How to Watch Hell’s Kitchen Season 21 in Canada

Hell's Kitchen Season 21

In this blog, you will learn to watch the most exciting series in the history of culinary & cooking reality show as Hell’s Kitchen Season 21 is released by FOX TV on 5th January 2023. Gordon Ramsey is known Worldwide for his enthusiasm and passion for the culinary field. The show Hell’s Kitchen Season 21 is definitely a must-watch if you are a fan of Gordan Ramsey and his cooking reality shows.

Unfortunately, FOX TV is a location-limited streaming channel that is only available to watch inside USA, If you are residing in Canada and wondering how watch Hell’s Kitchen Season 21 in Canada, the answer to your query is a top-grade VPN like ExpressVPN, as it will ensure you can easily access FOX TV in Canada by surpassing geo-restricted errors.

Watch Hell’s Kitchen Season 21 in Canada – [Quick Guide]

Canadian users will be stopped from approaching FOX TV due to their location-restricted policies. If you are living in Canada, you will have to look for an alternate way to Watch Hell’s Kitchen Season 21 in Canada. Follow the quick guide given below in order to unblock FOX TV in Canada:

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN plan it offers. It’s the most reliable VPN service provider.
  2. Download ExpressVPN and provide personal details to log in.
  3. Connect to the USA server.
  4. Launch FOX and stream Hell’s Kitchen Season 21.

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Where Can I Watch Hell’s Kitchen Season 21 in Canada?

To watch Hell’s Kitchen Season 21 tune into Fox TV. With a comfortable FOX TV price, you can easily watch all the content available on FOX TV.

You can also use FOX TV free trial to watch Hell’s Kitchen Season 21 on FOX TV for free. Surely The Resident season 5 has made you curious even more about the story. As previously mentioned, the VPN will work wonders once you connect its servers.

Why do You Need a VPN to Watch Hell’s Kitchen Season 21 in Canada?

You Need a VPN to Watch Hell’s Kitchen Season 21 in Canada because the official broadcasting channel of Hell’s kitchen i.e FOX TV is a location-limited channel, geo-restricted or location-limited channels means that their content can only be accessed by the users of a particular area and IP address of user outside their permitted region will automatically be blocked from approaching their channel.


Geo-restricted error

For this purpose, ExpressVPN is mandatory because it works efficiently in terms of masking your original Canadian IP address and replacing it with an IP address that is located inside USA, by doing so ExpressVPN will present your fake IP address to the streaming service, showing as if you are living in USA.

When Does Hell’s Kitchen Season 21 Return?

Hell’s Kitchen Season 21 is returning to your small screens on 5th January 2023 exclusively on Fox TV and FOX TV’s official app. That is why we frequently recommend keeping your ExpressVPN account logged in so that watching the series any time you want is not a problem for you even if you are living outside USA.

What is the Hell’s Kitchen Season 21 Plot?

Hell’s Kitchen Season 21 is the 21st installment of the most famous cooking show by Gordan Ramsey. Gordon Ramsey is the host as well the top judge of this show. Ramsey’s attitude and anger for bad food are the main attention of the whole series. Ramsey is considered one the most passionate chef in the world and is famous for cooking some fantastic dishes and for his culinary skills.

The format of the show is designed in such a way that two teams will participate in the show that is the red and blue teams. The division is done in such a way that the contestants of 20 something age group are put in the red team whereas the contestants of 40 something age are put into the blue team.

Two contestants from previous seasons will serve as the sous chef for both teams. 18 chefs in total will compete for becoming the head chef of the restaurant.

Who is in the Cast Hell’s Kitchen Season 21?

The main star cast of Hell’s kitchen consists of these stars:

  • Gordon Ramsey
  • Marino Monferrato
  • Aaron Mitrano
  • Ben

Who are the Contestants on Hell’s Kitchen Season 21?

The names of the contestant competing for the title are given below.

Team Red:

Contestant Role
Brett Binninger-Schwartz Executive chef
Dafne Mejia Executive chef
Alejandro Najar Head chef
Cheyenne Nichols Sous-chef
Sommer Sellers Lead line cook
Sakari Smithwick Pop-up chef
Ileana D’Silva Sous-chef
Alyssa Osinga Executive chef

Team Blue:

Contestant Role
Alex Belew Former restaurant owne
Tara Ciannella Private chef
Abe Sanchez Executive chef
Mindy Livengood Caterer
Billy Trudsoe Head chef
Nicole Gomez Private chef
O’Shay Lolley Executive chef
Zeus Gordiany Executive chef
Charlene Sherman Private chef

How Many Episodes of Hell’s Kitchen Season 21?

The exact number of episodes has not been announced by fox tv however, it is expected to have more than 10 episodes but once the show is released you will be updated about the exact number of episodes:

  • Episode 1, Let the Battle Begin
  • Episode 2, Just Wingin’ It,
  • Episode 3, Clawing Your Way to the Top
  • Episode 4, Slipping Down to Hell
  • Episode 5, Breakfast 911
  • Episode 6, Til Chef Do Us Part
  • Episode 7, Wok This Way
  • Episode 8, Game On

Is There Any Trailer for Hell’s Kitchen Season 21?

The trailer for hell’s kitchen season 21 is not released yet. But if you are craving to watch this show then you can binge-watch the previous seasons as they were also very amusing.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Hell’s Kitchen Season 21 in Canada?

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Hell's Kitchen Season 21


Alex Belew won Hell’s Kitchen Season 21.

Hell’s kitchen season 21 was filmed in Las Vegas.

Christina Machamer is the most successful Hell’s Kitchen winner so far.

Wrap Up

Get ready to witness the culinary skills at their best as Gordan Ramsey is returning to the screen with all his energy and enthusiasm. We don’t want you to miss out on this excitement as the show releases.

That is why we remind you to have an ExpressVPN subscription plan purchased and logged in to your streaming device. So that you can watch Hell’s Kitchen Season 21 in Canada without disruption.