charles Whitley from A Times Christmas is a real person. His real name is Ryan Paevey. The storyline is very interesting as no one understands Charles Whitley is the real Charles Whitley.

He is a model actor born in 1984 in Torrance, California. Ryan has been acting actively from 2011 to the present date.

Who’s in the Cast of A Timeless Christmas?

The cast of the Time Christmas is as follows:

Cast Character
Erin Cahill Megan
Ryan Paevey Ryan Paevey
Brandi Alexander Amber
Zahf Paroo Dan
Nelson Wong Kenny Kwon
Michael St. John Smith Greg
Karen Kruper Sharon
Kerry James Nathan
Dean Redman Sheriff
David Bloom Mayor
Anne Marie DeLuise Rose

What is the Release Date of A Timeless Christmas?

A Timeless Christmas release date is on 26th November 2022. The movie about Christmas and love will premiere on the Dstv channel in late November. Mark your calendar today and enjoy!

Is There a Trailer For A Timeless Christmas?

Yes, there is a trailer for A Timeless Christmas. The trailer gives a sneak peek of the movie in a 2-minute clip.

What is the IMDb Rating of A Timeless Christmas?

The IMDb rating of a Timeless Christmas is 5.7/10. Over 800 persons on IMDb rate the movie. It is worth watching! So make sure to mark your calendars today and enjoy!

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What’s New Coming on DStv on November 2022

Here are the list of upcoming movies and shows list in November 2022:

Christmas At The Plaza
Christmas in Evergreen: Bells are Ringing
A Timeless Christmas
Chateau Christmas
Bull Season 6
The Flight Attendant Season 2
Come Dine With Me South Africa

A Timeless Christmas


The movie a timeless Christmas ends with Megan being able to give Charles the priceless piece to take him back to his time. Charles has already discovered Eliza married his rival.

Yes, it’s worth watching A Timeless Christmas. It’s an exciting movie that takes you across two timelines. The movie has much to show and educate about spending time with family. It’s fun and exciting, with a lot of love scenes.

Ron Oliver is the director of A Timeless Christmas.

Wrap Up

A Timeless Christmas is one exciting Christmas movie you must watch. The movie takes you through the ups and downs of love, Christmas, and family time. It’s an exciting movie as Charles finds life different in the future. Can he really change what happened in the past? Watch the movie live on Dstv.

You’ll need a VPN to watch A Timeless Christmas in Canada. Go right ahead and download ExpressVPN today.