How to Watch Disappeared Season 11 in Canada on Max 

And the mysterious and inexplicable season is back! For all the crime documentary fans, prepare yourself to enter the world of unanswerable questions and watch Disappeared Season 11 in Canada on Max. Do not forget to get ExpressVPN along.

Investigation Discovery is the primary channel to watch Disappeared New Season 2023. Investigation Discovery is an American TV network that is one of the Max hub channels as it is owned by Warner Bros. Max is the joint venture of HBO Max and Discovery Plus that gives the audience an extended content library.

Very soon this month, Disappeared will return with entirely new genuine crime narratives concerning missing people. Season 11 will begin with the mysterious disappearance of the Bradley sisters, two adolescent children who went missing in their Chicago residence in 2001.

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Keep reading to learn more about shows like Disappeared and how to watch Disappeared Season 11 with Max free trial. Has anyone on Disappeared been found alive? Well, stay with us till the end to get the answer.


How to Watch Disappeared Season 11 in Canada on Max [Step-by-Steps]

Here we have listed down easy and simple steps to watch Disappeared Season 11 in Canada on Max. Follow these to get Disappeared show updates.

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Where Can I watch New Episodes of Disappeared?

You can watch the new episodes of Disappeared primarily on Investigation Discovery (ID) via Max. Investigation Discovery (ID) is owned by Warner Bros and is designated for true crime series on Max.


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For those wondering Is Disappeared streaming anywhere? Currently, you can watch “Disappeared” on Max Amazon Channel, FuboTV, Discovery Plus Amazon Channel, Spectrum On Demand, or DIRECTV for free with advertisements.

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Can I use Max Free Trial to Watch Disappeared Season 11?

Yes, you can watch Disappeared online free by using the Max free trial. For the past two years, Max has no more offering free trials on its website.

For Disappeared Season 11 watch online free you need to take advantage of a Prime Channel offer. Amazon Prime members can avail of this offer that gets them a free Max trial for a week. Once the free trial is over, you have to pay $15.99 a month to continue. If you want to cancel Max or HBO Max Subscription, do it before the trial ends.

You can also get the free trial through the Hulu TV channel offer. No matter how you get the Max or HBO Max free trial you have to use a VPN to access Max in Canada.

Disappeared Season 11 Release Date:

Mark your calendars for Aug 20th, 2023 as Disappeared Season 11 release date is announced. Season 11 will be available to stream on Max and Discovery Plus at the same time.

Get Max or HBO Max Price and unblock Max in Canada using a VPN to witness people who appear to have gone without a trace, with interviews with relatives and detectives who worked on their cases.

Disappeared Season 11 Plot:

For those looking for what season 11 has to offer, watch Disappeared Season 11 plotline that involves The Bradley Sisters, who went missing from their Bronzeville residence in Chicago during the summer of 2001.

Diamond Bradley, 3, and Tionda Bradley, 10, left a letter for their mom on July 6, 2001, stating that they were headed to the shop and a playground close. The girls have not been seen or heard from since.

While the family is in the doldrums and is speculating that the letter was too perfectly written for a ten-year-old kid, the mother notifies that the kid must have called her rather than leaving an open note. As the Chicago police department is still looking for the suspects get your favorite Max or HBO Max Bundle and watch disappeared updates 2023.

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Disappeared Season 11 Trailer:

Max has officially released the latest Disappeared Season 11 Trailer. The trailer shows other chilling stories of the disappearances of the loved one and the family still looks out for them a ray of hope. Click the link given below to watch the latest trailer.

To watch Disappeared Season 11 series you need to unblock Max in Canada. The VPN(ExpressVPN) relocates you to the US and allows you to access Max in Canada.

Have any episodes of Disappeared been solved?

You might be wondering has anyone from the show disappeared been found alive? Yes, one of the best Disappeared episodes,

The Disappearance of Tanya Rider Season 2 Episode 4, showed Tanya was discovered ALIVE and still tied into her automobile, narrowly surviving a terrible accident. She was strapped in her automobile for eight days, without food or drink.

This is not the only disappeared episodes solved, there are more with much more suspense, twists, and turns. Get Max or HBO Max On Roku and watch the unreal true missing incidents along with that get Disappeared show updates.

