How to Watch Love Island UK Season 10 in Canada on ITV

Love Island UK Summer has become a cultural phenomenon, captivating viewers with its drama-filled episodes, stunning island backdrops, and steamy romances. You can watch Love Island UK Season 10 in Canada on ITV being premiered on 6th June 2023 at 8PM.

Summer Love Island Season 10 is the latest installment of the hit reality TV show where a fresh set of singles embark on a quest to couple up, win the public’s heart, and claim the £50,000 cash prize in the sun-soaked villa of Mallorca.

However, if you find yourself in Canada, you might be wondering how you can keep up with the latest gossip since ITV is geographically limited to the UK.

Fear not! In this blog post, we’ll guide you through on how to watch Love Island UK Season 10 in Canada on ITV with ExpressVPN, ensuring you don’t miss out on the excitement. Start with our steps to watch ITV in Canada.

How to Watch Love Island UK Season 10 in Canada on ITV [Easy steps for Free]

You ask, “how to watch Love Island UK in Canada?” So here are our steps to watch Love Island UK Season 10 in Canada on ITV:

  • First, you need to choose a reliable VPN service that offers UK servers, for instance, ExpressVPN which is a great option due to its speed.
  • After installing the VPN, you will be connected and will have a UK IP address, granting you access to Love Island UK Season 10.
  • Love Island UK is primarily broadcasted on ITV Hub, the official streaming platform for ITV.
  • To access ITV Hub, you’ll need to create a free account which can be done with an email address and a UK postal code.
  • You can choose to sign up for free or you can pay for ITV subscription (if you want to watch ad-free).
  • Once registered, you can log in and start Love Island UK Season 10 stream.

Note: ITV is a free streaming service. If you wish to upgrade to the premium version of ITV Hub in order to prevent ads while streaming, you can start with the ITV Hub free trial and then continue with a monthly subscription later on.
Later on, you can also cancel ITV Hub+ Subscription when it is no longer in use.

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When and Where can I watch Love Island UK Season 10?

You can watch Love Island UK Season 10 in Canada on ITV starting on Tuesday, June 5th, 2023 at 8 pm on ITV2, with the opening episode lasting until 10.35 pm. The show will be aired every evening on ITV2, and you can also watch it online via the ITVX streaming platform.

The season is expected to last for a total of 49 episodes, ending on Sunday, July 30 with a live final. You ask, “Where to watch Love Island UK in Canada?”

If you are in Canada, you may face difficulties accessing the best shows on ITV due to geo-blocking and regional restrictions. In such cases, it is advisable to utilize a trustworthy VPN service like ExpressVPNbest VPN for ITV.

What is the Love Island UK Season 10?

Love Island UK Season 10 is your ticket to summer romance and drama! It’s all about a bunch of tanned and tempting twenty-somethings, including cool folks like Molly Marsh and Andre Furtado, stepping into a sprawling villa in Majorca.

Under the guidance of host Maya Jama, they’ll be grafting, flirting, and maybe causing a bit of chaos, all while searching for love (and maybe eyeing a sponsorship deal or two).

Who are the Islander of Love Island Summer 2023?

Ready to meet the islanders who’ll be heating up Love Island Summer 2023 cast? Here they are:

George Fensom (1)

Love Island Summer 2023 cast

  • George Fensom, a business development executive.
Ruchee Gurung (1)

Love Island Summer 2023 cast

  • Ruchee Gurung, a beautician.
Catherine Agbaje (1)

Love Island Summer 2023 cast

  • Catherine Agbaje, an estate agent.
Mehdi Edno (1)

Love Island Summer 2023 cast

  • Mehdi Edno, a communications manager.
Molly Marsh.

summer Islander 2023

  • Molly Marsh, a performer and social media star.
Tyrique Hyde (1)

summer Islander 2023

  • Tyrique Hyde, a semi-professional footballer.
Ella Thomas (1)

Love Island UK Season 10 islander 2023

  • Ella Thomas, a model.
Mitchel Taylor (1)

Islanders 2023

  • Mitchel Taylor, a gas engineer.
Jess Harding (1)

Love island UK Season 10 Contestants

  • Jess Harding, an aesthetics practitioner.
André Furtado

Love island UK Season 10 Contestants

  • André Furtado, a business owner and fashion line creator.

