How to Watch Irreverent in Canada

Watch Irreverent in Canada

If you’re in for another crime and drama series this week, it’s time to learn how to watch Irreverent in Canada. The new series will air on Peacock TV on November 30, 2022. The Irreverent series will take viewers to the fate of an American criminal who has to change his ways after he bungled a heist.

Fans can watch the Irreverent show Peacock TV in Canada. The platform is available to fans with IP addresses in the US and its territories, including the US Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, and Puerto Rico, to name a few. This gives those outside these locations to experience difficulty accessing the platform.

However, you can access Peacock TV in Canada after connecting to a VPN server in the United States. This is why a VPN service is necessary, as it unlocks all geo-restrictions imposed by streaming platforms, including Peacock TV.

Watch Irreverent in Canada – [Quick Guide]

Streaming Peacock Irreverent and other content are easy with a VPN connection. Streamers can use the platform in just minutes and enjoy the content they wish to stream on Peacock TV. Here are some simple steps to set up your device with a VPN.

  1. Subscribe to an ExpressVPN plan. It is the most recommended provider.
  2. Download the VPN app and key in your login information.
  3. Connect to server in the US.
  4. Open Peacock TV from your device and stream the Irreverent.

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Where to Watch Irreverent in Canada?

Some refer to the series as an Irreverent movie. However, it’s technically a series that comes with various episodes. Fans of crime-thrilled must be excited about the Irreverent pilot episode. You can watch it first through Peacock TV. It’s the platform that holds the streaming rights for the show.

Why do You Need a VPN to Watch Irreverent in Canada?

As previously discussed, Peacock TV is accessible for streamers within the territories of the United States. All fans outside the US planning to access Peacock must secure a VPN service. The VPN eliminates the geo-restrictions on any streaming platform. This allows you to watch any content on Peacock TV and other channels.

peacock tv geo restriction error

What is Irreverent 2022 About?

The series follows the story of Paulo, who is an American criminal. He was part of a bungled heist, so the Chicago mob comes after Paulo in hot pursuit. He will then be forced to leave America and hide in a small rural town in Australia. There, he will assume the role of a reverend, Reverend Mackenzie Boyd specifically.

While Paulo acts as the righteous man in an isolated community, the Chicago mob can catch his trial. The thrill and excitement lie when the Chicago mob finds Paulo in his new hometown in Australia.

How Many Episodes of Irreverent?

The series Irreverent Queensland are generally related since the show is filmed in the Australian state. You can see more of rural Queensland as you watch the ten episodes starting November 30. It’s going to be a fun ride with this new series.

Is There a Trailer of Irreverent?

Yes, The premise might be that gritty, crime-thriller series, but Irreverent’s trailers also showed warmth with comical characters. The two-minute clip generally takes viewers to Paulo’s journey, which starts when he flees from the US to Far North Queensland, where he portrays a reverend in a small town.

Who’s in the Cast Irreverent?

Here is the complete cast of the Irreverent.

Actor/Actress Role Portrayed
Colin Donnell Paul/Mackenzie
P.J. Byrne Reverend Mackenzie Boyd
Susie Porter Agnes
Martin Sacks Victor
Wayne Blair Peter
Russell Dykstra Lester
Robert Rabiah Farah
Briallen Clarke Amy
Kylie Bracknell Piper
Tegan Stimson Daisy
Calen Tassone Harry
Ed Oxenbould Cameron
Anne Lise Philips Helen
Roz Hammond Margie
Jason Wilder Aidan
Sachin Joab Sgt. Rahane
Val Lehman Delainy

What is the Premiere Date of Irreverent 2022?

The pilot episode premieres on November 30, 2022, on Peacock TV. Remember that to access the platform, you must connect to a trusted VPN service provider. This way, you can easily stream the series from episode one to ten.

What is the IMDb Rating of Irreverent?

IMDb users have yet to rate Irreverent since the series has yet to be released. However, fans who saw the trailer are already excited about its premiere this week. It’s one of Peacock TV’s original content this fall, so you should check it out.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Irreverent in Canada?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Irreverent in Canada because this provider has solidified its status as the most reliable and recommended VPN service. Along with it are the assurance that every subscriber gets the best service and a stable connection for a hassle-free streaming experience.

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What’s New Upcoming to Peacock TV in November 2022?

November is here! And you know what else is here too? Peacock TV’s spectacular list of new titles! Peacock offers the perfect collection of titles to keep you entertained throughout the month. Here we have a list of November:

Movies/Shows Release Date
The Calling 2022 3rd November 2022
The Capture Season 2 10th November 2022
Once Upon A Time In Londongrad 15th November 2022
Dragons: The Nine Realms Season 4 17th November 2022
Leopard Skin 17th November 2022
She Said 18th November 2022
Messi Documentary 19th November 2022
Pounding Instincts 21st November 2022
Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin 23rd November 2022
WWE Survivor Series 25th November 2022
Irreverent 30th November 2022



Yes. If you’re craving some crime-thriller scenes with many heartwarming stories on the side, then Irreverent is for you. Upon reading the trailer summary, you indeed have a few questions before the series starts; hence you should not miss it and find the answers from the series yourself.

According to IMDb, there are two directors of Irreverent. One is Lucy Gaffy, who directed all ten series episodes. Meanwhile, Jonathan Teplitzky is responsible for directing five episodes of Irreverent.

Irreverent had five producers – Paddy Macrae, Alastair McKinnon, Andrew Knight, Tom Hoffie, and Debbie Lee. Macrae and McKinnon were executive producers in all ten episodes of the series.

Wrap Up

You can expect Irreverent to bring thrill and excitement starting this Wednesday. You can watch Irreverent in Canada from its pilot episode until its finale and see how Paulo navigates through life as he disguises himself as a reverend. Enjoy the series through Peacock TV with ExpressVPN for a worthwhile streaming experience.