How Many Seasons of The Disappeared are there?

There have been 10 seasons of Disappeared till now with season 11 getting released shortly on Max on 20th August, 2023. Before season 11 you can get Disappeared season 10 streaming on Investigation Discovery via Max.

Here we have briefly described every season up till now.

Disappeared Season 01: This season was broadcast in 2009 consisting of 13 episodes. This season pushes you to observe the tragic, perplexing, and inexplicable stories of loved ones who have gone missing, as well as the families who refuse to give up hope.

Disappeared Season 02: The next installment was broadcast in 2010 with 13 episodes. This season some stories are unfinished; some have terrible conclusions, while others have surprisingly positive endings. They are all driven by unexpected events.

Disappeared Season 03: An engrossing series about missing people. The third season commenced on January 3rd, 2011. Season 3 again had 13 episodes and untold missing stories.

Disappeared Season 04: The season was aired in 2011 with 14 episodes. The season catches every eye. Each hour goes into a single case, following the time immediately preceding the disappearance for crucial evidence regarding the disappearance.

Disappeared Season 05: The fifth season was aired in January 2012 with 17 exciting episodes. Season 5 continues to tell new missing stories with haunting and unbelievable endings.

Disappeared Season 06: With 15 episodes, season 6 was released on November 19, 2012. Once again the season narrates the stories of 15 different people missing in different states.

Disappeared Specials: A set of 4 episodes with 3 episodes with dark and disheartening endings. The first episode was aired on May 26, 2014. The second episode describes the return of the missing person after six months.

Disappeared Season 07: Season 07 of Disappeared was back on April 11, 2016, with 10 episodes. This season the stories are either unsolved or the victim is deceased.

Disappeared Season 08: On March 26, 2017, Disappeared was back on screens for its eighth installment with 13 episodes. The majority of the cases are still mising and the agencies are still looking for evidence.

Disappeared Season 09: A year later on March 16, 2018, season 9 of Disappeared was launched. With 13 episodes and almost all still inconclusive, the season describes the misery of families looking for their loved ones.

Disappeared Season 10: The last season of Investigation Discovery Disappeared Season 10 premiered on September 7, 2022. The eight episodes of season 10 are all still under scrutiny.

Disappeared Season 1:

Episode No. Overall Episode No. in Season Title People Missing Date and Location Outcome Original Air Date
1 1 The End of Innocence Brandi Ellen Wells August 3, 2006, in Longview, Texas Still missing December 10, 2009
2 2 A Mother’s Secret Paige Birgfeld June 28, 2007, in Mesa County, Colorado A hiker discovered the bones of a deceased person in Delta County, near the Mesa County boundary. Lester Jones was caught and guilty of abducting and murdering her in 2014. January 11, 2010
3 3 A Fateful Meeting Amy St. Laurent October 20, 2001, in Portland, Maine In December 2001, he was discovered dead and dumped in a forest in Scarborough, Maine. Jeffrey Gorman was found guilty of first-degree murder and was punished with sixty years in jail. January 18, 2010
4 4 The Last Truck Stop Michele Whitaker August 16, 2002, in Spartanburg, South Carolina In 2008, she was discovered alive. Michele informed her family she left voluntarily because she wished to begin her life over. January 25, 2010
5 5 A Lost Soul Lee Sterling Cutler October 20, 2007, in Buffalo Grove, Illinois Still missing February 1, 2010
6 6 Miles to Nowhere Maura Murray February 9, 2004, near Haverhill, New Hampshire Still missing February 8, 2010
7 7 Favorite Son William Paul August 24, 2004, in Waterbury, Connecticut Still missing February 15, 2010
8 8 The Long Drive Home Michelle McMullen September 28, 2008, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania In 2011, she was discovered alive. She pled guilty to fraud and theft allegations and received a five-year probation term. February 22, 2010
9 9 The Most Hated Woman in America Madalyn Murray O’Hair, Jon Murray, and Robin Murray O’Hair August 27, 1995, in Austin, Texas In 2001, she was discovered dead and buried on a rural Texas property. Gary Paul Karr was convicted of abduction and other offenses linked with the O’Hair trials and sentenced to life behind bars. March 1, 2010
10 10 Rosemary’s Secret Rosemary Anne Christensen August 26, 1999, in Tampa, Florida Her spouse murdered her, and she was discovered dead in the sand by the Suwannee River in 2008. March 8, 2010
11 11 When the Music Stopped John Michael Spira February 23, 2007, in Chicago, Illinois Still missing March 15, 2010
12 12 Dark Waters Bison Dele Williams, Serena Karlan, and Bertrand Saldo July 7, 2002, near Tahiti Still missing. Bison Dele is supposedly dead. March 22, 2010
13 13 Royal Secrets Royal Daniel III April 27, 2007, in Breckenridge, Colorado In 2011, a man was discovered alive after being broadcast while attempting to enter the United States from Mexico. He pled guilty to stealing and received a sentence of 12 years in imprisonment. March 29, 2010

