Watch Old Flames Never Die in Canada on Lifetime

Watch Old Flames Never Die in Canada

If you’re looking for a good romance film but are not a fan of the cheesy scenarios it brings, this television film might be an excellent fit. Learn how to watch Old Flames Never Die in Canada. It’s a complex love story that needs the viewers’ attention to grasp its message. The film initially premiered on Lifetime on February 11, 2022.

Lifetime is generally available for all streamers in America. However, licensing concerns make it inaccessible if you watch Lifetime in Canada. Since the platform only holds streaming rights within US territories, streamers outside the US will be geo-blocked. To use the streaming platform, one needs to bypass the restrictions.

You can rely on a VPN connection to quickly remove these geo-blocks. It generates a new IP address for your device in Canada so you can stream the Old Flames Never Die on Lifetime in Canada. All you need is some easy process to activate the VPN like ExpressVPN on the gadget and let it bypass the blocking.

Watch Old Flames Never Die in Canada On Lifetime- [Easy Steps]

Setting up the VPN on your device is easy once you follow the guide below. Check out the steps here:

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN plans. It’s highly recommended.
  2. Download and install the VPN on your device.
  3. Connect to the USA server.
  4. Launch the website or app and watch Old Flames Never Die in Canada on Lifetime.

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Why do You Need A VPN to Watch Old Flames Never Die in Canada on Lifetime?

Securing a VPN for streaming Old Flames Never Die in Canada on Lifetime is necessary due to the geo-restrictions you’ll encounter when opening Lifetime in Canada.

The VPN lets you get a USA IP address which your device will use for the entirety of your streaming experience with the platform.

Where to Watch Old Flames Never Die in Canada?

Lifetime is the best channel to watch Old Flames Never Die. It might have premiered in 2022, but you can still catch up and binge-watch the show. With its romance-horror genre, it indeed is a popular movie on Lifetime.

Remember to have a VPN for streaming as you access the platform in Canada.

What is the Old Flames Never Die Plot?

Old Flames Never Die 2022 follows Kira, a successful novelist who returned to her hometown, escaping the bad press. His cheating fiance Tyson was accused of murder, so she had to go somewhere else where she won’t be seen that much.

As she returned home, Kira rekindled her bond with Weston, her high school sweetheart. After a massive drinking spree, she and Weston had a one-night stand. Little did Kira know that her high school sweetheart had an unhealthy obsession with her.

He has even mentally killed those on the novelist’s favorite list.

Who is in the Cast of Old Flames Never Die?

The full cast of Old Flames Never Die can be seen in the table below.

Actor/ Actress Name Role Portrayed
Yan-Kay Crystal Lowe Kira Young
Lou Ferrigno Jr. Weston Wade
Rich Paul Tyson Harris
Whitney Able Avery Greer
Preston Sadleir Randy
Valery M. Ortiz Steph
Chris Gann Sheriff Wade
Leslie Stratton Caya
Patrick McLain Deputy Douglas
Sergei Dmitriev Andre
Christa George Medical Assistant
Kevin J Getchius Private Investigator
Cynthia Hammer Reporter
John D. Hickman Clive
Patrick Serrano Jordi
Jessa Settle Lana
Scott Young Detective Ramos

Is Old Flames Never Die Based on True Story?

No, it is not. The Old Flames Never Die full movie is purely fictional. Jake Helgren wrote the script, and any similarities in the character names and scenarios are all coincidences. It’s an exciting plot to explore and see whether Weston can recover from his obsession with Kira.

Why Old Flames Never Die is Worth Watching?

It’s a film with mixed genres exploring romance, thriller, and horror involving the main characters. You can expect a little bit of swoon-worthy scenes along with scenarios that will keep you on the edge of your seats.

It’s for the viewers to discover how Kira discovers Weston’s obsession and whether she will see the signals from friends about her high school sweetheart’s secret. You know, it’s not the usual romance drama you see every day.

How to Watch Old Flames Never Die Online Free?

If you have a Lifetime subscription, you can watch Old Flames Never Die Online free of charge. You only need to access the Lifetime app and search the film’s name to get started. Since you’re in Canada, securing the VPN to access the platform is fitting.

Is There Any Trailer For Old Flames Never Die?

Yes. The Old Flames Never Die trailer opens with Kira’s fiance Tyson spending the night with a woman. Unknowingly, the woman recorded the activities they had for the night. Kira finds out about Tyson’s affair, left, and goes to her hometown. There she meets Weston, whom she also spent a one-night stand with.

The one-minute clip also shows their conversation with Weston, saying they remain friends despite their intimate night. As the story progresses, Kira gets advice from her hometown friends about Weston. It will be bloody as people will be killed in the film.

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Jake Helgren is the director of Old Flames Never Die. Interestingly, he’s also the one who wrote the story. Helgren is not new to TV movies as he has directed several of them, including Bad Connection, Dashing in December, and List of a Lifetime.

The film is co-produced by Cecile Baduel, Autumn Federici, Szymanski, Marine Mutinelli, Kristifor Cvijetic, and Jake Helgren. As you can see, besides the director and writer roles, Helgren also produced the TV movie.

Wrap Up

The film is already available on Lifetime you only need to open the app and watch Old Flames Never Die in Canada on Lifetime. Of course, an ExpressVPN comes in handy to remove the geo-blocks you’ll have as you use the platform in Canadian territories.