How To Watch Twilight’s Child in Canada on Discovery+?

Is Twilight’s Child on Discovery Plus? Yes, it is available! You can watch Twilight’s Child in Canada on Discovery+ by subscribing to a premium VPN like ExpressVPN.

Content licensing issues and geo-restrictions are responsible for limiting Discovery Plus and Twilight’s Child to the US exclusively, as the title belongs to the US content library. To stream it, you must unblock Discovery + US library in Canada with a VPN.

With the Twilight’s Child release date around the corner, here’s a glimpse of the show. Twilight’s Child is the third part of V.C. Andrews’ Cutler Series. Watch Twilight’s Child in Canada to witness what happens in Dawn Longchamp’s life after her grandfather comes out as her father.

Wondering how to watch Twilight’s Child? No worries! Here’s the complete guide to help you watch Twilight’s Child in Canada on Discovery Plus.

How To Watch Twilight’s Child in Canada on Discovery+ – [5 Easy Steps]

Here’s how to watch Twilight’s Child in Canada on Discovery+:

  1. Subscribe to a reliable VPN. ExpressVPN makes the ideal choice.
  2. Download and install the VPN app on your device and log in.
  3. Connect to a recommended server like the New York server.
  4. Go to the Discovery Plus official website and log in with your credentials.
  5. Search for and watch Twilight’s Child in Canada on Discovery+.
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Where To Watch Twilight’s Child?

Wondering where can I watch Twilight’s Child? You can watch Twilight’s Child on Lifetime Channel. Like many others, it is a channel owned by the Discovery Plus network.

However, before you navigate to Lifetime Channel to stream this touching TV movie, you must subscribe to ExpressVPN, which is a trustworthy VPN for Discovery+, to avoid inconvenience.

Since the show is due for premiere in a few days, you can meanwhile surf through Discovery Plus. It offers you top-notch and diverse content such as news, sports, and famous shows on Discovery+ like Tour De France 2023 and Hoffman Family.

Want to watch Twilight’s Child movie Lifetime free? Refer to the next section.

Is Twilight’s Child available for free to stream on Discovery+?

Yes! You can watch Twilight’s Child free of cost after you get Discovery+ free trial. This offer allows you free premium access to the platform for 7 days.

So if you are visiting the website for the first time, you can avail the “ watch Twilight’s Child movie Lifetime free” offer to the fullest.

Meanwhile, you must learn that once your free trial ends, you must subscribe to a paid plan in case you are planning to continue watching Discovery Plus. Check out the Discovery Plus cost for monthly and annual packages, and select accordingly.

When will Twilight’s Child Release on Discovery+?

22nd July 2023! The Twilight’s Child release date is finally announced. The third part of V.C. Andrews’ Cutler series is all set to grace your screens on Saturday 22nd July 2023 on the Lifetime Channel, Discovery Plus.

The first part named Dawn and the second named Secret of the Morning was released on 8th and 15th July. Make sure to watch them before you catch up with Twilight’s Child online.

What is the Plot of Twilight’s Child?

The plot of Twilight’s Child is based on twists, and suspense, and is infused with emotions. Twilight’s Child is the third part of the Cutler Series by V.C. Andrews. It features a young girl called Dawn Longchamp.

After separation from her loving family, she moves in with her adopted family where she explores their darker side. She then moves to New York and gets admitted to a prestigious music school, where she gets involved with Micheal and becomes pregnant.

During a whirlwind of events, following the birth and kidnapping of her newborn, she finds her grandfather to be her biological father. She’s left with good fortune as a part of the inheritance after his death.

Watch Twilight’s Child in Canada to find out how even after getting the Cutler Cove Hotel, Dawn still has to face her sister’s rage, her brother’s evil plans, and Grandma’s wrath.

Who are the Casts of Twilight’s Child?

The Twilight’s Child cast is mentioned in the table below. Watch Twilight’s Child in Canada on Discovery+ to witness their spellbinding performances.

Actor Character
Brec Bassinger Dawn Longchamp
Jason Cermak Randolph Cutler
Dane Schioler Philip Cutler
Elyse Maloway Clara Jean Cutler
Tanya Chapoux Doctor
Matthew James Dowden Bronson Alcott

Is There Any Trailer Available For Twilight’s Child on Discovery Plus?

No! Unfortunately, the trailer for Twilight’s Child hasn’t been released yet. However, it is expected anytime sooner as the show is already lined up for premiere on 22nd July 2023.

Meanwhile, you can subscribe to a premium VPN to pave the way for Twilight’s Child streaming in Canada.

Recap of Previous Episodes

Here’s the recap of the previous two parts of the Cutler Series by V.C. Andrews.

Part Title Premiere Date Overview / Recap
1st Dawn July 8, 2023 Dawn moves with her adopted family where she gets to discover their darker side. She gets raped by her brother besides many other problems.
She moves to a music school in New York
2nd Secrets Of The Morning July 15, 2023 Dawn gets involved physically with Michal during orchestra classes and is left impregnated by him.
She later delivers a baby which is kidnapped by Grandma.
She also finds t be the biological daughter of her Grandfather. She thus receives a good part of the inheritance.

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Twilight's Child

What Discovery+ Content can you watch other than Twilight’s Child in 2023?

Discovery Plus brews top-notch content. What to watch on Discovery+ is no query because we’ve brought you some piping-hot shows and sports events for the month of July.


The third part of the Cutler Series, Twilight’s Child is produced by Merideth Finn and Grant O’Kane. The former is the executive producer whereas the latter is the associate producer.

Twilight’s Child is filmed in Vancouver and British Columbia, Canada. To be more precise Whytecliff Park, Vancouver is the main location where the TV movie is filmed.

Yes! It’s absolutely legal to watch Twilight’s Child in Canada. Use a premium VPN to help you bypass the geo-restrictions, and that’s it. There’s no harm in it until you’re involved in some illegal activity alongside.

Wrap Up

Watch Twilight’s Child in Canada on Discovery+ this July with ExpressVPN. This premium VPN is all that you need to crack the geo-blockage due to geo-restrictions.

Witness Dawn standing tall against challenges and evil crossing her path. A tale brilliantly penned down by V.C. Andrews and executed to perfection by the seasoned cast makes it a watch worth it.

Enjoy Twilight’s Child Lifetime!