Disappeared Season 2:

Episode No. Overall Episode No. in Season Title People Missing Date and Location Outcome Original Air Date
14 1 The Secret Journey Brittanee Drexel April 25, 2009, in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Following the broadcast, the deceased was discovered. Drexel’s dead body was discovered on May 11, 2022. Raymond Moody was convicted of first-degree illegal sexual misconduct, homicide, and abduction. October 4, 2010
15 2 The Beauty Queen Mystery Tara Grinstead October 22, 2005, in Ocilla, Georgia Still absent, but may have been cremated. A former Irwin County High School pupil, Ryan Alexander Duke, was accused of her murder. October 11, 2010
16 3 Vanishing Bride Marilyn Renee McCown July 22, 2001, in Richmond, Indiana Still missing October 18, 2010
17 4 No Exit Tanya Rider September 19, 2007, near Seattle, Washington On September 28, 2007, she was discovered alive twenty feet down a roadside ravine, still belted into the driver’s seat of her vehicle. October 25, 2010
18 5 Lost Trust Elizabeth and John Calvert March 3, 2008, in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina Still unaccounted for. Both were formally proclaimed deceased in 2009. November 1, 2010
19 6 Lost Highway Michael Fuksa July 16, 2009, in Olathe, Kansas Probably a suicide. Was found dead with a self-inflicted gunshot wound in May 2015 in Casper, Wyoming. November 8, 2010
20 7 Danger at Dusk Kristi Cornwell August 11, 2009, in Union County, Georgia A dreadful conclusion. Her burnt, and skeletal remains were discovered in the forests of north Georgia. November 15, 2010
21 8 Mojave Mystery April Beth Pitzer June 28, 2004, in Newberry Springs, California Still missing November 22, 2010
22 9 Unfinished Business John Glasgow January 28, 2008, in Little Rock, Arkansas In March 2015, hikers discovered his body and remains in a rough section of Petit Jean Mountain. November 29, 2010
23 10 Paradise Lost Bobby, Sherilyn, and Madyson Jamison October 8, 2009, near Red Oak, Oklahoma Hunters discovered a deceased person with unclear circumstances in 2013. There was no determination of the cause of death. December 6, 2010
24 11 Final Prayer Timothy Carney September 28, 2004, in Butler, New Jersey Mr. Carney was discovered healthy and well, but he refused to reveal his location and reasons. December 13, 2010
25 12 Doomed Romance Jeramy Carl Burt February 11, 2007, in Boise, Idaho Still missing December 20, 2010
26 13 Gone at 17 Kara Elise Kopetsky May 4, 2007, in Belton, Missouri She was discovered deceased, with her bones discovered in a forested location south of Belton. Her ex-boyfriend, who was arrested on drug charges, admits to strangling her to death. December 27, 2010

Disappeared Season 3:

