How to Watch Big Bet in Canada

Watch Big Bet in Canada

The Korean wave is again taking some thrilling, exciting series before the year ends. Explore how to watch Big Bet in Canada and experience suspenseful twists and turns from crime-thriller drama. You can catch all the episodes of this Korean series on December 21, 2022, through the Hulu app.

Hulu is also readily available for streamers within American territories. Consequently, you may fail to open and access the Hulu app in Canada. This is because of the geo-blocking imposed on Hulu for those with non-US IP addresses. You may have to connect to software to access Hulu.

This would mean an excellent VPN connection to stream Hulu in Canada. Setting up VPNs does not require too much process. In fact, streamers can ginseng set up and get a new IP address in minutes. Of course, you also have to ensure the VPN provider is reliable.

Watch Big Bet in Canada – [Quick Guide]

You can watch Big Bet in Canada by following the steps below:

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN. It’s the most recommended VPN.
  2. Install the VPN on your device and log in with your details.
  3. Connect to the USA servers.
  4. Launch the Hulu website or app and binge Big Bet using your device.

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Where to Watch Big Bet in Canada?

You can watch Big Bet in Canada on Hulu by subscribing to a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN. It generally has the same release date as Korea, where the drama originated. With this, you would surely catch all of the series’ episodes. There might be various spoilers on the premiere day, but you can avoid them by streaming the drama immediately.

Why do You Need a VPN to Watch Big Bet in Canada?

It would be best if you got a VPN to watch this casino Korean film series because of the restrictions implemented on Hulu for streamers outside the United States. The VPN’s role is to bypass that geo-restriction, provide streamers with another IP address, and allow access to the app. It’s also necessary to partner with a reliable VPN provider.

If you try to access without a VPN then you will see this error on your screen:

geo restricted error hulu

What is the Release Date of Big Bet?

Fans of Korean content can stream this casino movie series 2022 on December 21, 2022. Unlike some Korean dramas with sixteen episodes, Big Bet only has eight. You can binge all of them in one sitting. All episodes will drop simultaneously, erasing the burden of waiting for the remaining episodes.

What is the Big Bet 2022 About?

Big Bet 2022 tells the story of Cha Musik, a man who struggled in life. Later, he built himself from scratch and eventually became influential in the casino industry in the Philippines. However, Cha again found himself at a disadvantage when he was investigated for a murder case.

Considering what he had gone through to be a casino mogul, Cha is determined not to fail at life yet again. In fact, he can risk everything, including his life, to have himself back in the game. It’s great to discover how Cha’s life will unfold and if he’s contributed to the murder case he was allegedly part of.

Is There a Trailer of Big Bet?

Yes, the entire clip is filled with action, suspense, and drama – like what you expect from a crime-thriller genre. There are scenes shot in the Philippines where you can see the ‘Casino King’ Cha Moosik trying to keep this casino business in the Philippines running despite being allegedly part of a murder case.

Viewers will also see the life of Cha Mu-sik as a young boy before he built a casino in the Philippines. Within those Cha’s childhood and young adulthood, flashbacks are the police’s investigation surrounding the murder case. Besides Korean actors, fans can also anticipate some Filipinos participating in the series.

Is Big Bet 2022 Documentary?

No, while director Kang Yun-Sung might have pointed out that the story is inspired by a Korean who owns a casino in the Philippines, the premise is neither based on a true story nor a documentary. This means that all the characters and names in the series are purely fictional.

Who is in the Cast of Big Bet?

Those familiar with Korean films and television series know that the Big Bet cast is incredible. Check out the complete list of characters in the table below.

Actor/Actress Name Role Portrayed
Choi Min-sik Cha Mu-sik
Lee Kyu-hyung young Cha Mu-sik
Son Seok-koo Oh Seung-hoon
Lee Dong-hwi Jeong-pa
Heo Sung-tae Seo Tae-seok
Kim Joo-ryoung Chief Jin
Kim Roi-ha Cha Mu-sik’s father
Jin Seon-kyu Cha Mu-sik’s teacher
Ryu Hyun-kyung Team Leader of the National Tax Service
Im Hyung-joon Consu
Son Eun-seo Kim So-jung
Lee Hae-woo casino agent Phillip
Kim Hong-pa Min Seok-joon

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Big Bet in Canada?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Big Bet in Canada since its services guarantee efficient unblocking of geo-restrictions. It ensures you’ll get a valid IP address in the US quickly to open and access the Hulu app. As you already know, the process only takes about four steps to finish.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Big Bet in Canada

In fact, the United States has at least twenty ExpressVPN servers spread across key locations. This makes it easier to find a server near you. The provider 3000 servers across 105 countries.

The numbers tell you that you can connect to an ExpressVPN server regardless of geo-location.

watch hulu in canada

It also takes the stress of data theft and tracking off your shoulder with its incredible encryption capabilities. With ExpressVPN, you can unblock Disney+ Hotstar in Canada and Paramount+ in Canada.

Every server has features like ISP throttling, automated kill switch, split tunneling, and light way security protocol. If your device will not support any VPN connections, you can rely on the MediaStreamer feature to connect to an ExpressVPN server. These features are available regardless of time zones.

If your want to enjoy the live action of your favorite teams, you can easily unblock ESPN Plus, Sky Sports in Canada using this VPN service, as it will unblock the platform instantly.

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What is New on Hulu in December 2022?

Here is the list of upcoming shows and movies on Hulu in December 2022:

Movies/Shows Release Date
Darby And The Dead 2nd December
Back in the Groove 5th December
Housebroken 5th December
The Binge 2: It’s A Wonderful Binge 9th December
The Mighty Ones Season 4 9th December
Fate of A Sport 2022 9th December
Kindred 13th December
Grails: When Sneakers Changed the Game 14th December
A Very Backstreet Holiday 14th December
The Hunt for the Versace Killer 15th December
Fear the Walking Dead 20th December
Big Bet 21st December
Letterkenny Season 11 26thDecember

Big Bet


Yes. The cast itself is top-tier. You have Choi Min-sik, returning to television after more than two decades. Overall, the plot is engaging, keeping you on the edge of your seats every episode. Besides the Christmas films on the holidays, you can add Big Bet to your watchlist.

Kang Yun-sung is the director of Big Bet. Recently, he directed the film The Roundup, which is considered Korea’s top-grossing movie of 2022, with more than 12 million admissions. Kang will continue to work with the cast of Big Bet as the series is also confirmed to have its second season with eight episodes.

There is no IMDb rating yet for Big Bet since the complete episodes still need to be released.

Wrap Up

The crime-thriller genre is perfect for the slow days during the holidays. Set up your device with ExpressVPN and watch Big Bet in Canada.

ExpressVPN will unblock any restrictions so you can access Hulu hassle-free. Enjoy the eight episodes when they’re available starting December 21st, 2022.