How to Watch Kindred 2022 in Canada

Journey with Dana James as she travels back and forth in time in this new sci-fi series adaptation. Explore how to watch Kindred 2022 in Canada with the Hulu app. All the series episodes will be available for Hulu streamers on December 13, 2022.

In general, Hulu is only available for those physically in the United States. This is because the platform is not licensed to provide streaming right outside American territories. With this, those in Canada and other non-US locations will have difficulty accessing Hulu. Technically, you will be geo-blocked by Hulu.

But you can have the geo-restrictions unblocked with a good VPN connection. After setting up the VPN on your device, it will then bypass the restrictions allowing you to access Hulu in Canada. Consequently, you can still catch up on the Kindred (2022 release date) Hulu in Canada. It’s a straightforward process, unblocking it in minutes.

Watch Kindred 2022 in Canada – [Quick Guide]

The following guide takes you through setting up the VPN on your device, so you can access Hulu. Indeed, you do not want to miss the series since the Kindred (2022 review) says it’s an anticipated series this year. Check out the steps below:

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  2. Install the VPN and log in with your details.
  3. Connect to ExpressVPN US server.
  4. Launch the Hulu website app and stream Kindred 2022.

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Where to Watch Kindred 2022 in Canada?

The Kindred 2022 trailer and its episodes are available on Hulu starting December 13. Subscribers can stream as much as they want once they access the app. Even those outside America can use Hulu. Remember that an excellent VPN service will do the trick to allow you access to the platform.

Why do You Need a VPN to Watch Kindred 2022 in Canada?

A streamer needs a VPN to watch Kindred 2022 in Canada due to the geo-blocks implemented by Hulu for non-American IP addresses. Once the device is connected to a VPN server, it immediately provides an IP address in the US so you can use the app even when you’re in Canada.

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What is Kindred 2022 About?

Based on Kindred IMDB 2022, it is a series adaptation of the Hugo-award winning 1979 novel of a similar title by Octavia E. Butler. The story follows a young Black woman named Dana James. She’s a writer who relocates to LA with her husband, Kevin Franklin. While they try to settle in their new place, Dana experiences dizzy spells.

She is taken back to America’s pre-civil war when slavery was rampant. Viewers must note, though, that time moves fast in the past. This means that a situation that took hours in the past might only take a minute in the present time. Technically, she’s living in two parallel worlds with different paces.

What is Kindred 2022 Release Date?

You can meet the Kindred FX cast on December 13, 2022. The episodes will be released through Hulu, so ensure you have the app ready to access during the release day. Even when the app is exclusive to US streamers, your VPN connection will bypass geo-blocks to access Hulu quickly.

Who is in the Cast of Kindred 2022?

Here is the complete cast of characters for Kindred 2022.

Actor/Actress Role Portrayed
Mallori Johnson Dana James
Micah Stock Kevin Franklin
Ryan Kwanten Thomas Weylin
Gayle Rankin Margaret Weylin
Austin Smith Luke
David Alexander Kaplan Rufus Weylin
Louis Cancelmi Carlo
Brooke Bloom Hermione
Amethyst Davis Winnie
Christopher Farrar Nigel
Elizabeth Stanley Penny
Drew Matthews Charles Broadus
Cherrie McRae Sabina
Britt Douyon Verity

Is There a Trailer of Kindred 2022?

Yes, The trailer opens with a confused Dana in the present time, where she finds herself in 19th century Maryland, on a riverbank with a white boy about to be drowned in the river. While she rushes to rescue the boy, she sees a man with a shotgun saying, ‘What the devil is going on here? She’s still confused as to the circumstances.

It was her first time traveling. When she returns to modern-day LA, she screams in terror while her husband asks her what’s happening. Dana struggles to make sense of what’s happening to her. It’s exciting to know if she’ll ever get to put the puzzles together and come up with a concrete explanation of what’s happening to her.

Is the Kindred Scary?

No. Instead of getting scared, you’ll be curious. The story is all about fantasy, drama, and mystery. It’s a time-travel series following the situations in Dana James’ life as she travels back to the past and present.

How Many Episodes of Kindred 2022?

Kindred 2022 has eight episodes. Hulu will release all of them on December 13. The number of episodes tells you you might need a lot of time when binging it. Regardless, your day will be filled with mysteries as the series progresses.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Kindred 2022 in Canada?

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Kindred 2022


Kindred, which Octavia Butler originally wrote, is not a series but a science fiction book that was published in 1970. Kindred 2022 is a series adaptation of the novel. For those who have read the novel, it might be interesting to see how this series will differ from the original book.

Kindred will remind every reader and viewer of the practice of slavery from a Black women’s perspective in the 1970s. It will engage its audience with the themes of gender, power, race, and class using incredible and unique storytelling.

Yes. It may be confusing in the first few parts of the series, especially with Dana going back and forth in time. However, once you grasp the message and timelines of the story, it sure will be worth it.

Wrap Up

Kindred is an interesting storytelling of history and time travel. Hence, every streamer must watch Kindred 2022 in Canada with Hulu. Avoid worrying about accessibility, as ExpressVPN will ensure you can access the platform hassle-free.