Episode No. Overall Episode No. in Season Title People Missing Date and Location Outcome Original Air Date
27 1 Mystery at the Border Joseph, Summer, Gianni, and Joseph McStay February 4, 2010, in Fallbrook, California The body was discovered in the desert near Victorville, California. All four killings were committed by Charles Merritt, a business partner of the patriarch Joseph McStay. January 3, 2011
28 2 Secret Rendezvous Patricia Adkins June 29, 2001, in Marysville, Ohio Still missing. Declared dead later. January 10, 2011
29 3 Murky Waters Molly Bish June 27, 2000, in Warren, Massachusetts Found dead later, a few miles from her home January 17, 2011
30 4 The Final Chord Brian Barton March 10, 2005, in Federal Way, Washington Discovered dead later behind a church near his residence January 24, 2011
31 5 Gone on the Fourth of July Roxanne Paltauf July 7, 2006, in Austin, Texas Missing till date January 31, 2011
32 6 Into the Woods Jeremy Alex April 24, 2004, in Northport, Maine Missing till date February 7, 2011
33 7 The Darkest Night Toni Lee Sharpless August 23, 2009, in West Brandywine Township, Pennsylvania Missing till date February 14, 2011
34 8 Soul Searcher Leah Roberts March 9, 2000, near Bellingham, Washington Missing till date February 21, 2011
35 9 A Family’s Curse Ray Gricar April 15, 2005, in State College, Pennsylvania Missing till date however announced dead after the airing February 28, 2011
36 10 The Springfield Three Sherrill Levitt, Suzanne Streeter, and Stacy McCall June 7, 1992, in Springfield, Missouri Missing till date. They were legally announced dead in 1997. March 7, 2011
37 11 A Mother’s Mission Samantha Bonnell September 24, 2005, near Montclair, California Her body remained unclaimed after being found in 2005. It was later identified in April 2007 at the San Bernardino County Coroner’s Office. March 14, 2011
38 12 Lost Hero Brandy Hall August 17, 2006, in Malabar, Florida Still not found. Announced dead in 2015 March 21, 2011
39 13 Silent Night Patty Vaughan December 25, 1996, in La Vernia, Texas Missing till date March 28, 2011

Disappeared Season 4:

Episode No. Overall Episode No. in Season Title People Missing Date and Location Outcome Original Air Date
40 1 Running for Her Life Rachel Cooke January 10, 2002, in Georgetown, Texas Missing till date April 4, 2011
41 2 Secrets of a Son Steven Koecher December 13, 2009, in Henderson, Nevada Missing till date April 11, 2011
42 3 Heavy Metal Mystery Morgan Harrington October 17, 2009, near Charlottesville, Virginia Found dead in 2009. Jesse Matthew Jr. formally pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and abduction in 2016 and was sentenced to four consecutive life sentences without the chance of release or parole April 18, 2011
43 4 Game Over Charlie Allen, Jr. October 12, 2007, in Dartmouth, Massachusetts Missing till date April 25, 2011
44 5 Missing Valentine Patricia Viola February 13, 2001, in Bogota, New Jersey Announced dead after the airing. Her body, found in 2002 remained unidentified until 2012. October 24, 2011
45 6 The Dark Ravine Alicia Amanda “Mandy” Stokes November 25, 2007, in Oakland, California Missing till date October 31, 2011
46 7 A Father’s Quest Leah Rachelle Peebles May 22, 2006, in Albuquerque, New Mexico Missing till date November 7, 2011
47 8 Memory Lane Amber Gerweck April 9, 2011, in Joliet, Illinois Discovered alive three weeks later. She said that she ran away because she thought she was going to kill herself. She had experienced a dissociative fugue that led her to abandon her children and cheat on her husband. November 14, 2011
48 9 Spring Break Nightmare Colleen Orsborn March 15, 1984, in Daytona Beach, Florida Body was discovered a few weeks later near a lake in Orange County. It was later identified in 2011 by DNA. November 21, 2011
49 10 Mystery on Lake Seminole Jerry Michael Williams December 16, 2000, in Tallahassee, Florida Announced dead after the airing. Denise Merrell Williams in February 2019 was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole November 28, 2011
50 11 Vanished In Vermont Brianna Maitland March 19, 2004, in Montgomery, Vermont Missing till date December 5, 2011
51 12 Midnight Walk Lucely Aramburo June 1, 2007, in Dania Beach, Florida Missing till date December 12, 2011
52 13 The Wedding Ring Tina Marie McQuaig March 15, 2000, in Jacksonville, Florida Her body remains, showing signs of a violent death, were discovered in 2002 near Cecil Commerce Center December 19, 2011
53 14 Innocence Lost Jamie Fraley April 8, 2008, in Gastonia, North Carolina Missing till date January 2, 2012

