How to Watch Mayflies in Canada

Watch Mayflies in Canada

Witness how friendship, love, and loyalty between the two evolved through the years when you learn how to watch Mayflies in Canada. You can stream the series through BBC iPlayer, where the episodes are set to be released starting December 27, 2022. It sure is an excellent time to binge while waiting for the new year.

BBC iPlayer is accessible to streamers within the United Kingdom. Those in Canada and elsewhere outside the UK may have slight difficulty opening the app. The platform only has a streaming license within the UK, so you will be blocked when using the app in Canada.

Fortunately, you can eliminate the geo-restrictions by setting up a VPN service. The VPN will provide users with a new IP address to stream BBC iPlayer in Canada. Technically, the VPN will bypass geo-blocking, allowing you to access the platform and stream all BBC iPlayer content easily.

Watch Mayflies in Canada – [Quick Guide]

You only need a few steps to watch Mayflies in Canada with BBC iPlayer. Once you set up the VPN, you’re good to go. Follow the guide below to start.

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN offers. It’s the most recommended service provider.
  2. Install the ExpressVPN plan and key in the login details.
  3. Connect to the UK server.
  4. Open the BBC iPlayer website app and watch Mayflies in Canada.

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Where Can I Watch Mayflies in Canada?

Streamers can tune in to BBC iPlayer to watch the episodes of Mayflies in Canada. The production crew promises to present various emotions through the two-part television series. Since the premise is based on a 2020 novel, you can also expect dialogue straight from the book.

Why do You Need a VPN to Watch Mayflies in Canada?

You will need a VPN to watch Mayflies in Canada due to some geo-restrictions imposed on the app for streamers in Canada and other non-UK countries. Once you connect to a VPN server in the UK, you’ll immediately have another IP address. This generally bypasses the restrictions and, with the new IP address, will allow access to BBC iPlayer.

BBC iPlayer geo restriction error message

What is the May Flies Release Date?

The release date of the Mayflies will be on December 27, 2022. The production crew, including the cast, are from the United Kingdom, where the series generally originated. Also, BBC holds the rights to broadcast the series episodes; hence you’ll also get to see the series when it drops on BBC iPlayer.

What are May Flies About?

The series is an adaptation of the 2020 Scottish book of the same name by Andrew O’Hagan. It’s a TV series which follows the story of two friends – Tully and Jimmy. The premise is set in a small Scottish town in 1986. The two lifelong friends found an incredible friendship based on the rebel spirit, films, and music.

Once the school was over, they held a magical weekend over the greatest songs and soundtracks ever recorded. There, they made a vow to live differently. Thirty years later, Tully calls Jimmy bearing the devastating news of him having terminal cancer. Tully also asked his old friend to help him end his own life.

Who are the Stars of May Flies?

Refer to the table below for the whole cast of May Flies.

Actor/Actress Name Role Portrayed
Martin Compston Jimmy
Tony Curran Tully
Ashley Jensen Anna
Tracy Ifeachor Iona
Rian Gordon Young Jimmy
Tom Gylnn-Carney Young Tully
Paul Gorman Young Hogg
Mitchell Robertson Young Tibbs
Elaine C Smith Barbara
Shauna Macdonald Fiona
Cal MacAninch Tibbs
Colin McCredie Scott
Matt Littleson Young Limbo

How Many Episodes of May Flies?

For now, Mayflies has two episodes. Based on the series’ IMDB profile, Mayflies is a two-part series that depicts the deep friendship between two people. Considering the number of episodes, you can quickly finish them in one sitting. This is an excellent series to binge on a slow day or before going to bed.

Is There a Trailer of May Flies?

Yes, The 30-second trailer opens with glimpses of Tully and Jimmy having fun during their youth. It also transitions to how the two friends would handle the bad news of Tully having terminal cancer and wanting to end his life. Viewers will also be treated to excellent cinematography as the series is set in the beautiful landscape of Ayrshire.

What are the Key Characters of May Flies?

In the series, Jimmy and Tully, who Martin Compston and Tony Curran play, respectively, are the characters to watch out for. Interestingly, viewers will be treated with other versions of these characters as they will be portrayed by younger actors for the scenes of the two thirty years previously.

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What are the New Releases on BBC iPlayer in December 2022?

BBC iPlayer once again brought a list of some impressive titles for the month of December 2022:

Movies/Shows Release Date
Granite Harbour 3rd December 2022
The Mobo Awards 8th December 2022
Troubled Blood 11th December
Vienna Blood Series 3 14th December
Bad Education: Reunion 15th December
That’s My Jam 17th December
Motherland: Last Christmas 23rd December
Mayflies 27th December
Marie Antoinette 2022 29th December



“It’s a poignant, beautiful story.” This description was given by lead actor Tony Curran when asked about the reason why he chose to work on the series. As the story progresses, you’ll see that the series is a devastating and intimate storytelling of male friendship.

Peter Mackie Burns is the director of Mayflies. He’s also worked on other projects in films and short films, including Daphne, Rialto, Milk, and Stronger. The 2019 Rialto was Burns’ last film which he directed before working with Mayflies.

Yes. It only has two episodes which is a good reason for a quick binge. Also, the Mayflies novel, which the series was adapted from, shows various emotions that will surely tickle one’s inner thoughts and feelings.


Mayflies will make you discern more about how much you have lived to this day. It’s also an excellent way to end the year with newer life perspectives. With this, you would surely want to watch Mayflies in Canada with ExpressVPN. Setting up is easy; you’ll surely get it in no time.