How to Watch Silent Witness Season 26 in Canada

Silent Witness Season 26

Are you a sucker for suspicious underground mafia series? Then, there is good news for you. Silent Witness season 26 is coming back with a bang this January 2nd, 2022. However, Canadian residents won’t be able to enjoy the return of Nikki Alexander and Sam Ryan due to the geo policies of BBC iPlayer.

So, if you find out how to watch Silent Witness season 26 in Canada, we have a solution. A VPN can solve this issue by tricking the geo policies of BBC iPlayer. VPN bypasses location restrictions and allows users to stream BBC iPlayer in Canada.

Let’s understand the easy steps you can follow to watch Silent Witness Season 26 in Canada.

Watch Silent Witness Season 26 in Canada – [Quick Guide]

Follow these 5 quick steps to watch Silent Witness season 26 episodes;

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Where to Watch Silent Witness Season 26 in Canada?

You can stream Silent Witness Season 26 on BBC iPlayer. You can easily stream the thrilling show on these platforms in the UK. Also, the series is scheduled to broadcast for the U.S. audience afterward, but there is no official information about releasing the series in Canada.

Thus, if you want to watch Silent Witness season 26 in Canada, you must need a VPN.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch Silent Witness Season 26 in Canada?

Since Silent Witness is going to release only on BBC iPlayer, which is a geo-specific platform. The platform does not allow fans outside the UK to watch their desired shows due to strict location policies. It blocks them instantly after tracking their IP address.

Therefore, if you want to watch Silent Witness season 26 in Canada, a VPN is the one-stop solution. And if you try to access BBC iPlayer without a VPN then definitely you will see the geo-restriction error on your screen.

BBC iPlayer geo restriction error message

Will There Be a Season 26 of Silent Witness?

Yes, BBC announced the comeback of Silent Witness season 26 after the immense success of the previous 25 chapters. The Silent Witness Season 26 cast list features old characters and new faces.

Fans are pumped to see David Caves as Jack Hodges in the upcoming venture. So, save the date to enjoy the mega thrill.

What is the Silent Witness Season 26 Plot?

Lyell’s team is making a comeback by uncovering notorious and suspicious underworld cases. The team will find the truth with a deep investigation of the mafia web.

The confusing yet strong character Nikki is returning to hook the audience to the screen with an extraordinary personality. BBC officials have finally revealed the plot of episode 1.

The Silent Witness season 26 episode 1 cast will follow the Silent Witness season 25 cast, including Nikki, Jack, Sam, and Tom. Alastair Michael is a new addition to the series as Velvy Schur (Anatomical Pathology Technologist).

However, Silent Witness season 25 Amanda Burton is unlikely to return to the new chapter.

Do Jack and Nikki Stay Together?

Silent Witness season 25 Nikki and Jack featured an affectionate relationship. Everyone was pleased to see unlucky in love Nikki finally finding her love life. Nikki and Jack were having a good cozy time together. However, following the end of season 25, Nikki got a text from her ex.

Silent Witness fans are holding their feelings to find out whether Nikki will stay with Jack or move with her ex. The new season will uncover what mellow Nikki will choose!

What is the Release Date of Silent Witness Season 26?

The release date of Silent Witness season 26 is January 2nd, 2023. The show will be on-air on Monday at 9 pm. The second episode will be released on 3rd January at 9 pm.

The famous series is coming back for the 26th time early next year with an exciting story and characters. So, get ready to witness the raw emotions and jaw-dropping underground mafia cases with the Lyell Team.

Who are in the Cast of Silent Witness Season 26?

Silent Witness season 25 cast includes the following famous British actors and actresses:

Actors Role Played
Emilia Fox Dr Nikki Alexander
Aki Omoshaybi Gabriel Folukoya
David Caves Jack Hodges
Rhiannon May Cara Connelly

Is There Any Trailer For Silent Witness Season 26?

Yes, the official trailer of Silent Witness season 26 is available on BBC iPlayer and BBC’s official Youtube channel. The trailer features hidden underground mafia cases and spine chilling investigation.

The Lyell family will be seen submerging into the mafia web gradually. The trailer looks exciting, suspenseful, and thrilling to the audience.

Is Silent Witness Finishing?

No, Silent Witness is not ending. At the end of season 25, people assumed that the series would go off-air. However, late this year, the production announced Silent Witness season 26 comeback in 2023.

There is no official news from BBC or any credible source that Silent Witness season 27 will be filmed or not.

Until then, enjoy season 26 of the sequence.

How Many Episodes of Silent Witness Season 26 Have?

There will be four episodes of Silent Witness season 26 on BBC iPlayer. The first episode, “The Penitent” will be broadcasted at 9 pm GMT and 4 pm EST. Following this, the next episode will be released on Tuesday, 9 pm GMT on the BBC iPlayer OTT platform.

What is the IMDB Rating of Silent Witness Season 26?

Silent Witness season 26 IMDb rating is 7.9/10. There are no critics reviews of the series because it is yet to be released. The series is featured in top-rated series already with “Wednesday” and “The White Lotus.”

Now, brace yourself for incredible characters and hitching plots.

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Silent Witness Season 26


Yes, Adam in Silent Witness died in a shocking death scene. Fans felt sobbed and were outraged at the sudden death of Adam.

The main filming location of Silent Witness 2023 is the Isle of Sheppey, Kent, England. However, the series was also filmed at different locations in the UK.

Yes, Silent Witness is returning to the screens early in 2023, according to the latest update by BBC. The new season will carry on the legacy of Silent Witness since 1996.


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