How to Watch The Last of Us Season 1 in Canada to Know the New Character Kathleen

Fans have been cautiously wondering how to watch The Last of US Season 1 in Canada ever since HBO announced the adaptation of the critically-acclaimed 2013 zombie survival thriller into a TV series.

The first episode of this beloved video game adaptation will air on January 15, 2023. Unfortunately, due to content licensing rules and agreements with production companies, HBO Max does not air The Last of Us Season 1 TV Series outside of the United States.

But don’t worry! You can easily bypass the geo-restriction of HBO Max in Canada with a dependable VPN like ExpressVPN. So, continue reading the article to learn how to use a VPN to watch the Last of Us on HBO Max in Canada.


Easy Steps – Watch The Last of Us TV Show in Canada

Follow the steps listed below to obtain access to HBO Max and watch The Last of Us Season 1 in Canada.

  • Buy a subscription to a premium VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN.
  • Set up VPN on your streaming device.
  • Select and connect to the US-New york server.
  • Head to the HBO Max website and sign in.
  • Watch The Last of Us Season 1 online in Canada.

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Where can I watch the Last of Us TV show?

The Last of Us premieres on HBO and HBO Max on Sunday, January 15, 2023. However, due to licensing policy, geo-restrictions apply, and Canadian residents cannot access HBO Max from Canada.

Given that this content will not be available on any other streaming platforms. You must be concerned about Where to watch The Last of Us Series. Relax! Using the best HBO Max VPN, you can watch The Last of Us Season 1 in Canada on HBO Max.

What is the release date of The Last of Us Season 1?

The Last of Us series release date is January 15, 2023. The premiere episode of The Last of Us (tv series) release date air on Sunday and is expected to be an epic 85-minute long. It probably starts right where the game did, showing live-action versions of Joel and Ellie and their perspective on the initial outbreak.

What will The Last of Us TV show be about?

The Last of Us is an HBO adaptation of the 2013 dystopian classic game series. It follows Joel Miller, a stern smuggler who has been given the task of guiding Ellie, a happy teenager, across the post-apocalyptic US.

Instead of expanding Joel and Ellie’s story with new details, the first season reveals a new story about the post-apocalyptic series. As a part of the remake’s efforts more realistic bow aiming system, real-time weapon upgrades, and enhanced artificial intelligence for both enemies and allies are included bringing the first game in line with his 2020 sequel.

The graphical improvements enhanced the survivors’ toughness and made the environment lusher. The series by Craig Mazin will delight fans of both video games and television.

Who is in the cast of The Last of Us TV series?

The Last of Us Season 1 TV Show Cast will feature not only some new characters but also some familiar faces. Based on Naughty Dog’s hugely successful game, Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey lead The Last of Us season 1 show cast as “Joel and Ellie.

The couple, based on the theme of the sci-fi series bound to endure brutal circumstances and ruthless killers on a hike in post-pandemic America. Here is The Last of Us Season 1 Show Cast HBO broken down into who will play who.

Pedro Pascal as Joel Miller
Bella Ramsey as Ellie Williams
Gabriel Luna as Tommy Miller
Merle Dandridge as Marlene
Nico Parker as Sarah
Ashley Johnson as Anna Williams
Lamar Johnson as Henry
Murray Bartlett as Frank
Jeffrey Pierce as Perry
Anna Torv as Theresa’ Tess’ Servopoulos
Melanie Lynskey as Kathleen
Storm Reid as Riley Abel

How many episodes of the last of us series tv have?

There will be nine episodes in the first season of the TV series The Last of Us airing every Sunday and Monday in the US and UK, respectively. The Last of us series release date is scheduled to air on January 15 and will begin with an 85-minute pilot episode.

Where to watch the last of us show trailer?

The Last of Us (TV series) trailer was released on HBO Max a month ago. To know more about the series, check out The Last of Us Season 1 HBO max trailer below.

The last of us tv show trailer is captivating and keeps you hooked until the end. So does the series.

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HBO Max is the best streaming service, offering a wealth of streaming options ranging from documentaries, movies, TV shows, and more. As few days are left in The Last of Us release date, here are some of the best shows on HBO Max to check out.

  1. Sesame Street Mecha Builders
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A notable feature is that you can terminate your HBO Max subscription when you feel you don’t need it anymore.

What will happen in Episode 4 of The Last of Us?

Ellie and Joel can be seen in the woods once more as they continue their trip in the episode 4 trailer. Early on it becomes apparent that Ellie detests the smell of coffee, saying, “It smells like burnt sh-t.” Joel doesn’t appear to mind or care, though. Joel completes the task given to him by Tess (Anna Torv) in episode 2 of bringing Ellie to “Bill and Frank’s,” but now he also needs to get Ellie to Wyoming.

The two travel together in Bill and Frank’s truck. Ellie is in charge of driving when Joel is at the wheel, and it is obvious that she is finding it difficult to read the maps: “This is my second day in an f—king car, man.”

The truck eventually stops in what appears to be a hostile area, and a wounded guy approaches asking for assistance. Joel continues to drive before crashing into some debris, unsure of whether the man is bitten, infected, or merely a trap, and definitely not in the mood to find out.

The new video introduces viewers to a new character in Kathleen (Melanie Lynskey), who is seen questioning a hostage about the location of an unidentified man while holding a gun to his head. “This has crossed the line.

The hostage tells Kathleen, “It needs to stop. The remainder of the trailer teases more excitement for our two heroes as they explore the town where they’ve ended up. As the preview comes to a close, Joel reassures Ellie, “We’ll get through this. She agrees, “I know.

The Last of Us Season 1


The Last of Us confirms Joel’s age by adding his birth year to his FEDRA ID card in Part 1. According to his FEDRA identification card, he was born on September 26, 1981. The outbreak date which marked the beginning of the apocalypse is September 26, 2013. It means Joel was 32 years old when his daughter Sarah passed.

No, HBO Max holds exclusive rights for The Last of Us streaming. Since HBO Max is currently unavailable in Canada. To get around the geo-restrictions and watch The Last of US in Canada, subscribe to ExpressVPN.

No, you can stream the first episode of The Last of Us for free only by downloading the HBO Max app. An HBO Max subscription is required to watch the entire series, and it costs CA$ 18.92 per month.

Yes. The legendary Sony PlayStation game The Last of Us is coming on HBO Max on January 15. In the opinion of writer Craig Mazin, the HBO television series’ scariest element is the moment when a scientist realizes that a fungal infection in the brain turns the world’s population into wild cannibals. This scene was not in the game or its 2020 sequel but appeared in its new flashback.

Wrap Up

If you’re a fan of the Crown Jewels-exclusive PlayStation series The Last of Us, be sure to check out The Last of Us Season 1 on HBO Max. The TV series, based on the game, includes moments that will surprise you and enhance your next game playthrough.

Unfortunately, the show is only available in the US due to geographic restrictions. However, you can watch The Last of Us Season 1 in Canada with a VPN. ExpressVPN is recommended because it is quick, dependable, and simple to use.