Disappeared Season 5:

Episode No. Overall Episode No. in Season Title People Missing Date and Location Outcome Original Air Date
54 1 The Road Not Taken Virginia “Ginni” Wood, Kelly Gaskins, and Ervin Williams March 10, 2007, in Chocowinity, North Carolina Missing till date January 9, 2012
55 2 Dancing into Darkness Susan Walsh July 16, 1996, in Nutley, New Jersey Missing till date January 16, 2012
56 3 Crime and Punishment Terrance Williams January 12, 2004, in Naples, Florida Missing till date January 23, 2012
57 4 Wrong Side of the Tracks Jackie Markham December 14, 2000, in Callahan, Florida Missing till date January 30, 2012
58 5 Daddy’s Girl Danice Day January 9, 2002, in Monte Vista, Colorado Found dead in 2009. Her murderer, Victor Braun, dumped an oil barrel containing Danice’s fragmented remains in Lyman Lake. February 6, 2012
59 6 Last Call Allison Jackson Foy July 30, 2006, near Wilmington, North Carolina Discovered her body in 2008 about three miles away. February 13, 2012
60 7 Hometown Hero Margaret Haddican McEnroe October 12, 2006, in Warren Township, New Jersey Missing till date February 20, 2012
61 8 A Soldier’s Story Noah Pippin September 15, 2010, in Helena, Montana Discovered dead after the broadcast into the wilderness Bob Marshall Wilderness Area south of Glacier National Park in 2012 February 27, 2012
62 9 Into the Bayou Clinton Nelson September 1, 2006, in Princeton, Louisiana Missing till date March 5, 2012
63 10 Little Girl Lost Joey Lynn Offutt July 12, 2007, in Sykesville, Pennsylvania Missing till date but was legally announced dead in 2016 March 12, 2012
64 11 The Vortex Ben McDaniel August 18, 2010, near Ponce de Leon, Florida Missing till date March 19, 2012
65 12 Final Exam Suzanne “Suzy” Lyall March 2, 1998, in Albany, New York Missing till date March 26, 2012
66 13 Too Young For Love Chioma Gray December 13, 2007, in Ventura, California Found alive in 2011. She ran away with her 20-year-old boyfriend, Andrew Joshua Tafoya. He was sentenced to two years in prison as he pleaded guilty to concealing a child. April 2, 2012
67 14 Footprints in the Sand Shannan Gilbert May 1, 2010, in Jersey City, New Jersey Gilbert’s body remains were found in Oak Beach, Long Island in 2011 April 9, 2012
68 15 Just a Nice Guy Zebb Quinn January 2, 2000, in Asheville, North Carolina Missing till date, presumably dead. The last person who saw Zebb alive, Robert Jason Owens, was indicted for her murder after the broadcast. April 16, 2012
69 16 Hard Life in the Big Easy Dana Pastori February 27, 2002, near New Orleans, Louisiana Her body remains were found mummified in a New Orleans apartment in 2005. John Morgan, her boyfriend, was sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole in 2009 April 23, 2012
70 17 Missing By Design William “Billy” McGrath August 17, 2009, in Phoenix, Arizona Discovered dead in 2011 under the house of Bradly Tocker. He was sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole April 30, 2012

Disappeared Season 6:

