How to Watch Leopard Skin in Canada

Watch Leopard Skin in Canada

Leopard Skin is a crime series that will leave you thrilled. A criminal gang is forced to hide in a beach where two women live alone. Their world changes forever. The series premieres on November 17 on Peacock and should not be missed.

But Peacock is geo-blocked outside the USA due to content licensing laws. Learn how you can watch Leopard Skin in Canada, using a strong VPN to bypass the strict geo-restrictions. A VPN reroutes your IP location to a server in the US allowing you to access Peacock TV in Canada and stream the content live.

Keep reading to learn more about this amazing crime series and the steps you can take to watch it in Canada.

Watch Leopard Skin in Canada – [Quick Guide]

Follow the simple steps below to watch Leopard Skin in Canada.

  1. Subscribe to an ExpressVPN plan. It is the most recommended VPN provider.
  2. Download the app and log in to your account. Connect to a USA server.
  3. Launch the Peacock TV app from your device and search Leopard Skin.
  4. Enjoy the series without any geo-restrictions.

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Where to Watch Leopard Skin in Canada?

You can watch Leopard Skin in Canada on Peacock TV, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime among other streaming channels. But we recommend Peacock where the series premiers first on November 17.

Since you want to know how to watch Leopard Skin in Canada, consider downloading ExpressVPN and following the steps above to access Peacock TV.

Why do You Need a VPN to Watch Leopard Skin in Canada?

You need a VPN to watch Leopard Skin in Canada because of content licensing laws that prevent broadcasting Peacock content outside the USA. Only people within the USA have access to Peacock and some other streaming platforms.

This means people in Canada looking to watch the series need to access Peacock TV first. But since Peacock is geo-blocked outside the USA, a VPN comes in to help unblock the geo-restrictions.

The VPN like ExpressVPN helps unblock the geo-restrictions by rerouting your IP location to a server located in the US. It makes you appear that you’re streaming from the US.

What is Leopard Skin About?

Leopard Skin is a crime series about a criminal gang fleeing a botched jewelry hoist. The gang is forced into an estate on a beach where there are two women living in seclusion.

The gang then takes the two women, Alba and Batty, hostage. In the estate, several things happen from murderous secrets, shocking desires and coldhearted betrayals.

It is a thrilling series that will keep you guessing on what happens next as everyone awaits their fate.

What is IMDb Rating of Leopard Skin?

Leopard Skin is not yet rated on IMDb. It is a brand new series that will be released on Nov 17, 2022. Hopefully, we will update you once the series is rated.

Who’s in the Cast of Leopard Skin?

The cast of Leopard Skin is:

Gentry White
Carla Gugino
Margot Bingham
Gaite Jansen
Amelia Eve
Ana de la Reguera
Nora Arnezeder
Philip Winchester

What is the Release Date of Leopard Skin?

The release date of Leopard Skin is November 17, 2022. The first installment of the brand-new series will air on Peacock with episode 1 streaming on Nov 17.

Is There a Trailer of Leopard Skin?

No, at the moment, there is no trailer for Leopard Skin. But you can check what Leopard Skin is all about and have an idea of what you expect this November.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Leopard Skin in Canada?

ExpressVPN is by far the best VPN to watch Leopard Skin in Canada. The VPN is optimized for the US with 25+ servers in different cities. This gives the VPN fast speeds for a seamless streaming experience.

It’s also pretty safe and comes with some cutting-edge VPN features that allow easy geo-unblocking. The VPN is also tested and proven to offer the best streaming experience.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Leopard Skin in Canada

ExpressVPN is the best overall VPN of all top VPNs to watch Leopard Skin in Canada. The VPN ranks top in terms of cutting-edge technology, speed, security, network coverage and customer care support.

It’s a premium VPN with over 3000 servers in 94+ countries. This gives users more options to connect virtually to any server location in the world. There are over 29 server locations in the US alone.

peacock unblock in canada with expressvpn

With ExpressVPN you can easily unblock Paramount+ and Hulu in Canada.

The server location you choose depends on your needs. Some of the best server locations to watch Leopard Skin in Canada are Los Angeles, New York and New Jersey. The server locations offered the best speeds during our testing.

ExpressVPN has unique locations. With its highly optimized servers, you can watch the latest Peacock TV titles, such as The Calling 2022, The English, Once Upon A Time In Londongrad, etc.

This VPN service has strong unblocking powers allowing you to watch Disney Plus Canada or HBO Max Canada.

Other features include an Automatic Kill Switch which cuts traffic whenever there is a VPN drop. This is an excellent feature when dealing with sensitive streaming platforms and sites that ban accounts with leaked IP locations.

It is a versatile design VPN that connects up to 5 devices simultaneously from the same account. It’s a reliable design VPN that works on a wide array of devices. You can install it on a laptop, computer, gaming console, Smart TV, Android, and much more.

It’s an affordable VPN with a price ranging from CA$ 9.17/mo (US$ 6.67/mo)(Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free) per month on the 12-month plan. Users also get three extra months for added viewing time. It’s a decent choice VPN that offers excellent value for money. The VPN also comes with unlimited bandwidth to ensure a seamless streaming experience.

Don’t miss out on Leopard Skin because you’re in Canada. Download ExpressVPN today and enjoy all new movies and series that are geo-blocked.

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What’s New Upcoming to Peacock TV in November 2022?

November is here! And you know what else is here too? Peacock TV’s spectacular list of new titles! Peacock offers the perfect collection of titles to keep you entertained throughout the month. Here we have a list of November:

Movies/Shows Release Date
The Calling 2022 3rd November 2022
The Capture Season 2 10th November 2022
Once Upon A Time In Londongrad 15th November 2022
Dragons: The Nine Realms Season 4 17th November 2022
Leopard Skin 17th November 2022
She Said 18th November 2022
Messi Documentary 19th November 2022
Pounding Instincts 21st November 2022
Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin 23rd November 2022
WWE Survivor Series 25th November 2022
Irreverent 30th November 2022


It’s worth watching Leopard Skin as it promises to keep you thrilled. You get to enjoy some great scenes near the beach and a plot of betrayal, love, loyalty and much more.

No, Leopard Skin is not a true story. It is a series written by Sebastian Gutierrez who also wrote Snakes on a Plane.

Sebastian Gutierrez is directing “Leopard Skin” for AGC Television. AGC Television’s criminal thriller Leopard Skin, which Sebastian Gutierrez is directing from his screenplay, has started filming in the Dominican Republic.

Wrap Up

There you go! You now know how to watch Leopard Skin in Canada. The series will soon be out on Nov 17, 2022. You can watch it on Peacock. It’s a thrilling series that you should not miss. Will the gang members make it from their hidden location on the beach?

Don’t miss out on the series no matter your location. Use ExpressVPN to unblock all the strict geo-restrictions. It’s a great way to access all geo-blocked streaming platforms from anywhere in the world.