Who will host Love Island 2023?

Maya Jama will host Love Island 2023! She’s set to guide our love-hungry islanders on their rollercoaster journey in the sun-soaked villa in Majorca. It’s gonna be one heck of a summer with Maya leading the way! She was also at Love Island UK reunion 2023.

Where is Love Island 2023 being filmed?

Love Island 2023 is getting its tan on in a stunning villa near Sant Llorenc des Cardassar in sunny Majorca. This hot spot was built just last year, making it the fourth villa to be constructed for our favorite reality dating show.

Is Anyone from Love Island UK 2022 Series 9 Still Together?

Oh, the drama! From the Winter 2023 Love Island crew, only four couples are still going strong – it’s been a bit of a shakeup!

The enduring lovebirds are Kai Fagan & Sanam Harrinanan, Ron Hall & Lana Jenkins, Shaq Muhammad & Tanya Manhenga, and Will Young & Jessie Wynter. They’re proving that love found on the Island can sometimes stand the test of time. Hang in there, you love warriors!

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Watch Love Island UK Season 10 in Canada on ITVRisk-free 30 days money-back guarantee

How are fans reacting to Love Island season 10?

Well, the fans’ reactions to Love Island Season 10 are as varied as the Islander’s swimwear! Some are buzzing with excitement, dishing out memes left, right, and center to celebrate the return of their favorite reality show.

Others, however, are a little more cautious, throwing out pleas to the producers to keep the juicy drama, ditch the boring bits, and please, for the love of all things Islander, scrap the baby challenge!

And of course, there’s the usual lot who love to have a moan midway but can’t resist tuning in. Here’s what the official Twitter handle of the Love Handle team tweeted:


What duty of care protocols are there for Islanders in Love Island UK Summer 2023?

With the mental well-being of contestants becoming a top priority, ITV’s duty of care for Love Island UK Summer 2023 includes some robust measures. Islanders get access to a welfare team during and after the show, a minimum of eight therapy sessions post-show, and ITV maintains contact for 14 months after the series concludes.

Moreover, islanders are asked to pause their social media activity during their stint on the show. There is also intensive training around respectful behavior, inclusive language, and understanding of controlling behavior patterns.

The islanders are given a comprehensive introduction by watching a video featuring former contestants’ experiences and insights into navigating life in the Villa and the aftermath of the show.

Is There a Trailer for Love Island UK Season 10?

As of now, no official trailer for Love Island UK Season 10 has been released. Keep an eye on Love Island’s official Instagram page for any potential sneak peeks and updates.

FAQs – Watch Love Island UK Season 10 in Canada on ITV

Luckily, you can watch Love Island UK Season 10 in Canada on ITV Hub for free because the show is available to watch on free-to-air channel ITV2. If you’re abroad, you can simply use a good VPN service (like ExpressVPN) to watch Love Island from wherever you are.

ExpessVPN is the best VPN due to its super fast UK servers. If you want to watch Love Island UK 2023 from anywhere, a reliable VPN such as ExpressVPN can be used to access ITVX.

Get Love Island UK Season 10 free on ITV which is a 100% free-to-watch channel in the UK. You can also watch episodes live and on catch up through ITVX. You can install ExpressVPN to access the streaming platform from anywhere.

Wrap up

Let’s wrap up all the loose ends here. We’ve taken you on an exciting journey, providing you with all the essential details on how to watch Love Island UK Season 10 in Canada on ITV.

With just a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN, you can effortlessly bypass those frustrating geo-restrictions and enjoy the show. It will make ITV Hub subscription cost worth it.