Episode No. Overall Episode No. in Season Title People Missing Date and Location Outcome Original Air Date
71 1 Lost in the Dark Mitrice Richardson September 17, 2009, in Malibu, California Discovered her body in 2010 in Malibu Canyon by park rangers, her remains were naked and mummified November 19, 2012
72 2 The Soldier’s Wife Bethany Decker January 29, 2011, near Ashburn, Virginia Missing till date but death confirmed by her then-boyfriend, Ronald Roldan. He says he put her body into a Christmas tree disposal bag and dumped her in the trash compactor at their complex. He had pushed her and she hit her head on the windowsill during an argument they had at their Ashburn apartment. November 26, 2012
73 3 The Dutchman’s Curse Jesse Capen December 4, 2009, in Denver, Colorado Her remains were found in 2013 after the broadcast, in the Superstition Mountains near Phoenix, Arizona, wedged in an inaccessible crevasse. December 3, 2012
74 4 Dark Voyage Colleen Wood December 28, 2000, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida Missing till date December 10, 2012
75 5 One-Way Ticket Hatice Corbacioglu June 13, 2009, in Toronto, Ontario Missing till date December 17, 2012
76 6 City of Angels Satara Stratton October 17, 2011, in Los Angeles, California Found alive before the broadcast date. Died in 2017, February 4th. December 24, 2012
77 7 Missing in the Mountains Amy Wroe Bechtel July 24, 1997, in Lander, Wyoming Missing till date however was legally announced dead in 2004 January 7, 2013
78 8 Radio Silence Randy Morgenson July 23, 1996, near Fresno, California Discovered dead in 2001. Likely died of hypothermia as he fell off a snow drift and broke his leg. His remains were washed down the creek where they were hidden in the rocks for years. January 14, 2013
79 9 Out of the Ashes Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman December 30, 1999, in Welch, Oklahoma Missing till date January 21, 2013
80 10 Breaking News Jodi Huisentruit June 27, 1995, in Mason City, Iowa Missing till date but was announced dead in 2001 January 28, 2013
81 11 A Diamond Is Forever Bob Wykel February 21, 1996, in Burien, Washington Missing till date but was legally announced dead. Myron C. Wynn was convicted of first-degree murder and was sentenced to twenty years in prison. February 4, 2013
82 12 Final Season Tracy Ocasio May 27, 2009, in Orlando, Florida Missing till date March 31, 2013
83 13 Long Lost Love Robert ‘Bob’ Harrod July 27, 2009, in Placentia, California Missing till date April 4, 2013
84 14 Birds of Prey Moses Lall and Lila Buerattan June 15, 1994, in Loxahatchee, Florida Missing till date April 4, 2013
85 15 At the Crossroads Jarrod Johnston July 7, 2007, near Yazoo City, Mississippi Missing till date April 4, 2013

Disappeared Specials:

Episode No. Overall Episode No. in Season Title People Missing Date and Location Outcome Original Air Date
86 1 Missing in Maui: A Disappeared Special Carly ‘Charli’ Scott February 9, 2014, in Maui, Hawaii Discovered dead. Scott’s bloodstained body parts were found in a brush area at Nua Ailua Bay near Keanae. Steven Capobianco, Scott’s ex-boyfriend, was convicted of second-degree murder and in March 2017 was sentenced to life in prison. May 26, 2014
87 2 Lauryn is Lost: A Disappeared Special Lauryn Garrett May 1, 2014, in Sequim, Washington Found alive in 2014. A notice added at the end of the Disappeared program states that Lauryn “returned home on 18 October 2014”. She was sighted at a grocery store in Shoreline, Washington by a cashier who was a childhood friend. Her father later confirmed that it was his daughter. August 31, 2014
88 3 Lone Star Mystery: A Disappeared Special Christina Morris August 30, 2014, in Plano, Texas Discovered dead after the airing in March 2018. Although she was missing, Enrique Arochi was sentenced to life in prison for kidnapping her January 7, 2015
89 4 Gone in Georgia: A Disappeared Special Kelly Nash January 5, 2015, in Buford, Georgia Body remains were discovered in 2015 drowned in a Lake Lanier cove having a gunshot wound. April 12, 2015

Disappeared Season 7:

