How to Watch Love Island UK 2023 in Canada on 9Now

Watch Love Island UK 2023 in Canada on 9Now

The UK’s hottest reality dating show will heat the cold winter as it returns to a new season. Explore how to watch Love Island UK 2023 in Canada on 9Now and see who’s going to the island at a luxury villa in Cape Town. The episodes will be available on 9Now by January 18, 2023.

9Now services only those people physically in Australia. This leads to streamers in Canada needing help accessing the platform since they will be blocked from watching Love Island UK Season 9 episodes 9Now in Canada. Since the IP address is not in Australia, their devices will be geo-blocked.

The good thing, though, is that VPN services can bypass these restrictions. Also, you can stream 9Now in Canada will be readily accessible when your device connects to a reliable VPN. And as the show says, grab love by the horns 9Now in Canada so you can enjoy every episode as it drops.

Watch Love Island UK 2023 in Canada on 9Now – [Quick Guide]

You can enjoy Love Island UK season 9 watch online free streaming if you successfully install the VPN on your device. Follow the steps below.

  1. Subscribe to offers from ExpressVPN. It is the most reliable VPN provider.
  2. Download its app on your device and log in using your personal information.
  3. Connect to the Australia server.
  4. Launch 9Now and enjoy streaming Australian Open 2023.

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Where Can I Watch Love Island UK 2023 in Canada on 9Now?

Streamers can watch Love Island UK season 9 online free through 9Now. As previously mentioned, the platform will allow you access in Canada if you have a VPN service connected to your device.

Why do You Need a VPN to Watch Love Island UK 2023 in Canada on 9Now?

One needs to have a VPN to have Love Island UK Season 9 stream in Canadian areas because of the geo-restrictions imposed by 9Now. The VPN gives you a new IP address which will be helpful when accessing the app. What generally happens is that if you try to access 9Now in Canada, then you will see the geo-restriction error on your screen.


How to Watch Winter Love Island 2023 Online For Free?

You can watch Winter Love Island 2023 online for free using a VPN. All you need is to visit a website like 9Now, login, and ensure you connect to servers in Australia to access the site. Since 9Now is one of the international streamers for the show, you’ll surely get the new episodes quickly.

When Will Winter Love Island UK Season 9 on 9 Now Premiere?

January 18, 2023, is the premiere of Season 9: Winter Love Island Expectation via 9Now. The platform will have fresh episodes of the new season you sure would not want to miss its premiere.

What is Winter Love Island UK 2023 About?

The hype is skyrocketing for this new season of Love Island in 2023. The format might be similar to the previous seasons, but the production staff assured of ‘freshness’ and ‘newness.’ Fans looking for Love Island UK season 9 where to watch options will see a new host, new villa, and new safeguarding measures.

Where to watch Love Island UK 2023 depends on your preferences and the availability of the channels in your area. Regardless, you can always install the VPN to stream the episodes through 9Now easily. The show even guarantees to meet all the lofty expectations of fans, so there’s no such thing as missing its premiere.

What Time Love Island UK Season 9 is on 9Now?

Love Island UK season 9 episode 1 will initially air over ITV on January 16, 2023, at 9 PM GMT. However, international fans can stream the first episodes two days after. There’s no specific time. Once January 18, 2023, the show will be available on 9Now.

How Does Love Island UK 2023 Work?

Besides the Love Island UK new host, the new villa will also have new participants, which are called ‘islanders.’ They’re all single and will live together in a specially-constructed mansion. It’s not just an ordinary venue since the place is generally away from the outside world, in the hopes of finding love among the participants.

Who are the Contestants of Love Island UK Season 9?

Host Maya Jama Love Island UK will surely meet these new and sexy singletons ready to find love under the African sun. See the complete list below.

Name Age Hometown Occupation
Haris Namani 21 Doncaster TV salesman
Olivia Hawkins 27 Brighton Ring girl and actress
Shaq Muhammad 24 London Airport security officer
Tanyel Revan 26 North London Hairstylist
Will Young 23 Buckinghamshire Farmer
Anna-May Robeyf 20 Swansea Payroll administrator
Ron Hall 25 Essex Financial advisor
Lana Jenkins 25 Luton Makeup artist
Kai Fagan 24 Manchester Science and PE teacher
Tanya Manhenga 22 Liverpool Biomedical science student and influencer
Ellie Spence 25 Norwich Business Development Executive
Tom Clare 23 Barnsley Semi-professional footballer

Who are the Islanders going in this year in Winter Love Island UK?

