How to Watch Tokyo Revengers Season 2 From Anywhere

Tokyo Revengers Season 2

The long wait is over, as your favorite anime series will premiere its second season this 2023. Explore how to watch Tokyo Revengers season 2 from anywhere through Disney Plus. The series initially premiered domestically in Japan on January 8, and Disney Plus will release the episodes on January 9, 2023.

While Disney Plus has expanded its availability to more countries, there are still some locations where the platform is geo-blocked. With this, you might need help accessing the app quickly since Disney Plus services specific places, and those with devices with IP addresses not included in their coverages are blocked.

However, that does not mean you can’t access the app forever. Streamers must follow some steps to ensure full access. Technically, you’ll be given a new IP address once you connect to a VPN server and be one of the first to be there on Tokyo Revengers season 2 release date Crunchyroll Disney Plus Canada.

Watch Tokyo Revengers Season 2 From Anywhere – [Quick Guide]

Where to watch Tokyo Revengers season 2 will depend on your location. Of course, you must have an accessible app to stream the series. Luckily for Disney Plus, you can access the platform from anywhere by following the guide below.

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Where Can I Watch Tokyo Revengers Season 2?

Streamers can enjoy the episodes of the series through Disney Plus. You can also expect the Tokyo Revengers season 2 English dub release date anytime soon. With a suitable Disney Plus subscription plan, you can easily watch all the content available on Disney Plus.

What is the Tokyo Revengers Season 2 About?

The second season of the highly-anticipated anime series will showcase the story of Takemichi after he returns to the present. He will then discover the growth of the Tokyo Manji Gang into a big crime organization after it absorbed the Black Dragons.

The Tokyo Revengers season 2 release date in Philippines is similar to other areas. This means, by this time, you already have at least one episode to binge-watch using Disney Plus. Another awesome thing to anticipate about season 2 is that all season one characters you’re familiar with will be back.

What is the Release Date of Tokyo Revengers Season 2?

January 9, 2023, is the release date of Tokyo Revengers season 2. This includes the English dubs, which some streamers might prefer over subtitles. Regardless of preferences, the first episode has been released on Disney Plus for you to enjoy. You can binge-watch it or wait for other episodes to be released in the coming weeks.

Is There Any Trailer of Tokyo Revengers Season 2?

Yes. The almost two-minute clip highlighted some new scenes, including action-packed frames that fans must watch as the episodes unfold through Disney Plus. Also, the series welcomes the return of notable characters, including Takemichi Hanagaki, Chifuyu Matsuno, and Takashi Mitsuya, to name a few.

If you want to watch Tokyo Revengers Season 2 from anywhere, so you will need one of the best Disney Plus VPNs.

What is the IMDb rating of Tokyo Revengers Season 2?

The rating is still unavailable. Since the series has just released its first episode, IMDb users have yet to watch the remaining ones make a concrete rating and review of Tokyo Revengers season 2. While you wait for that, you can explore its IMDb profile to learn interesting facts about the anime series.

Who is in the Cast Tokyo Revengers Season 2?

As previously said, most season 1 characters will be in season 2. See the complete list below.

Voice Actor/Actress Name Role Portrayed
Yuuki Shin Takemichi Hanagaki
Yuu Hayashi Manjirou Sano
Shou Karino Chifuyu Matsuno
Azumi Waki Hinata Tachibana
Takuya Eguchi Shuuji Hanma
Yoshitsugu Matsuoka Mitsuya Takashi
Shoutarou Morikubo Kisaki Tetta
Ryota Osaka Naoto Tachibana
Tasuku Hatanaka Hakkai Shiba

How do Takamitchy’s Time Travel Abilities Work (Tokyo Revengers)?

Takemichi’s time travel capability works through inhabiting his younger self when he’s in the past. Technically, he does not travel through different times physically. While Takemichi travels in the past, his present body is in a coma-like state. Upon returning to the present, his young self reverts to how he was in the past.

Does Takemichi Save Mikey?

Yes. It was one of Takemichi’s ultimate goals to go back in time to save Mikey, and finally, his hard work eventually paid off when he saved Mikey. Besides that, he also desires Mikey to regain his senses and realize his dark side.

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Mikey finds some resemblance to his deceased brother in Takemichi. Besides that, Mikey is also amazed by Takemichi’s kind heart and determination. In Fact, he’s been the constant guide and light in Mikey’s dark journey

Yes. The first season gained so much popularity that anime fans’ anticipation for the second season skyrocketed. You can also expect more character developments in season 2 so do not miss streaming the new episodes via Disney Plus.

The series concluded, revealing three time leapers. This includes Takemichi, Shinichiro, Mikey’s brother, and the original time leaper. As season two starts, it will be a mystery whether there will be more time-leaders in the show.

Wrap Up

Now it’s your time to binge-watch Tokyo Revengers season 2 from anywhere through Disney Plus. As the episodes are gradually released, you can stream them to avoid spoilers. Ensure an ExpressVPN server is connected to your device to guarantee access to the platform.