Episode No. Overall Episode No. in Season Title People Missing Date and Location Outcome Original Air Date
90 1 Somebody’s Watching Jessica Heeringa April 26, 2013, near Norton Shores, Michigan Missing till date however presumably dead. On May 16, 2018, Jeffrey Willis was found guilty of Heeringa’s kidnapping and murder and received a life sentence without a possibility of parole. April 11, 2016
91 2 Against the Tide Tiffany Daniels August 12, 2013, in Fort Pickens, Florida Missing till date April 18, 2016
92 3 Road to Nowhere Bryce Laspisa August 30, 2013, near Castaic, California Missing till date April 25, 2016
93 4 Walk Into Darkness Tammy Kingery September 20, 2014, near North Augusta, South Carolina Missing till date May 2, 2016
94 5 Off the Grid Brian Histand May 15, 2013, in Maricopa County, Arizona Discovered dead in 2016, presumably died of natural causes. His remains were found in several locations in South Mountain park, Arizona May 9, 2016
95 6 No Stone Unturned David Riemens August 8, 2012, near Wilson County, Tennessee Discovered dead in 2018. Remains found in Wilson County Tennessee near Sparta Pike May 16, 2016
96 7 California Leaving Rico Harris October 10, 2014, near Sacramento, California Missing till date May 23, 2016
97 8 A Family Man Robert Hoagland July 28, 2013, near Fairfield County, Connecticut Found dead after the airing in 2022. He had been living in Rock Hill, New York under an alias for 9 years May 30, 2016
98 9 Love Triangle Brandy Hanna May 20, 2005, near Charleston, South Carolina Missing to date. In 2016, Garland Eugene Lankford, former boyfriend of Hanna, was arrested by North Charleston Police with obstruction of justice in connection with the disappearance of Hanna in 2005 June 6, 2016
99 10 Girl Interrupted Jennifer Kesse January 24, 2006, in Ocoee, Florida Missing till date June 6, 2016

Disappeared Season 8:

Episode No. Overall Episode No. in Season Title People Missing Date and Location Outcome Original Air Date
100 1 American Gothic Lynn Messer July 8, 2014, in St. Genevieve, Missouri Discovered dead in 2016. Her remains were found near her residence, the farm. March 26, 2017
101 2 The Silent Son Macin Smith September 1, 2015, in Saint George, Utah Missing till date April 2, 2017
102 3 Spirited Away Kortne Stouffer July 28, 2012, in Palmyra, Pennsylvania Missing till date April 9, 2017
103 4 On a Mission Elizabeth Salgado April 16, 2015, in Provo, Utah Discovered dead in May 2018. Her remains were located in Hobble Creek Canyon, above Springville. April 16, 2017
104 5 Every Mother’s Son Elijah “Bear” Diaz August 29, 2015, in El Cajon, California Missing till date April 23, 2017
105 6 Into The Night Zoe Campos November 18, 2013, in Lubbock, Texas Body remains were found buried in the back-yard of Carlos Andrew Rodriguez. In July 2019, he confessed to the murder. April 30, 2017
106 7 Flight Risk Katelin Akens December 5, 2015, near Spotsylvania, Virginia Missing till date May 7, 2017
107 8 About a Boy Zachary Bernhardt September 11, 2000, in Clearwater, Florida Missing till date May 21, 2017
108 9 The One That Got Away Eric Lee Franks March 21, 2011, in Saginaw, Michigan Missing till date. Frank’s car was recovered from a garage of an incapacitated man for whom Frank’s girlfriend worked as a caregiver. Frank’s DNA was found on the driver’s seat. May 28, 2017
109 10 The Last Summer Kayla Berg August 11, 2009, in Wausau, Wisconsin Missing till date June 4, 2017
110 11 A Bridge Too Far Richard Petrone and Danielle Imbo February 19, 2005, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Missing till date June 11, 2017
111 12 Lost Angel Angel Garcia October 21, 2011, in Hartford, Connecticut Missing till date June 18, 2017
112 13 The Long Way Home Deanne Hastings November 3, 2015, in Spokane, Washington Missing till date June 25, 2017

Disappeared Season 9:

Episode No. Overall Episode No. in Season Title People Missing Date and Location Outcome Original Air Date
113 Early–