Tuning in to 9Now on its release day will allow you to meet the islanders Love Island series 9 from the confines of your home. The Love Island UK season 9 cast includes Ellie, Tanya, Lana, Anna-May, Tanyel, Tom, Kai, Ron, Will, and Shaq.

It might be winter once the episodes are released, but these Love Island UK season couples will surely heat up your screens in no time. In reality, they won’t be trading swimsuits for ski jackets. All Love Island UK contestants will spend their time at an exclusive villa in Cape Town.

What’s Currently Happening on Love Island UK 2023?

The couples are definitely getting to know each other on the island as of this time. While it cannot be sure as the episodes have yet to be released on 9Now. However, you can expect this year’s Love Island to be fresh and new.

What Happened During the Last Season of Love Island UK’s Winter Edition?

Love Island UK’s winter edition, which first premiered on January 12, 2020, initially has twelve islanders going into a villa in Cape Town. Paige Turley and Finn Tapp won the series garnering 44.52% of the votes. Meanwhile, Luke Trotman and Siannise Fudge were the runners-up.

Which Couples From Love Island 2023 are Still Together?

Several couples met on Love Island, stayed together even after the show, and eventually, some got married. One of them is Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey, who both appeared in series two. They now have a son and a daughter.

Another season two alumni, Olivia Buckland and Alex Bowen, tied the knot after meeting in Love Island. In 2022, the two welcomed their first baby, Abel Jacob. Indeed, the show might have its intense drama, but there are swoon-worthy stories that you surely do not want to miss.

Where Will Winter Love Island UK Season 9 Be Set?

Love Island UK season 9 will be filmed in South Africa. You can find the villa on a 25-acre property in Ludus Magnus in Franschhoek, just near Cape Town. It’s a brand-new villa with a vast swimming pool built near an outside kitchen. This is slightly similar to the other villas during the previous seasons.

How Many Episodes are There in Love Island UK Season 9?

There has yet to be confirmed about the number of episodes for Love Island UK season 9. What’s certain is that one episode will be available this week. If the show continues with the same number of episodes as previous seasons, then season 9 might have 36 episodes or more.

How Long is Love Island UK on For 2023?

Love Island Uk started filming in January 2023, and the show is expected to finish by March. It is usually the timeframe for most of the Love Island seasons. The previous season began in June and finished in August.

How do I Watch Love Island UK Season 9 With VPN?

How to watch Love Island abroad for free is easy when you have a VPN with you. Since VPN servers can be everywhere, you can easily activate them on your device and connect to a server. A free VPN to watch Love Island UK might be possible, but it cannot be secured, exposing some of your confidential data.

Your VPN is also useful when learning how to watch Love Island UK in The US for free. Ensure your VPN provider works with multiple servers in different countries, so you need not buy more than one subscription.

Who is the Host Winter Love Island UK Season 9 Show?

Maya Jama will be the new host of the Winter Love Island UK season 9. She replaces Laura Whitmore, who left the series after hosting seasons 6 through 8 of the popular UK reality dating show.

Is There Any Trailer For Love Island UK Season 9?

Yes. The first one was a five-second clip of a spinning pink mechanical bull in December. Meanwhile, the full trailer was released on New Year’s Day, which featured Jama, the host, riding the bull, teasing with a tagline, ‘it’s time to grab love by the horns, I’m ready, are you?’

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Love Island UK 2023 in Canada on 9Now?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN when watching Love Island season 9 on 9Now in Canada since it guarantees a quick bypassing approach on all geo-restrictions. As you already know, you need not have a complex process to set up the VPN on the device. After selecting a server, then you’re good to go.

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Yes. Besides the Love Island premiering this month, the summer edition will push through as per confirmation from the show itself. There’s no shortage of fun, drama, and love this year, as the Love Island franchise will treat its fans generously.

In most cases, the Love Island season runs for about one to two months. The first Winter Love Island started in January 2020 and ended on February 1, 2020. It was the franchise’s sixth season which had 36 episodes.

There are two confirmed Love Islands in 2023. Besides the Winter Love Island, which premieres on 9Now on January 18, ITV has already confirmed that the show’s summer edition will be filmed as planned.

Wrap Up

Whether you want to be a matchmaker or see beautiful people falling in love, now’s the time to watch Love Island UK 2023 in Canada on 9Now. Prepare your ExpressVPN app on your device before the show premieres. All you have to do is set it up to bypass the geo-restrictions.