Watch Beyond Paradise in Canada on Foxtel

Watch Beyond Paradise in Canada on Foxtel

If you loved Death in Paradise, you’ll surely be hooked by this show’s spin-off and learn how to watch Beyond Paradise in Canada on Foxtel. The show initially premiered on February 24, 2023, and will have its second episode this week, March 3. Be the first to stream the new episodes hassle-free.

When you watch Foxtel in Canada, some challenges prevent your access to the channel. One of which is the geo-blocks. Beyond Paradise (2023) is streamable on Foxtel for fans within Australian borders. Since Foxtel only has a license to stream in Australia, you, in Canada, will be restricted.

However, you can prevent this by connecting your device to a VPN server. It will assign you a new IP address, which will be in Australia, so you can easily access Foxtel in Canada. Through this, you can stream the content on the platform, including Beyond Paradise.

Watch Beyond Paradise in Canada on Foxtel – [Easy Steps]

The guide below is what you’ll need to ensure a complete setup of the VPN on your device. Doing so, you can see Beyond Paradise Humphrey and all the Beyond Paradise cast. See the following steps.

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN. (Dependable VPN)
  2. Install ExpressVPN on your preferred device for streaming.
  3. Choose an Australian server to connect to.
  4. Download the Foxtel Go app or visit its website.
  5. Search for Beyond Paradise in Canada.

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Where to Watch Beyond Paradise in Canada?

Foxtel is where you can watch Beyond Paradise in Canada. Since the platform has exclusive streaming rights in Australia, it will be unavailable in Canada, hence the need for software like a VPN to unblock the restrictions.

Why Do You Need A VPN to Watch Beyond Paradise in Canada?

Connecting to a VPN is necessary when you watch Beyond Paradise in Canada since the geo-blocks prevent you from quickly accessing the platform. The VPN generates a new IP address for your device while streaming Foxtel in Canada.

What is the Release Date of Beyond Paradise on Foxtel?

Beyond Paradise 2023 release date was on February 24. Fans can enjoy more of the series as the second episode will be released this Friday, March 3, 2023. You can take your time binge-watching the series as it will have one episode weekly, giving you no pressure to finish the new releases quickly.

What is Beyond Paradise About?

As previously said, the show is a spin-off of the Death in Paradise series. Beyond Paradise follows the lives of Martha and Humphrey after moving back to the UK. The two live at Shipton Abbott, which is Martha’s hometown. They’re temporarily living with Martha’s mom.

Martha continues to pursue her dream of running her restaurant. Meanwhile, Humphrey joins the local force and immediately becomes a member of a quirky police team set out to solve crimes happening in the town.

Fans will have a broader perspective of how the couple navigates the new life, personally and professionally. Each will have new crimes the team will face and solve. You can expect unexpected twists and puzzling cases. Martha and Humphrey must maintain their relationship as they face hurdles and deal with the past.

Who is in the Cast of Beyond Paradise?

See the table below for the complete list of Beyond Paradise cast.

Actor/ Actress Name Role Portrayed
Dylan Llewellyn PC Kelby Hartford
Felicity Montagu Margo Martins
Zahra Ahmadi DS Esther Williams
Kris Marshall DI Humphrey Goodman
Sally Bretton Martha Lloyd
Jamie Bamber Archie Hughes
Barbara Flynn Anne Lloyd
Nina Singh Sarah Dodds
Jade Harrison DCS Charlie Woods
Montserrat Lombard Gwen Tyler
Chris Jenks Josh Woods

How Many Seasons of Beyond Paradise are There?

There is only one season for Beyond Paradise so far. Showrunners have yet to announce any sequel for the spin-off series. If there’s any, you can guarantee the latest update from the producers and directors of the show.

How Many Episodes in Beyond Paradise?

Beyond Paradise episodes are about six. Based on the show’s IMDb profile, the spin-off series is set to end on the last Friday of March. This means this month will be filled with stories and theories about Beyond Paradise.

Who are the Guest Stars of Beyond Paradise?

Beyond Paradise welcomes several guest stars, including Ruth Madoc, Annette Badland, Davood Ghadami, Rufus Jones, Phil Daniels, and Montserrat Lombard. Fans can expect more stars to make special appearances on the show in the later episodes.

Where is Beyond Paradise Filmed?

The show might have been filmed in Devon, but the exact filming location of Beyond Paradise is in Looe, Cornwall, in the United Kingdom. It will be a treat for fans who love to see different places in the United Kingdom as they stream the series episodes.

Is There Any Trailer For Beyond Paradise?

Yes, the Beyond Paradise trailer opens with Humphrey doing his best as he starts the first of his new job at Martha’s hometown. The clip also showed glimpses of the hurdles Humhrey will encounter as he familiarizes the new work and the people around his new hometown.

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It needed to be clarified whether Humphrey and Martha got together. Season six of Death in Paradise saw Martha leaving Saint Marie, resulting in the devastation of Humphrey. But he returned to London and confessed to Martha that he’d move with her.

There has yet to be an exact ending to the show since Beyond Paradise has just started. As you already know, the show premiered on February 24, 2023. You’ll know by March 31, 2023.

No. The story is purely fictional. While you might notice that the setting of the series is in Devon, a county in England, the town’s name where Martha lives is a fictional place. All similarities in scenarios and character names are coincidences.


You still have time to catch up on the first episode before the second one drops this Friday. Watch Beyond Paradise in Canada on Foxtel using ExpressVPN to avoid geo-restrictions. You do not want to be interrupted while enjoying the series as you end the work week.