How to Watch Troubled Blood in Canada

Watch Troubled Blood in Canada

Die-heart Coromon strike fans are looking forward to watching the premier of the Troubled Blood Tv series. The thrilling sci-fi series is coming on Sunday, December 11, 2022, on BBC iPlayer. But Canadian fans will face geo-restriction. Therefore, we’re here to explain how to watch troubled blood in Canada.

The best possible answer is VPN. A VPN surpasses BBC iPlayer’s geo-blocking policies and allows users to watch their favorite series and stream BBC iPlayer in Canada.

Let’s find out easy steps to watch Troubled Blood in Canada with a VPN.

Watch Troubled Blood in Canada – [Quick Guide]

Follow these 5 quick and easy steps to watch Troubled Blood in Canada:

  1. Download a reliable VPN (ExpressVPN is highly recommended for seamless streaming).
  2. Login and connect to the UK server.
  3. Open to BBC iPlayer website or app.
  4. Search Troubled Blood and enjoy the show.

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Where to Watch Troubled Blood in Canada?

Tou can watch Troubled Blood 2022 on BBC iPlayer, The fifth Coroman strike novel, “Troubled Blood” series, is releasing on BBC iPlayer in the UK on December 11. The series will be released on HBO for US residents.

If you want to watch Troubled Blood in Canada, you must need a VPN. You can enjoy the four episodes of the thrilling series with a reputable VPN like ExpressVPN.

Why do You Need a VPN to Watch Troubled Blood in Canada?

You need a VPN to watch Troubled Blood in Canada because BBC iPlayer is unavailable in Canada. A VPN unblocks the location-specific content with just one click.

It gives access to the regionally blocked content, allowing you to binge-watch your favorite show on BBC iPlayer.

BBC iPlayer geo restriction error message

What is Troubled Blood 2022 About?

The strike season 5 Troubled Blood is a mysterious TV series based on a crime novel. It features private detective Cormoran Strike who came to visit his family in Cornwall. He met a woman who asked for help to find her mother, who mysteriously went missing in 1974.

Strike and his partner in the agency Robin started investigating the complex case. Robin Ellacott is a very messy character dealing with divorce and unwanted male attention at the workplace.

While investigating this complex case, Strike and Robin found a complex case involving a psychopathic serial killer.

Is Troubled Blood Based on a True Story?

The detective novel “Troubled Blood” is not based on a true story. However, the character of Dennis Creed was based on real-life serial killers such as Jerry Brudos and Russell Williams.

The TV series is full of suspense, thriller, and mystery. The series is all set to hook the audience to the TV screens with breathtaking thrill.

What is Troubled Blood 2022 Release Date?

Strike season 5, troubled blood, is going to be released on Sunday, December 11, 2022. The suspenseful series consists of four episodes that will start broadcasting on December 11.

So, if you love watching Jk Rowling’s thrillers, brace yourself for the best suspense series going on-air on BBC iPlayer this December.

Is There Any Trailer of Troubled Blood?

Yes, the official trailer of Troubled Blood is available on the BBC Youtube channel and the official site of iPlayer. The troubled blood trailer depicts the mystery, and the protracted investigation will thrill to keep the audience wanting more.

If you want to unfold the suspenseful investigation journey with Strike, watch Troubled Blood Season 5 on BBC iPlayer.

Who’s in the Cast Troubled Blood?

The main strike: troubled blood tv cast includes the following actors;

Actors Characters
Tom Burke Cormoran Strike
Holliday Grainger Robin Ellacott
Kerr Logan Matthew Cunliffe
Kierston Wareing Leda Strike
Christina Cole Izzy Chiswell
Sarah Sweeney Lucy
Samuel Oatley DI George Layborn

Who Will Guest Star in ‘Strike Troubled Blood’?

Abigail Lawrie from Tin Star will make a guest appearance as Margot in the fifth season. Kierston Wareing will also guest-star as Strike’s mother in the flashback. Moreover, Dead Ringers’ Phil Cornwell will also appear in Troubled Blood as the series uncovers blasts from the past.

Where is Troubled Blood Being Filmed?

The JK Rowling masterpiece Strike: Troubled Blood season 5 was filmed in Falmouth and St Mawes. Also, the “Prince of Wales Pier” and the “Palacio Lounge on The Moor” are prominent Troubled Blood filming locations. Moreover, some of the flashbacks of 1974 were filmed in Paradise Park.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Troubled Blood in Canada?

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What are the New Releases on BBC iPlayer in December 2022?

BBC iPlayer once again brought a list of some impressive titles for the month of December 2022:

Movies/Shows Release Date
Granite Harbour 3rd December 2022
The Mobo Awards 8th December 2022
Troubled Blood 11th December
Vienna Blood Series 3 14th December
Bad Education: Reunion 15th December
That’s My Jam 17th December
Motherland: Last Christmas 23rd December
Mayflies 27th December
Marie Antoinette 2022 29th December

Troubled Blood 2022


Robert Galbraith Cormoran Strike’s novel, Troubled Blood Season 5, will be released as a TV series on BBC. The novel-based series features fine actors, including Tom Burke and Holliday Grainger. It will represent a classic crime fiction story like other Jk. Rowling novels.

Yes, Cormoran Strike is coming back on TV this December only on BBC iPlayer. The 5th Cormoran Strike is making a banger comeback with a rich plot and outstanding characters. The strike: troubled blood bbc series is going to be very captivating and thrilling for the fans.

The filming of Troubled Blood started earlier this year in January and continued till April 2022. The show is all set to broadcast on iPlayer this December.

Wrap Up

If you are a sucker for thriller and suspense, Troubled Blood is going to be your next binge-watch series. But do you find out where can I watch c.b. strike: troubled blood? If yes, you can stream the series on December 11 on iPlayer with a VPN.

It will help you easily surpass geo-restriction. Voila! You can now enjoy your favorite show from anywhere.

ExpressVPN is the best choice to watch Troubled Blood in Canada with ultra-fast speed. It keeps your privacy confidential and provides you best streaming experience. So, what are you waiting for? Download ExpressVPN now.