How to Watch Accused in Canada on Fox TV

This is not your ordinary crime drama since when you learn how to watch Accused in Canada on Fox TV, you’ll see unique storytelling of defendants as they come in front of the jury and the judge.

The Accused plot series released its first episode on January 22nd, 2023, through FOX TV however, there is always time to catch up.

FOX TV is generally available within the US and its territories. Those in America can quickly access the channel without issues. However, Canadian streamers and others outside the US will be geo-blocked. Since FOX TV only holds a streaming license in the US, they cannot accommodate other streamers.

It’s not a lost cause for you, though, as the VPN will do wonders on your device. You’ll get a new IP address when you connect to a VPN server. stream FOX TV in Canada has passed already, you can still binge-watch the previous episode with the help of a VPN.

Watch Accused in Canada on Fox TV – [Easy Steps]

You can watch Accused in Canada on Fox TV using a reliable VPN service by following these steps:

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  2. Download ExpressVPN and provide personal details to log in.
  3. Connect to the USA server.
  4. Launch FOX and stream Accused.

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Where to Watch Accused in Canada?

Accused streaming in Canada can be done through the FOX TV app. With a comfortable FOX TV price, you can easily watch all the content available on FOX TV.

You can also use FOX TV free trial to watch Hell’s Kitchen Season 21 on FOX TV for free.

As you already know, there needs to be a VPN setup like ExpressVPN, so you can easily access the platform in Canada. Since the episodes of the series are released every week, you still have enough time to set up the VPN and catch up on the episodes.

What is the Release Date of Accuse on Fox TV?

Accused episode 1 was released on January 22nd, 2023. The succeeding episodes will be on January 24 and 31. There will be more episodes in the coming weeks, so to catch all of the highlights and avoid spoilers, it pays to stream the episodes once they’re released on FOX TV.

Why do You Need a VPN to Watch Accused in Canada on Fox TV?

You must have a VPN to watch the Accused cast in Canada due to some geo-blocks imposed by the platform for streamers outside American territories.

The VPN will bypass the restriction by generating an IP address for your device, which will be acceptable to FOX TV. You can use that IP address anytime you want.


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What is the Accused Plot?

Most of the scenes of Accused were filmed in Toronto. The series will cover topical, exquisite, and intensely human stories of punishment and crime. Every episode will be a provocative thriller that explores a different crime with original cast members in a different location.

Also, based on the Accused trailer, the series will tell the story up to current times with emotional and provocative stories. At the end of every episode, the viewers discover how an ordinary individual gets caught up in distinct situations and how an impulsive decision affects one’s life.

Who’s in the Cast of Accused?

You can expect more characters as the series progresses. The show promises to fill in an excellent cast of characters which you can see from the table below.

Actor/Actress Name Role Portrayed
Shawn Doyle Eric Border
Neil Whitely Judge Raines
Abigail Breslin Esme Brewer
Michael Chiklis Dr. Scott Corbett
Whitney Cummings Brenda
Jill Hennessy Lynn Corbett
Oakes Fegley Hunter Corbett
Aisha Dee Aaliyah Harris
Robert Wisdom Mitch Becker
Marcia Bennett Judge
Steffi DiDomenicantonio Dr. Nadine Kass
Kobna Holdbrook-Smith David Mingoe
Tara Rosling Dr. Grotstein
Sean Kleier Zeke Thompson
August Maturo Matthew Wheeler
James Udon Kashir

How Many Episodes of Accused Will There Be?

Accused will have fifteen episodes. The definite release dates of these episodes have yet to be revealed. However, fans can anticipate episode releases on January 24 and 31. Based on the pattern, there will be new episodes every week.

How Many Seasons of Accused are There?

So far, the series has one season. There have yet to be announcements on a second season, so fans might have to wait a little more. The production must also see whether the viewers’ response will be favorable.

Is There Any Trailer for Accused?

Yes, there is. The two-minute clip presents the different defendants who must be in front of the court because of specific crimes. The teaser also showed that there would be a new case with new circumstances every week. It surely will pique the viewer’s curiosity about how each case will end.

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Crime, thriller, and drama are the genres of Accused. The show will not leave you hanging after every episode, but it will surely bring you to the edge of your seats and glued to your screens.

More than ten producers are involved in this series. This includes Matt Code, Alex Gansa, Howard Gordon, David Shore, Jacob Choen-Holmes, Glenn Geller, Erin Gunn, Jimmy McGovern, Louise Pedersen, Frank Siracusa, Don Phillip Smith, Roxy Spencer, John Weber, and Sita Williams.

The Accused airs once every week at 9/8c. If you failed to watch it live during its timeslot, The FOX app would be there to your rescue. You can binge-watch the previous episodes once you have the app.

Wrap Up

You only have one episode to catch up before you can watch Accused in Canada on Fox TV, a new episode released on Tuesday. Your ExpressVPN will come in handy to bypass the geo-restriction on the FOX TV app. Get it before accessing the platform in Canada.