A Date With Danger Nancy Moyer March 6, 2009, in Tenino, Washington Missing till date March 16, 2018
114 1 Edge of Fourteen Ashley Summers July 9, 2007, in Cleveland, Ohio Missing till date April 1, 2018
115 2 Last Words Logan Schiendelman May 19, 2016, in Tumwater, Washington Missing till date April 8, 2018
116 3 Troubled Waters Amy Bradley March 24, 1998, near Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean, Netherland Missing till date. Announced dead on March 24th, 2010 April 15, 2018
117 4 Into the Mist Stephanie Crane October 11, 1993, in Challis, Idaho Missing till date April 22, 2018
118 5 Born This Way Dashad Laquinn “Sage” Smith November 20, 2012, in Charlottesville, Virginia Missing till date April 29, 2018
119 6 The Vanishing Hour Tyarra Williams January 7, 2016, in Greensboro, North Carolina Missing till date May 6, 2018
120 7 In Broad Daylight Holly Cantrell January 20, 2017, in McAlester, Oklahoma Discovered dead after the broadcast in March 2018, but went unidentified until February 2020. The remains were found by volunteers near the Lake Eufaula, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma May 13, 2018
121 8 Just Out of Sight Michael VanZandt March 5, 2016, in Hermosa Beach, California Missing till date May 21, 2018
122 9 So Close to Home Alexandria “Ali” Lowitzer April 26, 2010, in Spring, Texas Missing till date May 27, 2018
123 10 Last Stop Tabitha Tuders April 29, 2003, in Nashville, Tennessee Missing till date June 3, 2018
124 11 Breaking Away James “Martin” Roberts April 21, 2016, in Boone, North Carolina Missing till date June 10, 2018
125 12 Moment of Truth Michael Chambers March 10, 2017, in Quinlan, Texas Body remains were discovered after the airing in November 2022 in a wooded area off the U.S. Highway 276 and east of East Tawakoni but went unidentified until May 2023. June 17, 2018

Disappeared Season 10:

Episode No. Overall Episode No. in Season Title People Missing Date and Location Outcome Original Air Date
126 1 Vanished in the Night Kirsten Brueggeman January 2, 2021, in Indianapolis Missing till date September 7, 2022
127 2 Disappearance in the Desert Daniel Robinson June 23, 2021, in Buckeye, Arizona Missing till date September 14, 2022
128 3 Navajo Nightmare Pepita Redhair March 27, 2020, in Albuquerque, New Mexico Missing till date September 21, 2022
129 4 The Long Drive Home Jason Landry December 13, 2020, in San Marcos, Texas Missing till date September 28, 2022
130 5 Vanished in the Heartland Dee Ann Warner April 25, 2021, in Tipton, Michigan Missing till date October 5, 2022
131 6 Vanishing on the Border Kimberly Avila May 13, 2017, in Brownsville, Texas Missing till date October 19, 2022
132 7 The Sweetest Man in the World Brian Edward Klecha December 27, 2017, in Lakeland, Florida Missing till date October 26, 2022
133 8 New Mom Missing Ciera Breland February 24, 2022, in Johns Creek, Georgia Missing till date November 2, 2022

Disappeared Season 11 Cast & Crew:

The Disappeared Season 11 cast is revealed. In the table below we have listed the top cast of Disappeared.

Cast and Crew
Name Role Name Role
Christopher Crutchfield Walker Narrator Kiff VandenHeuvel Narrator
Dennis Hindman Construction worker David Van Norman Deputy Coroner
Heather Ashley Amanda Stokes Damien Bosco Carmine Sasso
James Konczyk Serial Killer Jenn Wright Charity
Thomas Brophy Detective Jacob Kyle Young RJ Orr
Robbie Latorre Samantha Moyer Cory Kays Abram Messer
Maddie Small Debbie Tom Rider Tanya’s Husband
Lance Stroud Drug Dealer Michael LaCour Ray
Christian Alvarado Angel Garcia Cazimir Milostan Detective Droz

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Disappeared Season 11

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Season 11 will begin with the mysterious disappearance of the Bradley sisters, two young kids who went missing in their Chicago residence in 2001.

Yes, while most episodes are still missing or inconclusive, there are a few episodes where the people were actually discovered alive.

An American man, Marvin Alvin Clark, who went missing over the Halloween weekend of 1926 while on his way to see his daughter in Portland, Oregon.

Yes. The show will be again on TV on 20th August, 2023 for season 11. The show will be on Investigation Discovery via Max.

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Wrapping Up

So here we conclude our comprehensive and detailed guide on how to watch Disappeared Season 11 in Canada on Max using ExpressVPN. The show is not for the faint heart as it contains some disturbing stories.

ExpressVPN is a reliable VPN that allows you to watch the show safely. Watch the show to know the untold facts about each missing incident.